Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Jaya plans to use Maharaj against Krisha

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 11th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
All family members are excited about Maharaj returning. Kach says I called the lawyer and Dev doesn’t own any power or wealth after Maharaj returned so all his decisions will be overruled. Ugra says so Dev giving the wealth to the charity is null now? Kach says yes and I am so happy. He offers sweets to everyone. Jaya and Vamika hear all that. Vamika says we lost this property and now I am scared that Maharaj will wake up and tell on us. Jaya says I would rather kill them than run away. I will kill this family today. Krisha comes there and says Maharaj is awake.

All family members come to Maharaj. Dev introduces Krisha to him. Maharaj looks at Jaya and gets scared. He screams for help. Dev says don’t worry, I am with you. He asks who locked you in the basement? You are safe to tell me. Maharaj looks at Jaya. Krisha says I think he is trying to tell something. Maharaj points at Jaya. All are shocked. Dev says Jaya kept you locked up there? Maharaj cries and says she saved me from the accident site and kept me locked up for years. Dev glares at Jaya and shouts at her but Jaya takes out a gun and shoots at him. All are shocked. Krisha rushes to him but Jaya shoots all the family members.. it all turns out to be Jaya’s dream as Maharaj can’t point at her. Maharaj keeps pointing at everyone and then starts laughing hysterically. Jaya thinks I can’t kill him when he doesn’t remember his crime. Jaya says I think we should bring a psychiatrist for him.

Scene 2
A psychiatrist checks Maharaj and tells Dev that he was tortured for years and he was given a lot of medicines to keep him unstable. Krisha asks if he will become fine? The doctor says she can be a danger to others, I think you should admit him to a mental hospital. Dev says he is my father so I will do anything for him but I can’t admit him to an asylum. Krisha says even if there is a 1% chance then we will make him fine with our love, I promise you that. The doctor gives them medicines and leaves. Dev takes Maharaj from there. Jaya says I will use Maharaj to separate Dev and Krisha.

Dev brings Maharaj to his room. Maharaj is excited to see small things. Dev does his shave and tucks him in the bed. Jaya glares at them and leaves.

Krisha comes to the kitchen and asks the chefs to cook for Maharaj. Jaya comes there and asks them all to leave. Jaya tells Krisha that don’t trust any servant till we find the culprit who kept him locked up. Krisha says you are right, do you know what he liked? I can cook for him. Jaya says he was a simple man, he liked khichdi a lot. Krisha says then I will cook that.

Jaya tells Vamika that there are memories attached to the food.

Krisha brings food for Maharaj. Dev thanks her for taking care of him. Jaya and Vamika spy on them. Krisha offers khichdi to Maharaj. He recalls Jaya and Vamika torturing him with khichdi and getting scared. He pleads to not hurt him. He grabs Krisha and tries to choke her. Dev tries to save her and gives an injection to him. Maharajfaints and leaves Krisha. Vamika sees that and tells Jaya that you are smart. Jaya says I have tortured him with khichdi so much that I knew this would his reaction. She enters the room and asks what happened? She says maybe Maharaj got scared of Krisha? Dev tries to give medicine to Maharaj but he is scared of Jaya. Jaya says I think he is scared of Krisha. Dev asks Krisha to leave. She is hurt but leaves from there. She thinks why did papa react like that?

The episode ends.