Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 21st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Mithai tells Sid why did the police arrest him only? Sid says because I am the owner of this business. Mithai says how did they know? Did you announce that you are taking over the business? It was your first day at work and did you shout that you are an owner now? How did they all know? Nobody knew about your ownership except our family. Sid asks what she wants to say? Mithai says you think I am stupid so you can think of an answer. Sid puts his hand on her mouth and stops her.

Pramod tells Agarwal that Girish keeps taunting him. Agarwal says we don’t need you anymore, he leaves. Adi comes to Pramod and asks him to leave.

Pramod tells Girish that Mithai must have run away. Sid and Mithai come back home. All glare at them. Apeksha says where were you both? Abha says what are they doing together? didn’t she go to jail? Mithai says you all know that I still have tonight? Girish asks what is she up to now? Mithai says I told you I won’t run away and I am here, I just want to rest. I want to eat Abha’s food before sleeping. She leaves from there. Sid leaves with Apeksha.

Mithai comes to Indu and hugs her. Indu cries and says why are you doing all this? Mithai says just trust in God, everything will be fine. Dadu comes there and says what are you hiding from me? Why are you sacrificing yourself? Mithai thinks I can’t tell him the truth. Mithai says I don’t have a choice, I will go to jail and come back soon. Dadu says I trust you and leaves. Indu asks why are you doing all this? Tell me. Mithai says I don’t have much time left, let’s talk about good things tonight. She lies on her lap

The episode ends.