‘Star Wars’ to ‘Distant,’ upcoming shows and films that take you on an out-of-the-world journey! | Movies News

New Delhi: Aren’t there times when all you want to do is leave this world and vanish into a utopian world where you can be free from all the worries. 

Reading a great book is a wonderful way to do so, for those who are bookworms. But let’s accept it, a lot of us cannot go through a book, cover to cover. For them, the visual medium is the perfect way to delve into a hitherto unknown world and soak in the newness that it offers. Sci-fi is a genre that one can never get bored of.

Here’s a list of films on the concept of intergalactic life and journey which will be released soon. 

Star Wars: Andor


The Star Wars series has always attracted generations of children. The latest in Star Wars shows the story from the perspective of Cassian Andor, the unsung hero. He goes on a journey of self-discovery and realises that he can make a difference in the world and save it. The film showcases the rebellion against the empire, where people come together to fight against evil. 

Chintaa Mani


From the makers of quirky and witty films like Chaipatti and Detective Boomrah, Chintaa Mani is the story of three friends who come across a Mani (a precious stone) that seems outlandish and with magical powers. It can foretell the future and leads the trio into an unknown realm. The Hollywoodish effects add to the feel of the film. This Indian film’s foray into concepts that are lesser touched upon by its contemporaries is a testament to where Indian films are heading.

I am Groot


The animation film, about an extraterrestrial being, delves into the life of toddler Groot who is growing amidst turmoil in the intergalactic world. The stars are in a constant state of trouble, which impacts the superhero team- Guardians of the Galaxy. The little Groot comes of age and fights for his world, like a true hero. 



The Predator series has been very popular with lovers of thrillers and ET. The fifth in the series, Prey is actually a Prequel to the series. Dated 300 years ago, it is the story of Naru, a female warrior, a member of the Native American Tribe- Comanche Nation. When the Predator attacks her world, she is ready to fight. Will the tribe be able to survive? That is the question that will be answered when you watch it. 



Andy, an asteroid miner finds himself on an alien planet that is not very hospitable to human beings. He needs to navigate across the planet to go back to Earth, and on his journey, he comes and discovers another survivor, Naomi through his radio communication kin AI survival kit. Fighting unknown life forms, and not really knowing how to fight them, while running out of oxygen will be a run worth watching.