Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Krisha tries to find out what Jaya is up to

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 20th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Krisha is working as Gauri in the house. Dev calls Krisha but her phone is on silent so she runs away from there.

Krisha brings tea to Virendra, he says I like this tea. Jaya comes there and asks if she is taking care of you? Virendra says yes, I like her. Krisha says I will go and bring food.

Krisha goes to search for her spy mic in Jaya’s room. She finds it on the table and takes it from there. Jaya comes there and bumps into her, the mic falls off. Jaya scolds her and leaves. Krisha searches for the mic but Virendra finds it. Krisha asks him to give it back. Virendra says no, I like it. He mistakenly throws it in the water, Krisha thinks I had some proof and it’s destroyed now.

Krisha is trying to make the mic work and says I have to find out what Vamika and Jaya talked about. She heard some distorted voices. Dev comes there so she hides the mic. Krisha hugs him and says sit down. She hides the mic and gives him a gift. Dev says we have hired a caretaker for papa, her name is Gauri. He says I will bring you back into the house soon.

Scene 2
In the morning, Dev is making food for Virendra. Gauri comes there and says if he needs help? Dev says I will ask my wife. Krisha goes away and takes his call. Krisha gives him instructions but Dev can’t understand so he calls Gauri there. Krisha comes there as Gauri and acts like talking to Krisha.

Dev brings halwa to Virendra. He tastes it and says it’s so delicious. Dev says Krisha made it. Virendra says it’s tasty but I won’t allow Krisha in the house. Dev thanks Gauri for helping him and leaves.

Jaya comes to Dev and asks if he is going to the office? He says yes and leaves. Jaya takes the papers to Virendra’s room. Krisha is there so Jaya asks her to leave. Krisha thinks I have to find out what’s in the papers. She leaves from there. Jaya wakes Virendra up and asks him to sign the papers. Virendra signs it, Jaya thanks him and leaves. Krisha hides and thinks what were those papers?

Jaya looks at the papers and says now my revenge will be completed. She hides the papers in her room. Krisha comes there and finds the papers, she takes them from there. Jaya comes back and finds the papers missing.

Krisha is about to check the papers but hears Virendra screaming so she leaves the papers to go and check on him. Someone takes the papers from there. Krisha goes to check the papers but it’s missing. Jaya is looking around for the papers too. Vamika says Gauri must have tkane them. She calls her and asks if she was in Jaya’s room? Krisha says no I didn’t. Vamika says only you are the new person, Jaya’s papers went missing. She tries to take off her veil but Dev and others come there. Krisha says she is alleging that I stole something from Jaya’s room. Jaya says nothing is missing from my room. Dev asks Vamika to say sorry. Vamika says sorry and leaves. Krisha thinks what was in those papers?

The episode ends.