Radha Mohan 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan disapproves of Radha’s marriage

Radha Mohan 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Dadi exclaims she knows what they would have to do, they are going to get Radha married as soon as possible, everyone is shocked hearing this news from Dadi. Radha is stunned learning when Damini informs now the arrow has hit its mark with the marriage of Radha, Maha Pandit jee accepts that everything can be sorted with the marriage of Radha, if she is ready to get her Grand daughter married then he can consider about the Mandir but until the marriage ends, his decision is final. Mohan is furious when the Maha Pandit leaves with everyone.

Kaveri exclaims this is what Damini was planning to do since if Radha gets married once then her problem would end once and for all, Damini exclaims it would not end so easily as there is still some work left, she leaves with Kaveri.

Radha is standing in the balcony while Mohan looks at her and manages to see how she is really tensed so he leaves with his disapproval.

Radha enters the room when she recalls how Maha Pandit blamed that she is living here to make un necessary relations with Mohan so if Kadambari desired it then should have send him to a dancer while the Pandit Rameshwar is also just yearning for money because of which he is staying here, Radha thinks after this her Dadi decided to get her married, Gungun sitting behind her questions why is she crying and must rest assured as she would not get married because she has for the first time gotten such a nice friend, she would not let her leave like this. Gungun exclaims she is going to ask Mohan to help her so Radha doesnot get married and if he is also not able to do it then she herself would go to her Dadi requesting with her cute fac while she also has her Bihari jee with her, Radha exclaims that she is right as she knows that it is not the time to cry but to do something.

Maha Pandit exclaims that it is the rule of life to walk on the path of the truth and he is glad she did it with complete honesty, as these are the qualities of the daughter in law of the family. Damini exclaims she always tries to speak the truth but is scared thinking if she made a mistake coming here, Maha Pandit replies just as gold has to burned in fire then the knowledge is helpful in life, she has not only protected the integrity of her family but also taken care of the daughter of Pandit as the soon she gets married then her problems would also end.

Damini mentions that Radha is not able to do anything as she is softer than ganga and even Bihari jee resides in Mohan when Pandit jee exclaims that Bihari jee lives in all of them but he feels that Mohan doesnot even believe in the rules of the world so he prays that she should take care of them all.

Kaveri questions Damini what is her plan, she exclaims she is going to reveal it all so informs that when she went to Guru maa she said that the only way Radha can leave from the house is by getting her married and so she took the photo of them both, seeing which her Grandmother came running to take her away but Mohan did not let her leave so Damini used her last resort who was Acharya jee, she knows that whenever the integrity of a girl is at risk her family almost always tends to get her married as soon as possible. Damini reveals if her Dadi had said anything else she would have surely gave her the idea of getting Radha married, she asks Kaveri to come as the real drama would have started in the house.

Mohan mentions she always says that Radha has half a mind but he feels she is making such decisions as what was the need to announce the marriage of Radha, he asks what is the need since Radha is still very young and has not seen the world, Dadi asks him if he feels there is still anything left to see because the Mandir which this family as taking care of for so many generations, today it has been taking from them. She exclaims that the person whose daughter was his pride but today his head is down in shame so what else does Mohan wish to show her daughter. Radha calls Ramevsawar Baba so he wipes off his tears, she kneels infront of him exclaiming that she knows the villagers blamed her but did he feel they were the truth. Kaveri and Damini also come back to the house. She mentions that ever since from childhood he has fulfilled both the responsibilities of a father and mother which her mother would have given her so how did he think she can do anything wrong, she is his daughter and would never do anything that can ruin his reputation.

Dadi asks Mohan to see the helplessness of this father who trusts his daughter but is still not able to protect her from the eyes of the villagers and they have not only raised questions on Radha but also them both, Pandit only desires to earn good deeds in his life but after what happened today his entire deeds have also been turned into misdeeds.

Mohan mentions that marriage is not something which can be done like this because the marriage is a pious relation which should only be made when someone desires to be with someone and loves them, but not like this as they are just making her fall into a trap which is a deal. Mohan in anger exclaims that he wuld not allow Radha to get married under any circumstance.

Radha sitting mentions she would get married, Mohan asks if she is going to ruin her life over such a small thing, Radha exclaims it would be a small thing for him but the reputation of her entire family is at stake. She can see her death but not the disrespect of her father or tears in the eyes of her Dadi, he asks if she can see it all for her family. Radha replies because the entire world is on one side while the love of family the other, they never mistrust anyone in the family, she is glad to see that the person whom she considered as her Bhagwan takes care of her a lot and even her Dadi and Father are worried about her so if they wish that she should get married then she is ready for it so what is the problem in getting married.

Mohan is really furious so exclaims that her Dadi is right to say she has half a mind and rushes into his room, Kadambari follows her.

Dadi helps Radha turns blessing her, she looks to her father and rushes to hug her. Dadi receives a call and goes to answer it.

Kaveri exclaims that Radha has agreed to get married but the way Mohan got furious she feels he would send the Barat away from the door, Damini in anger exclaims that she would have to get married because only then she would get married to her, she leaves to his room.

Dadi answers the call when she replies that she has just arrived to the city and they can surely meet, Dadi is smiling.

Kadambari questions Mohan what is this way he was talking since she never taught him to talk like this with elders, she has never questioned him in any thing that he does even when he refused to accept the norms of the world she remained quiet but she cannot bear that her upbringing is being questioned because of his actions, Mohan asks if she did not see the way her Dadi was talking as it was also wrong but Kadambari replies she is her Dadi so has every right to talk like this and was never wrong, Mohan is furious and asks if they donot mean anything to Radha, Damini coming from behind questions what relation do they have with Radha and she demands Mohan to reply, Mohan is shocked.