Tears of Pain – Episode 3 – Siblings’ love

Hi friends, I am back with another episode of Tears of Pain! Last episode, we saw Samar and Sara’s dislike for Abhimanyu, and their overprotectiveness for  Sona.

Kapadia Villa

Sona:  What is wrong in Abhi?

Anupamaa-Anuj come in

Anupamaa: Yeh Abhi kon hai?

Sona: Mumma.. Papa?

Anuj: Maa ko nahi bata na hai.. to papa ko batao?

Anupamaa: Papa ko nahi bata na hai.. to mumma ko batao?

Anuj and Anupamaa nok  Jhok starts

Anuj: Oh hello! She is my daughter.. she will tell me only..

Anupama: Oh sir.. meri bhi beti hai..

Sona: Mumma.. Papa!! Shh! Ill tell you both..

Sona tells all the happenings with Abhi, and Samar-Sara’s anger.

Anuj: Samar! Sara!

Anupama: What are you doing?

Samar and Sara come in.

Samar and Sara ignore Sona.

Sara: Kya hua papa?

Anuj: Do you both know about Abhimanyu?

Sara: H-haan

Samar: Sorry Sona..

Sona makes a puppy face

Sara: Iske saath koi gussa reh sakta hai kya?

Sona: No..

Samar, Sona and Sara have a hug.

Anupama to Anuj: How.. how did you get them to reconcile that quickly?

Anuj: This Anuj Kapadia.. Anu is smart and handsome..

“AK Hey Hey” plays

Anupamaa: Accha ji.. ruko!

Anupamaa gets a rolling pin and runs after Anuj

Anuj: Arrey Anu! Sara, Samar, Sona!  Anu I will get hurt.. leave it!

Anuj and Anupamaa enter their room .

Anupama: You are a father of 3 but still are a kid?

Anuj: Bacho ke saath bache ban jate hai Anu!

Birla House

Abhi’s room.

Manjari and Reem are there too.

Reem got hurt by Harshvardhan, so Abhi and Manjari soothing the pain.

Abhi: I won’t leave him..

Manjari: Abhi.. if you go in front of him.. he will only hurt more!

Nishtha comes

Nishtha: Haan bro.. Chachi is right..

Abhi: Lekin he hurt Reem.. why should I not speak!

Manjari: Forget that girl.. you are getting married with another girl… Aarohi

A few days later (Aarohi-Abhi’s Engagement, and Mehndi, and Haldi has happened)

Front Garden Of Birlas’

Sona walks in. Samar and Sara are with her as well.


Kapadia Villa

Anupama: Samar aur Sara, and Sona, tum teen Abhi ke ghar jao ge! Samar and Sara, you will say sorry to him..

Samar: Is it not too late maa?

Anuj: Nahi.. you spoke wrong.. now you know his truth, you will go and say sorry..

Sara: Ok.. but what if he has already forgotten about Sona? He said-

Anuj: We read the letter he sent na?

Samar: But he said that another girl and he are getting married.. Aarohi na?

Anupamaa gets the letter and they read it again..

Dear Sona..

I can’t forget you and the time we spent at Camp, but if you still have a place for me in your heart, then I know you don’t  hate me.. And for your brother, Samar and your sister Sara, to both of them, I am sorry.. and I wanted to tell you that Sir and maa, have fixed my shaadi with another girl.. Aarohi.. I can’t forget you, even if you do. I’m sorry again..

Tumhara, Abhi

Anupamaa: He can’t forget Sona..


Sona: Just say sorry and end it.. he will get married to Aarohi..

Udaipur: Goenka Villa

Naira: Kartik, I am going to make Kachoris for you and Kairav.

Kartik: Ok Naira..

Kairav gets a call from his manager.

Kairav: Hello?

Manager: Hello sir, the company that gave order to you, would like to meet you in 2 weeks..

Kairav: Ok print my ticket I will go to Ahmedabad in 2 weeks.

Kairav cuts the call and instantly gets a call from his detective, who he hired to search for Akshu/Sona

Detective: Sir, I have found out info about your behen. She is in Ahmedabad, living with a family. She is now Kapadia..

Kairav: Kap-Kapadia?

Detective: Yes.. Anuj and Anupamaa Kapadia.

Kairav: OK I am coming to Ahmedabad in 2 weeks..

Kairav cuts the call

Kairav: Yes! Finally, I will meet my pyaari behen!

Naira overhears

Naira goes to Kartik

Kartik: Kya hua Naira?

Naira: Meri bachi mil gayi!

Kartik: Akshu? Are you sure?

Naira: Haan! My faith came true Kartik!


Birla Villa:

Aarohi: Hi… you must be Sonakshi? Abhi’s ex?

Sona is about to speak but Sara interferes

Sara: Excuse her.. voh Abhi ki ex nahi hai..

Aarohi: Oh okay, Manjari maa said Sonakshi is.. so but sorry for that.

Aarohi brings out her hand to handshake with Sona

Sona handshakes with her.

Sara and Sona notice Aarohi-Samar looking at each other

Sona: Bhai.. andaar jaye?

Samar: H-haan.. ch-chalo

Abhi is sitting on the sofa, on his phone

He is looking at Sona’s photos..


Abhi: (he thinks Manjari is talking about Aarohi) Maa.. it is Sona (he accidentally says)

Manjari: It is.. Why do you want to ruin my son’s life? By that letter his father saw.. he hurt my daughter as well!

Reem comes

Reem: Mom! It is not her fault.. you know how sir is..

Manjari: Tu chup ray! Don’t interfere.. Abhi ki shaadi Aaru ke saath hi hogi..

Reem: Fine.. let them get married.. but I won’t stay in this house.

Harsh comes and hits Reem…



Abhi is about to be hit by Harsh

Manjari: Dekho! Aaru will come and save you

They wait but she does not come. Eventually, Harsh raises his hand to hit Abhi, but Sona stops him

Sona: I am sorry uncle.. even though I have to forget him.. he is still my dost, so even if my bhai or di go against him, I won’t stay quiet..

Abhi: Maa.. you were saying Aarohi will come and save me.. where is she?

Reem: Maa.. sir, all of you go, let Abhi , Sona di, Samar bhai, and Sara di and me talk, you all go..

Harsh, Nishtha, Manjari, Anand and Mahima leave.

Samar: I am sorry Abhimanyu..

Sara: Yeah.. we should not have spoken like that..

Abhi: No.. I won’t accept it, till you say Abhi..

Sara-Samar: We are sorry Abhi..

Abhi: IT IS OK! You both are overprotective as older siblings, and me and di are also overprotective, especially when you live with Sir..

Sara: If you want to marry each other.. then we are ready to let you..

Abhi/Sona: Ok!

Scene Freezes

Precap: Kairav reaches Ahmedabad and Sona’s truth is revealed. Abhi and Sona’s engagement.

Hi friends, I hope you all like this FF! Also, there is also suspense behind Samar and Sara! Try and guess what the truth might be!