Tears of Pain – Character Sketch

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Hi everyone, I am Kanika Singhania.. thank you to my friend Ishika for giving me this idea to create this FF.

Hope you all like it.


Akshara “Akshu” Goenka – Kartik and Naira’s daughter, Kairav’s sister. She was assumed dead at birth

Kairav Goenka – Kartik-Naira’s son, Akshu’s brother. Samar’s friend. A doctor.

Kartik “Kittu” Goenka – Manish and Swarna’s son, Keerthi’s brother. Naira’s husband, Akshu and Kairav’s father. A doctor.

Naira Goenka – Manish and Swarna’s daughter-in-law, Kartik’s wife, Kairav and Akshu’s mother. Naitik and Akshara’s daughter, Naksh’s sister. Interior designer

Manish/Swarna – Parents of Kartik-Keerthi, father/mother-in-law of Naksh-Naira. Grandparents of Kairav and Krish as well as unknown granddaughter Akshu

Akhilesh/Swarna- Parents of Luv-Kush and Mansi, Father/Mother in law of Anmol, grandparents of Jia and Jay (Mansi’s children).

Suhasini Goenka – Mother of Akhilesh and Manish. Widow of Alok Goenka. Mother in Law of Swarna and Surekha. Great-Grandmother of Jia, Jay, Kairav, Krish and unknown Akshu.


Abhimanyu “Abhi” Birla – Manjari and Harshvardhan’s son, Reem’s brother. Abhi is a Police Officer. He met Akshu at Medical Camp when he came to investigate a doctor being violent towards a child. Hates his father Harshvardhan.

Reem “Reemo” Birla – Manjari and Harshvardhan’s daughter, Abhi’s sister. Ayurvedic doctor. Kairav’s love interest, hates Harshvardhan like her brother.

Manjari Birla – Reem and Abhi’s mother. Harshvardhan’s wife… a housewife.  Mahima’s older sister

Harshvardhan “Harsh” Birla – A Doctor, Manjari’s husband, Anand’s older brother, Abhi and Reem’s father.

Anandvardhan “Anand” Birla – A doctor. Mahima’s husband, Parth and Nishtha’s father, Shefali’s father-in-law

Mahima Birla – A doctor, Manjari’s younger sister, Parth- Nishtha’s mother, Shefali’s mother-in-law

Parth Birla – Doctor but Journalist by profession. Nishtha’s older bhai, Shefali’s husband. Mahima-Anand’s son.

Shefali Birla – Interior designer- Parth’s wife, Mahima and Anand’s daughter-in-law

Nishtha Birla – Mahima-Anand’s daughter, Parth’s sister.


Anuj Kapadia- Samar and Sara’s father. Akshara/Sonakshi’s adopted father. Anupama’s husband. Owner of Kapadia Empire.

Anupama Kapadia – Samar and Sara’s mother. Akshara/Sonakshi’s adopted mother. Anuj’s wife.  Second Owner of Kapadia Empire

Sonakshi “Sona” Kapadia – Anuj and Anupama’s adopted daughter, Sara and Samar’s adopted sister.

Samar Kapadia – Anuj and Anupama’s son, Sara’s twin brother, Sonakshi’s adopted brother

Sara Kapadia – Anuj and Anupama’s daughter, Samar’s twin sister, Sonakshi’s adopted sister

friends I hope you all liked it!

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