Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sikandar Faces Surya’s Wrath

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Ridhima strike a conversation with Surya and tries to lure him, speaking against Gehna. she offers to prepare tea for him. Gehna says she is there to serve Surya even if there is a partition line between them, says they don’t take help from the guests and hence Ridhima can relax and leave after a few days. Ridhima asks Surya to drop her somewhere when he leaves for the office. Gehna says even she is going there, so she will drop Ridhima or else if Ridhima wants to go only with Surya. Ridhima says she doesn’t mind and leaves. Gehna tries to speak to Surya. Surya says if she wants to talk about Urmila, he doesn’t want to and leaves. Gehna calls Agastya and asks him to meet her. Ridhima hears her conversation and thinks she is holding both Surya and Agastya in her kitty, but can’t for long.

Shakuni notices Suhani looking at Surya’s childhood stuff and asks what is she doing. Suhani says its to emotionally blackmail Surya to keep him away from Urmila. Shakuni asks her to let Surya go. Suhani gets angry on her. Sarika walks to her and asks her to give her property share as she wants to settle down with Arjun once he is out of jail. Suhani gives her a few tight slaps and warns her to dare not think about it.

Gehna drops Ridhima on the way and warns her to stay away from Surya as she will not let anyone take her right. Ridhima challenges her that she will replace her soon as she is confident about herself. Agastya looks at Gehna’s pic and gets emotional when Gehna walks to him. He hides his emotions and tells her that he is planning to open a law firm and wants her to be his partner. Gehna feels excited and thanks him. She asks him to find out how Sikandar got released from jail.

Sikandar threatens Shreya and asks what was she doing in his office. Shreya nervously says she wanted to talk about their son Karthik. Sikandar doesn’t trust her. Shreya confronts him that its better that a criminal father’s name should be linked to her son. He pins her to the wall. A glass frame falls down and glass strands pierce her feet injuring her feet. Gehna returns home and gets Agastya’s call who informs that Sikandar got released from jail as Arjun took all the blame on himself.

Sikandar throws Shreya out of the house and tries to lock the door. Gehna holds the door followed by Surya who pushes Sikandar to the ground. Suhani rushes to them and asks what is happening. Surya says Surya forgot to respect women of this house and was throwing Shreya out of the house. Sikandar says Surya is a wife’s puppet, but he cannot tolerate betrayal. Gehna asks what did Shreya do. Rajesh backs Gehna. Sikandar says Shreya got his information out. Gehna asks what information. Suhani stops Sikandar and says if he has any issue with Shreya, he should solve it in the bedroom. Sikandar says Shreya cannot stay in his house. Surya says this house belongs to even them.

Urmila says Shreya can stay in her side of the house. Gehna tells Shreya that she should stay where she is not respected and asks Shreya to come on their side. Shreya crosses partition line. Gehna says nobody can dare to get her out of the house now. After some time, Suhani scolds Sikandar that they have to face humiliation because of his anger; says if family members cross their line and go on the opposite site, soon they may have to lose the house, so he should make sure to bring Shreya and others back on their side. Gehna comforts Shreya who is worried for her son and says Suhani instead of protecting her children is trying to break her children’s marriage, be it Surya or Sikandar.

Precap: Sarika confronts Suhani that like Surya, she sent Arjun to jail to protect Sikandar. Sikandar says its a lie, Arjun is like his younger rbrother. Sarika says Arjun is given life sentence and Sikandar tries to kill Arjun many times. Sikandar tries to slap her. Gehna stops him and says until she is there, her family members shouldn’t be touched.