Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani Questions Gehna and Agastya’s Friendship

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Gehna performs pooja with Urmila. Family joins them. Gehna takes Karthik to Sikandar. Sikandar pampers him and makes him sleep on his lap. Shreya tries to take him back, but Gehna signals her to stop. Suhani tells Sikandar that they will take back Sikandar’s custody via court soon. Gehna says to bring a child, both parent’s love is needed, but Suhani sadly doesn’t understand that. Shreya expresses her concern for Kartik. Gehna says she need not worry as Sikandar will not harm Kartik as he is a father and not criminal for his son, she is sure Sikandar will melt down and fight with Suhani for Kartik and Shreya.

Suhani hears their conversation and taunts Gehna that tomorrow is her divorce hearing and once she is out of this house, Shreya cannot fight against her and Sikandar, Sikandar will not let Shreya even near Kartik’s shadow. Karti wakes up calling mamma. Sikandar lifts him carefully, crosses the partition line, and drops Kartik carefully to Shreya. Suhani stands shocked seeing that. After some time, Suhani gets angry on Sikandar for crossing the line. Sikandar says he felt Kartik needs both mother and father’s love, he feels sick of the partition line and asks her to erase it or else he will go on Gehna’s side to be with Kartik. Surya walks in. Suhani emotionally blackmails him and asks him to promise that he will divorce Gehna tomorrow and be with her forever. He promises.

Next day, Surya and Gehna get ready for court hearing. Shreya prays for Gehna and Surya’s togetherness while Rajesh and Dimpy bless her. Urmila confronts Suhani that she did injustice to her by snatching her son and now trying to separate Gehna and Surya. She requests to not let their divorce happen and take her property share instead. She says Surya blindly likes Suhani and can sacrifice her love for her. Suhani says she will get Surya divorced today at any cost and say she already found a match for Gehna in Agastya, Agastya loves Gehna and will keep her away from Surya. Surya hears that and warns her not to talk ill about Gehna as Agastya is Gehna’s friend. Suhani says a friend who kept Gehna at his house when Gehna’s family abandoned her and even offered her job, Surya is very innocent and cannot understand Gehna and Agastya’s betrayal. Surya asks Gehna to speak. Gehna says she is tired of proving her innocence be it Suhani or Surya and does have energy left now.

Agastya heads towards court with Ridhima and laughs on her jokes. Gehna calls him and asks when will he pick her up for the court. He angrily looks at Ridhima and tells Gehna that he is half way to the court but will return to pick her up. She says its okay, she will manage. Surya hearing her offers to give her a lift. Agastya gets angry on Ridhima for lying that Gehna already left for the court. Ridhima accepts that she fell in his love like he fell in Gehna’s love and says she knows that he wants Gehna to divorce Surya and get Gehna in his life. She sayshis love for Gehna has a deceit in it and Gehan’s love for Surya is pure, he should decide what should he do next. Gehna and Surya recall their fights while heading towards the court.

Precap: Gehna and Sura attend divorce hearing where judge asks them to take some more time if they want to. Suhani emotionally blackmails Surya. Surya announces to divorce Gehna.