Shah Rukh Khan goes Insta live on completing 30 years in Bollywood; talks about films, Salman Khan and more | People News

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan clocks 30 years in the Indian film industry today and has given a big surprise to his fans. For the first time, SRK went LIVE on Instagram and had a chat with his fans directly. In the 33-minute-long Insta LIVE he talked about his 30-year journey, relationships, family, films, friendships, Salman Khan and more. He also expressed his gratitude for receiving everyone’s “infinite” love and smile throughout his journey. SRK appeared in an all-black look with all of his film awards in the background.

In the LIVE session, Shah Rukh Khan talked about many things and also answered many fan questions. He revealed that he always wanted to do an action film, since he entered the industry and finally, with Pathaan and Jawaan he is fulfilling that wish of his.

A fan asked SRK about his favourite song, he laughed and said, “Pata laguga” referring to Kehndi Hundi Si from popular Punjabi singer AP Dhillon.

He also opened up about his biggest challenge on-screen, he said that it is most difficult for him to laugh on the screen as it feels very unreal to him.

Talking about his upcoming films, he said, “It’s a little late being macho at 56, hoping to look like a good action hero.” He always wanted to be one and is finally playing the part, the actor seems very excited about it too.

Fans asked about his favourite thing about Pathaan and he said, “Hair.” He told that he always wanted to grow his hair long and now as he has chopped them after wrapping the film, he still misses them. Sharing an anecdote from the sets, he said, “In many scenes, on many days on sets, I and Deepika had same hairstyles as our hair were the same length and it is for the very first time that I have discussed hairstyles with my co-star so we don’t make the same ones again. Also, he said that if fans show ample love for part one, he will surely be back with Pathaan 2.

When asked about how he feels about completing 30 years in the industry, he said, “I never thought I would last 30 years. I was here for 1-2 years and I was sure that if things don’t work out, I would get a job in media like a sound assistant, or anything else related to films.”

Fans were curious that why did he release his look from Pathaan today, to this he answered, “Aditya and my career started together with DDLJ as it was my first big film and his very first film, more than a producer he is a lover of films. He remembered that after a few months, I’ll be completing 30 years and decided to drop the first look on this special day.”

“Adi, Karan Johar and me, we share a different strong bond. We are all there with each other whenever anything in our families happens,” he added. 

On his bond with co-actor Salman Khan, SRK said, “There is no work experience with Salman, there is always love experience, happy experience, brotherly experience. We have never done a full-fledged film together but we get to work 4-5 days in a year and it is great whenever he is around.”

The actor also made some revelations, he said, “He is in Pathaan, I am in Tiger. It’s always lovely to work with him. Salman is like family and will always be. We don’t know who is elder brothers in us, we both behave like elder brothers some days. Whenever one makes mistakes, the other one becomes an elder brother and handles.”

Tiger Shroff too commented on SRK’s LIVE and on that, the actor complimented him and said, “Tiger is like a son to me and I loved your film ‘War’ and was inspired to do an action film. You are an inspiration, and he would love to work with you someday.”

Fans asked him about what he does when he is free and has no work, to this he replied, “I am very very lazy. I will be in my bed the whole day with chips and thumbs up and not even take a bath some days. This is why my kids love me so much as I am very childish sometimes and just lie down with them when I am free and home.” 

Fans asked the DDLJ actor whether he misses his character Rahul and Raj, to this, SRK replied, “I am too old to do romantic films. It’s awkward to romance an actress who is way younger than me and I am a very shy person. Maybe, Rahul and Raj are for the younger actors to do now.”

But I am very glad as I had never thought that my character names will get so popular. Rahul and Raj are very famous amongst fans all over and I am overwhelmed with it,” he added.

SRK ended the LIVE session with a happy face and news that he is not done yet and wants to work for not just 30 but many more years. He is 56 years and wants to work till he is 106 years old.

SRK will soon be back on the big screens and fans are super excited about it. He has many projects lined up to release in 2023. ‘Pathaan’ with Deepika Padukone, John Abraham is all set to release on January 25th. He also has ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Dunki’ in his pipeline.