Radha Mohan 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun requests Mohan to stop Radha’s marriage

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Kadambari informs she is the Dadi of Radha, Mohan questions what about them, Damini entering the room what relations do they have with her, she reveals they donot have any relation with her, it is the true that she is a nice girl when he is also supporting her because of it but what can they do when she herself wants to get married, Kadambari mentions this is what she has been trying to tell him as if Radha has agreed to get married what can they do, he is not able to say anything but just recalls how he befriended her and she takes care of the entire family especially Gungun, he is really tensed thinking how Radha cares for him. He exclaims this all is happening because of him because if he had not gone to help her then the journalist would not have taken the photo, he calls himself ill-fated as because of him all those lives are ruined, she is also suffering because of him however he vows to not let anything wrong happen with her and assures he will not let her get married, Damini is stunned as he leaves.

Damini thinks she has been walking around him for the past twelve years even then he did not care for her like this as it is not fair so Radha would have to pay the price for his behavior.

Rameshwar is with Mr Trivedi when he informs, they both would have to leave early tomorrow and then will surely come back, Rameshwar exclaims that he is not worried since they need to leave even if they are not alive anymore. Mr Trivedi assures Rameshwar to not think wrong of Mohan since he speaks hard but always does the right thing, and once if he calls someone as his own then has the ability to fight the entire world for them.

Radha sitting in the room is thinking about all the promises which she made to Bihari jee that she will once again convince Mohan to believe in him and then also make sure his life comes out of these ruins, she while crying wonders how can she break her promise as it is not right, Mohan sees Radha crying so thinks of when she said she would marry anyone her Dadi suggests as she kill herself but would not be able to bear tears in her Dadi’s eyes, he exclaims he is ready to ruin her own life so wonders what is she made up off.

In the morning Ajit is with Dulari inquiring about the milk that was consumed, she asks him to calculate it with four liters and even suggests to make kheer, he asks the occasion when she replies because they would be able to get rid of Radha as because of her Dumbro was thrown out of the house, Ajit in frustration replies that Dumbro was a thief and she is still blaming Radha even when she has gotten ready to get married for her family. Ajit prays to Bhagwan that a nice person should be Radha life partner.
Mohan is standing beside the mandir when Gungun calls him, he stops her mentioning that he is not in the mood to fight her, she replies she has come to request him since he must not let Radha get married since she is her only friend and never even gets angry when she teases her as she is the only real friend. Mohan with a smile exclaims if she has said it then he would surely do it and they would not let Radha get married, she seems worried when he asks what happened, she replies how would they do it since Radha herself agreed to get married because her father and Dadi got emotional, they both at the same time call her emotional fool.

Mohan exclaims they both have always fought since all these years so if they have finally come together for a good cause then would do something great, he tries to shake her hand exclaiming they can be friends, Gungun however is not able to shake his hand and so is worried, he is looking at her when she finally shakes his hand, they both start rejoicing when Tulsi standing in the balcony smiles.

Mohan exclaims now they both would ruin the wedding of Radha, Mohan exclaims now he is going to tell her what the plan is, Kaveri peeking from the window exclaims they both have come together but if he ruins the plan of Damini then she must do something.

Rahul in anger exclaims why does Mohan always have to step in the problems of other people, since he would have got a way to take revenge from that Radha. Ketki questions what would he achieve from that revenge, it would be better if Mohan stops the marriage of Radha as then they would also be able to oust Damini from this house.

Radha is praying to Bihari jee as she agreed to get married but now everything is up to him, Mohan standing behind asks what is she praying for, either for the marriage or the pain that she will suffer after she sacrifices, Radha asks what is he saying as she is not doing any sacrifice so he asks if she is going to get married by her own choice, she replies that she never lies but sometimes in life they have to accept the choices of the world, she would have to get married one day and it will be of her Dadi’s choice so she thinks this is a little early, Mohan asks if she has lost her mind and so must go to her Dadi saying she will not marry. Radha exclaims there are a lot of benefits of her half mind since it is filled with good deeds and she doesnot have any other place for those bad thoughts. Radha exclaims this is also written in the Bhagwat Geeta, that they must do the good deeds and not think about anything else. Radha asks if she can ask him a question so asks why is he marrying, she replies he only agreed to marry because of Gungun and Kadambari so in both the cases they always do what is best for the family. Radha exclaims if they are not able to understand it then must know it is happening because of Bihari jee since they tend to make things correct, she leaves. Mohan thinks how can they argue with her so turning to Bihari jee mentions she has double the mind since she put the entire blame of her wrong decision on him.

Mohan walking down the stairs wonders how would he be able to stop the marriage as he even promised Radha, he turns and screams seeing Kaveri, she asks why did he scream so he informs that he thought she was a ghost. Kaveri questions why is he trying to stop the marriage when Radha agreed to get married. Mohan in anger exclaims that he only wants to find that old women hearing which she got scared, Mohan explains that the old women who was beating Radha and he went to help her, which is when the photographer took the photo. Mohan exclaims he would first burn her then do it over and over again, hearing this Kaveri starts laughing. Mohan at once asks her to do it again mentioning she laughed the same way as the old women, he reveals if she only had white hair and black teeth then would be like that old women, Kaveri replies how can she have black hair so when Mohan gets suspicious her face is the same as that women, he is really confused.