Rudra and Saumya ka Kahaani – Rumya FF (Episode 11)

Rudra sits beside Saumya and looks at her face. He really missed her so much all these years. Somewhere in his heart, he always hoped that Saumya would return. He is about to touch Saumya, suddenly someone touches him from the back. He was surprised to see that it was Shivaye.

Rudra was shocked to see Shivaye in the room. Meanwhile, Shivaye is shocked to see Rudra at Saumya’s place and some more near Saumya. Now, he realizes the truth in Anika’s words where Rudra is still in love with Saumya and he is hiding his feelings for the sake of his family.

Shivaye: Rudra, what are you doing here?

Rudra: Bhaiya, what are you doing here at this time.

Shivaye: (irked) I’m asking you first, what are you doing here at Saumya’s room at this time. What are you trying to do? What if other family members saw what you were trying to do. What if Saumya wakes up.

Rudra: No bhaiya, I’m left something from my room, so I came to take it and i’m leaving now.

Shivaye: Rudra, is there anything that you are hiding from me?

Rudra: No bhaiya, Nothing…

Rudra left the room silently without seeing Shivaye’s face. Rudra has a mixed feeling regarding what happened just now. Rudra knows that he still has the same feeling towards Saumya but he is scared that he will hurt his family members’ feelings.

Anika who saw everything from far comes near Shivaye. Shivaye is in deep thinking thinking about what happened just now. He is confused about thinking about Rudra’s real feelings.

Anika: Shivaye, what are you thinking?

Shivaye: Anika, what is Rudra’s real feeling on Saumya?

Anika: Shivaye, don’t get confused much. We can obviously see right now in how much he loves Saumya. The way he looks at her when she is here and the way he looks at Reyaan who is close with Saumya. Yes, at first he cannot accept what Saumya did when the bride changes but when time goes on, he starts to miss her much because he will never forget Saumya.

Shivaye: (pressing his head) What we should do now, Anika. I cannot see Rudra in this condition. Should I talk to Saumya to accept him.

Anika: No Shivaye, we cannot force Saumya as Saumya is also very much hurt by what happened before this. We need to give time for her. Besides that, only Rudra is able to change Saumya’s feelings and make all this work to accept him in her life.

Next Morning,

All the Oberoi family members are waiting in the dining hall. Rudra is waiting for Saumya in the dining hall. While waiting for Saumya, he saw someone that he well known and a long time disappear is appearing again. It’s none other than Bhavya.

Bhavya: Hi Rudra, Hi everyone.

Everyone is in shock including Rudra except Jhanvi and Pinky.

Bhavya: Good Morning everyone and how are you all. Jhanvi aunty invited me for her birthday which is coming soon. So, I’m here to surprise everyone and be part of Jhanvi aunty’s birthday.

Jhanvi: (happy face) Welcome, Bhavya. I’m waiting for you. Come and have breakfast.

Bhavya sits beside Rudra and tries to be close with him. Rudra is feeling uncomfortable when Bhavya is trying to be close with him. At that time, he saw Saumya coming from upstairs to the dining hall. Saumya is very much shocked when saw Bhavya in the dining hall especially besides Rudra. She didn’t show her shock in her face and tried to act normal and sit in front of Rudra. Bhavya already knows that Saumya is back when Jhanvi called and informed about Saumya’s return.

Bhavya wants to work her plan back in marrying Rudra. She doesn’t want her plan to fail for the second time. She is very happy when Jhanvi calls her and invites her to come back to Oberai mansion as she is unable to return after Rudra refuses to marry her after the marriage stopped two years ago by Saumya. She tried many ways to get close to Rudra but she didn’t get any chance to get close to him. He becomes reserved after that incident. Bhavya thinks how much she hates Saumya but she needs to act nicer in order to make everyone believe that she is innocent and wins Rudra’s heart again.

Bhavya: (irked while smiling) Hi Saumya, are you back. I didn’t expect that you were back. What a pleasant surprise that you have returned back here even after you have ruined my marriage with Rudra.

Saumya is shocked with the last statement that comes out from Bhavya’s mouth. Everyone except Jhanvi and Pinky, who sit at the dining table are shocked to hear Bhavya’s words. Saumya is speechless after hearing Bhavya’s words while Anika, Shivaye, Reyaan and Kalyani Dadi. Jhanvi and Pinky take this chance to humiliate Saumya.

Pinky: Ha, Bhavya. She has no shame. That’s why she returned back here.

Jhanvi: Yes beta, she is back to ruin my family again. She is a shameless person. That is why she returned back and stayed in our house. How shameful she is.

Saumya was still sitting silently in the dining hall while the tears came out from her eyes. She is unable to control her tears after hearing all these words again. Her old wounds are bleeding again. She is about to leave the dining table. Suddenly, she heard Rudra shouting to stop talking.

Rudra: (shouted) Stop talking to everyone. Maa, choti maa, please stop. Please stop blaming Saumya and I already forget what happened before this. So, I begged everyone, please don’t blame my Saumya again.

Rudra left from there after he defended Saumya which makes everyone in shock especially when he addressed Saumya as HIS Saumya. Saumya was also shocked after hearing Rudra’s words but she didn’t show up anything and left from there also. Bhavya gets irritated after listening to Rudra’s words and she wants revenge on Saumya for failing her plan to marry Rudra previously and makes it difficult now. She promised herself that she will take revenge on what happened before.

Precap: Is Saumya’s life in danger because of Bhavya. Will Rudra be Saumya’s saviour.