Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Leaves The House

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Suhani taunts Gehna that she shouldn’t have got even 12 hours to prove her innocence and says she will kick Gehna out of the house after 12 hours. Sarika says she will help Gehna pack her bags. Urmila warns Suhani to stop being overconfident as Surya may get some proof. Suhani says its decided that Gehna and Urmila will get out of this house. Sikandar rudely yells at Gehna to start her packing. Gehna feels disheartened and walks to her room. She cries recalling the quality time spent with Surya. She hallucinates Surya comforting her. Ratti Ratti Reza Reza.. song plays in the background. She picks her and Surya’s pic and packs her bag. She hallucinates Surya stopping her and then realizes it was her imagination.

Gehna walks to the living roo with her bag and prays god to keep the family united in her absence and take care of Rajesh, Dimpy, Urmila, and Surya. Suhani taunts her to stop thinking much and get out of the house. Kaddu bua warns her to behave. Gehna emotionally speaks to Urmila and Kaddu bua. Kaddu teary eyed apologizes her. Gehna asks her not to apologize as her hands should bless her instead. Kaddu says she failed to get justice to someone for the first time. Gehna says she is not at fault. Kaddu says Gehna is innocent, even then she has to leave this house. Gehna comforts her and walks towards door.

Surya enters. Gehna runs to him. Surya lifts her happily and says she is proven innocent and shouldn’t have to leave this house. Suhani say Gehna has to leave the house at any cost, getting Gehna out of her imitation. Surya returns home sad. Sikandar recalls getting Sahukar’s employee’s call and hopes Surya didn’t get any proof. Rajesh walks in next. Gehna touches his feet. Rajesh says its a loss of the house if she leaves it and blesses her to be happy wherever she would be. Surya apologizes Gehna for failing to prove her innocent. Gehna says he is courageous to fight and should always stand by her. Surya takes oath to prove her innocent and expose the culprit, looking at Suhani and Sikandar. Gehna leaves house slowly while Suhani and Sikandar grin.

Suhani says they respected Kaddu bua’s each order and gave her locker keys, nothing was stolen when keys were in with her, so since Kaddu failed in her responsibility, she should return keys to the responsible person. Kaddu says Suhani is right that she failed to fulfil her responsibility for the first time in life and hands over keys to Suhani. Dimpy says there is no need for return keys. Kaddu says she is a guest in this house and realized her value in the house. Suhani thanks her.

Precap: Gehna disguised as an interviewee enters Sikandar’s office and searches for clue. She finds Sahukar’s card and thinks it means. Someone keeps a hand on her shoulder.