Siddarth : Aliya, tell me where is your husband Riddesh ?

Aliya : I don’t know. He left me to that cheap man and went away some where. He has taken all papers of property, documents and my gold ornaments with him. Whatever money I earned from my profession, whatever I earned from my brother everything is been snatched by him. Perhaps he would have planning to leave the city.

Abhi : Siddarth, we have to find him before he leaves.

Siddarth : I will do it with the help of police team , Abhi Sir. You have to be with your family now. Please.

Pragya : He is right Abhi. Come let’s go to home and tell my parents about everything .

Abhigya went to Pragya’s house ,while Rhea went to Mehra house.

Rhea ; Khanna uncle I need your help . Sismom and Brodad are finally uniting , I want to celebrate this auspicious day. When they will come here we should make a grant welcome to them . We have to decorate home .

Khanna : Of course Rhea baby. I wish Tej Sir and Jhanvi Mam also here. I miss them badly.

“I too miss them beta .”

Khanna was surprised to see Jhanvi’s mother there .

Khanna : Maaji Aap

Rhea ; Who is she ?

Khanna : Rhea baby she is Jhanvi Mam’s mother. Your Naani.

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Rhea : Naaniji !!!

Rhea hugged her emotionally

Naani : Rhea finally you came back beta

Rhea : Naani, where were you ? And why you didn’t came here ?

Naani : I was the one who said Tej and Jhanvi to go Durga temple for doing Mannat. But that bomb blast, I still couldn’t believe that it happened. After listening it I never had the courage to come back here. Whenever I see Abhi’s face I will feel guilt that why I send his parents there.

Rhea : That was unexpected one Naani. I am so happy that finally our family is becoming one.

At Pragya’s home

Nazar: Vedashri to attack Shekhar

Vedashree : Beta Abhi, Please forgive me. I blindly trusted what the world show me. I said so many bad things about you, I am sorry beta.

Shekhar : Abhi , Riddesh and Aliya played all games and I was thinking you have changed as bad. I was concerned about my daughter and when I saw the pic of yours with Tanu I lost my control. I am sorry beta

Abhi : You both didn’t did it intentionally. Infact I wasn’t able to prove what was the truth. Now one of the culprit is caught police team will catch other ones also. That producer and Riddesh will be soon behind the bars. Don’t worry Aunty, Uncle

Vedashree : Pragya your love is always true , that’s why you strongly trusted Abhi when whole world was against him. We did injustice by separating you from him. But now we will correct our mistakes.

Shekhar : Haan beti

Shekhar : Abhishek Mehra, will you marry my daughter Pragya Arora ?

Abhi held Shekhar’s hand and nodded his head with a smile.

Abhishek : Sure uncle. But before that I have to find my mom dad . I still believe that they are  alive some where. I got my Rhea back so I strongly pray god that my mom dad will also be safe some where. I need to find them. Please.

Shekhar : We are with you beta. Infact without Tej and Jhanviji this relationship has no meaning at all. I wish your trust may get succeed. Truth always wins Abhi .

Vedashree : You are right Shekhar . May god bless you beta

Pragya : Mom, Rhea will be alone. Shall I go there and spend some time with her ?

Vedashree : Why can’t you say it directly that you miss Abhi also. You want to spend time with both of them , right ?

Pragya : Yes mom.

Shekhar : Then why are you standing here ? Go with your future husband …

Pragya blushed in smile . Abhigya held their hands together and walked away.

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Seeing them together Vedashree and Shekhar smiled

At Mehra house 

Abhigya was happy to see Naani there.

Abhi : Naani !!!

Naani : Beta how are you ?

Abhi : With your blessings I am alright Naani.

Naani : Pragya !!!

Pragya and Abhi touched Naani’s feet , she blessed them

Naani : I wish Tej and Jhanvi

Abhi : I will find them soon, Naani. It’s my promise

Rhea ; Hearty welcome Brodad and Sismom

Pragya : So these decorations are done by you

Rhea : Khanna bhaiya also helped me . Sismom, Brodad let’s light these lamps

Abhi : Aaj Diwali nahi hein !!

Rhea : I know , but for me it’s not less than Diwali. This house has got it’s happiness back. You both have to light the lamp. It’s a new beginning in life of you both.

Pragya : You are our heart’s light Rhea. You also should join with us.

Rhea : Okay

Three of them lighted the lamps

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Abhigya recalled their celebration during Diwali and the way their parents announced them as a pair .

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Meanwhile Abhi gets a phone call from Siddarth.

Abhi : What ? Riddesh got arrested !!! It’s a good news. Pragya chalo

Rhea : Mein bhi aap logon ke saath chalungi


Riddesh : You idiot Aliya, Because of you police caught me .

Siddarth : All your games are over. Handover the documents right now.

Riddesh : I won’t do that.

Saying this Riddesh quickly grabbed Rhea to a side and placed a pistol over her forehead.

Abhi : Riddesh!!!

Siddarth : Leave Rhea!!

Riddesh : For my happiness I can go to extent. I don’t mind killing her .If anyone will come forward then this girl will be finished forever

Abhi started moving forward.

Riddesh : I am warning you don’t come forward.

On the other side Sid came behind Riddesh . When Abhi was so close to Riddesh and Rhea , Riddesh placed his finger on the trigger of the pistol. Before he could press it Siddarth grabbed his neck from behind, Abhi punched his hand and pistol fell down. Aliya quickly ran and went near Pragya. Sid and Abhi beated Riddesh. Riddesh confessed his crimes.

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“I was behind everything. Aliya was never my love my whole focus was on Mehra’s property only. When I came to know the truth of Tej bhai through the family advocate I insisted Aliya to ask money , buildings , property from her brother. Tej loved his sister Aliya to the core. Aliya had only one problem and that was about Jhanvi. Jhanvi was from a middle class family . So when Tej bhai married her Aliya always used to argue with her brother. When I married Aliya and came to know that she doesn’t likes Jhanvi much I started brainwashing her . Slowly she started blindly believing me and then I started playing my strategy. Aliya demanded so many things from her brother. When Tej bhai and Jhanvi ji left the place I heard that Tej bhai handovered some property papers to Abhi. My greedy mind wished to have them. But I know Abhi will never allow me and Aliya to come at Mehra house. My evil mind started plotting against Abhi. I broke the relationship of Abhi with Pragya’s parents. When I heard that Shekhar’s company is seeking help from Abhi’s company , I misplaced stocks with the help of some staffs and bribed them. I keep placing bad stock and Abhi wasn’t able to find it. Shekhar questioned Abhi because his company’s name was on trouble. Then the biggest trap was of Tanu’s  . After sending Abhi to jail I thought everything is over.But when Abhi came back he took Rhea with him and I felt much anger. Because Tej bhai already registered a property of land at name of Rhea .She will be able to own that one once she becomes 18 years old. Till that time I was planning to kept Rhea with me. Also I had an intention that at fim field  if Rhea will be sold to thirdrated producers they will offer huge money . For me money is first. That’s why when producer didn’t get Rhea I decided to sell Aliya for him. ”

Hearing this Abhi’s anger went to peak. He tightly slapped Riddesh’s cheek.

Abhi : I will kill you, You are a bastard. A humanless creature.

Siddarth : Sir please. Control yourself.

Riddesh got arrested as per the reports of Siddarth. Siddarth’s dad was impressed with him.

Abhi : Thankyou Siddarth for catching real culprits.

Siddarth : What I did was my duty only.

Pragya ; Before becoming an officer you are so responsible and sincere. So proud of you beta.

Siddarth : Thank you Mam.

Rhea : Thanks a lot Sid. You helped us a lot. But we need one more help. We have to find our parents.

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Siddarth : I know Rhea. Don’t worry. I will do something.

Siddarth collected the details of bombblast . He makes a phone call to Ranbir.

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Ranbir : Hello who is this ?

Siddarth : Sir do you remember me ? I am Siddarth .

Ranbir : Siddarth, who ?

Siddarth : I am from Mumbai. Sir you was the doctor who treated my dad Vishwanath Varma – C.B.I officer.

Ranbir : Vishwanath Varma’s son , Ranbir. Yeah I do remember . Your dad underwent an injury at backbone and I was called by the hospital authorities immediately for  doing surgery . That time also your dad was adamant on duty. He was telling that he was on duty and he needs to go. I have seen so many patients , but none of them was so impatient like your dad.

Siddarth  : Sir , thanks for remembering him. Actually I have send a photo to your official e-mail. Sorry I didn’t had your number , this number and mail id was given by city hospital authority mumbai only. Actually years back a bomblast occured at your city  and so many people dead and injured. We are in search of two people , if you have seen them anywhere in your city then kindly inform us. It will be a big help for us.

Ranbir : Sure Siddarth . Helping police is a matter of pride. I will surely help you. One second hold the phone  . Let me check the mail

Ranbir checks the mail and sees photos of Tej and Jhanvi. Seeing photo of Jhanvi he gets shocked.

Ranbir : I know this lady, She is ….

Siddarth : Jhanvi Mehra, wife of Tej Mehra.

Ranbir : She is living in my home.

Siddarth : What ? We will come there soon.

Abhigya, Sid-Rhea goes to Ranbir’s home 

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Prachi : Jhanvi ji came to our home as saviour. After the bomb blast the people who suffered the blast were taken to hospitals of the city. Jhanvi ji came to the hospital where my husband was working as doctor. He treated Jhanvi ji. I am working as a nurse in that hospital. Ranbir was discussing with me regarding a surgery and patient’s case history. Jhanvi ji was slowly recovering day by day. One day  I was also there with my daughter . She was just 6 years old and she was playing at that time. While playing my daughter’s ball went long away to the garden. She ran behind it. Seeing it Jhanvi ji went behind her. After a while when I cam back and find my daughter was missing from room I was scared.

Ranbir : Prachi and I searched her everywhere, but soon we find her with Jhanvi. She was caring her. She told that our daughter was around to fell down at the pool of the garden for taking ball. But Jhanvi ji saved her. We asked Jhanviji about where she is , she told about her son and husband . She said that after the blast her husband is missing . So until she finds her husband she will never go back to Mumbai. From that day onwards she is with us. We searched for him everywhere in this city, but doesn’t got any information.

Abhi : Where is my Mom ?

Prachi : She is in that room. Please come inside.

Abhigya and Rhea goes inside

Abhi : Mom!!

Jhanvi : Abhi!!

Abhi rushed and hugged her. They both break down in tears.