Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Surprises Shreya on her Birthday

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Agastya looking at Gehna’s photo expresses his love for her. Gehna enters and asks what was he saying. He gets nervous and hides her photo. She smiles and asks whom he was expressing his love for and asks what is he hiding. He hesitates and says once he expresses his love to the girl, he will inform her first. She jokes if she will get a salary and feels stunned seeing her nameplate, letter, head, business card, personal desk, etc. She says she is feeling so good. Agastya says he doesn’t know about the salary but will get a good coffee though. Gehna thinks everything looks so perfect her and hopes Surya was with him here.

Surya sitting in his office chair recalls Gehna’s words. Ridhima walks to him and tries to lure him and asks him to show his office. Surya calls his assistant and asks her to show the office to Ridhima and ask Guptaji to explain her work. Ridhima leaves with assistant frustrated.

Gehna tells Agastya that along with fighting Arjun’s case, they should file for RTI about Sikandar’s release. Suhani and Sikandar inform Arjun that Sarika found out about everything via Gehna and ask him to not meet anyone including Sarika at any cost. He asks what about his release. Suhani says it takes time. Sarika with Shreya reaches jail to meet Arjun. Constable goes in to take permission. Suhani and Sikandar hide seeing them. Shreya hears Suhani’s voice. Constbale returns and informs Sarika that Arjun doesn’t want to meet anyone and refuses permission.

Sarika returns home crying. Dimpy comforts her. Gehna assures to convince Arjun to meet her. She then talks about Shreya’s birthday celebration. Shreya says there is nothing left in her life to celebrate. Gehna explains her plan to Dimpy and Sarika to celebrate Shreya’s birthday. Sikandar panics after learning that Gehna filed an RTI to know how he is released from jail. Suhani controls him and says they should tackle Gehna before she sends Sikandar back to jail and use their trump card against Gehna.

Next morning during breakfast, Surya indirectly asks about Gehna. Dimpy, Shreya, and Urmila smile and ask why don’t he directly ask about Gehna, she has gone out for some work. After some time, Dimpy performs Shreya’s aarti and blesses her on her birthday. Surya also wishes happy birthday to Gehna. Sikandar taunts Shreya that she would have got lots of gifts if she was on his side of the house. Suhani says Gehna made Shreya poor. Gehna taunts that Suhani sadly values only money and nothing else even after being a mother. She brings Karthik as Shreya’s birthday gift. Shreya gets emotional seeing him and runs towards him. Suhani asks Sikandar to hold Karthk before Shreya gets him.

Sikandar stops Shreya and kneeling down calls Karthik to hug him. Karthik walks to Shreya instead and hugs her. Shreya thanks Gehna for giving her such a big gift. Gehna hugs her. Sikandar shouts at Gehna that she didn’t do right by dragging his son between their fight. Gehna asks if he brought his son from a tree and asks him to leave all his conspiracies and act like a father before its too late and his son completely forgets him. Suhani tries to lure Karthik with chocs and asks him to come on their side, but he refuses. Karthik asks Shreya about Urmila. Urmila introduces herself and asks if he missed his mamma. He nods yes. She says then they will let him stay at home now. He rejoices. He then hugs Surya and asks why is he ont he others side of the line. Surya says its Gehna’s wish. Gehna says soon she will get Surya on their side.

Precap: Gehna and Sura attend divorce hearing where judge asks them to take some more time if they want to. Suhani emotionally blackmails Surya.
Surya announces to divorce Gehna.