Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Tries To Make Surya Accept Urmila In His Life

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Gehna tells Suhani that she found the locker’s fake keys in Sikandar’s cabin. Surya says its proved that Sikandar is the culprit and not Gehna, hence Sikandar should leave the house instead. Suhani acts as failing to believe him and asks if he will kick his brother out of the house for Gehna. Surya says he always supported Sikandar but finally realized who is right and who is wrong. He insists her to do justice and kick Sikandar out of the house. Suhani says the evidence is fake. Surya says he brought the proof and asks if he doesn’t trust her. She says she does, but Sikandar.. Surya says law should be equal to everyone and she should do justice. Gehna tells him that Suhani is unable to digest the truth that Sikandar is the culprit, so he should give her some time to kick Sikandar out of the house. Surya agrees and leaves. Gehna taunts Suhani that her plan backfired on her and asks her to go and pack Sikandar’s bags.

Surya takes Gehna home and tells Rajesh and Dimpy that he brought her back home. They both rejoice seeing Gehna and asks how did he do that. Surya says he will inform the later, but first he will remove the partition line between the house. Gehna stops him and says they will remove it in a proper way after clearing all the differences between the family. Surya agrees.

Sarika taunts Suhani that one who has to be in jail returned back in a day. Ridhima asks Suhani there is a confusion regarding Surya, if the one who came now is Surya. Suhani humiliates her and pushes her out of room. Ridhima determines to kick Suhani and everyone of out the house one day. Suhani hears Sikandar shouting and rushes down. Sikandar shouts at Gehna for trying to expel him out of the house and tries to drag her out of the house. Surya pushes him to the floor. Their argument starts. Shakuni asks Suhani if she is being the rift between both brothers. Gehna stops Surya and says Surya found the locker key in Sikandar’s car and don’t know who kept it there.

She takes Surya to terrace and offers him ice cream to calm him down and says there would be more rifts between the family if they kick Sikandar out of the house as Suhani will do her best to prove Sikandar innocent. She says she wants to spend her life with Surya where there is lots of love and not hatred. Suhani tells Sikandar that Gehna returned with a big conspiracy against them, so they need to be careful. They notice Shreya listening to their conversation hiding near the door. Sikandar says he knows how to punish Shreya. Shreya stands nervous.

Agastya comes to meet Gehna and Surya. Surya informs how he and Gehna proved Gehna’s innocence. Agastya says he is lucky to have Gehna as his wife. Ridhima notices Agastya from the balcony an thinks of meeting him. Gehna walks to Agastya and asks what is he doing here at this time. Agastya asks why didn’t she inform him that everyone is alright now. She says she was about to inform him. He leaves. Gehna asks Surya to get inside home as its late night. He shows I am sorry written on his hands and apologizes her for not trusting her and not protecting her from his family. He says he hates himself and doesn’t deserve her love, asks how can she love him even after he troubled her so much.

She comforts him and expresses her love for him. He hugs her and says he cannot live without her even for a second and says he wants to cancel their divorce. He says le tus start afresh and enter the bathroom at once. She says he respects women a lot. He asks what does she mean. She requests him to accept Urmila as his mother as she needs her son’s love and affection. Surya says he already has a mother and cannot give her place to any other woman. Gehna says Urmila deserves his love and respect and if he cannot accept Urmila, even we cannot stay together. He stands shocked. Gehna says someone has to take Urmila’s stand. Suhani smirks hearing their conversation standing in the balcony.

Gehna cries lying in Urmila’s lap. Urmila asks her not to force Surya or else he will stop trying to protect even her and Surya’s relationship. She expresses her doubt that Suhani brought Ridhima to lure Surya. Gehna says she trusts her love and is sure that Surya will not fall weak. Urmila says love is not weak, but situation is and situation changes a person. Gehna assures that nothing of that sort will happen.

Precap: Sarika confronts Suhani that like Surya, she sent Arjun to jail to protect Sikandar. Sikandar says its a lie, Arjun is like his younger rbrother. Sarika says Arjun is given life sentence and Sikandar tries to kill Arjun many times. Sikandar tries to slap her. Gehna stops him and says until she is there, her family members shouldn’t be touched.