Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Krisha fails another plan of Jaya

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 27th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Krisha locks property papers in the locker and keeps the keys with her. Dev comes there and romances with her, he says it’s time to give a baby to this family. Krisha blushes. Rati comes there and says come with me.

A team from the tax department arrives at Dev’s house and says we have complaints against you. Jaya says these are the orders from the Minister of finance so we have to cooperate. She smirks at the man and Krisha notices it. He says we will search the house. Krisha says can I see your ID? He shows his ID to her and starts searching the house. Vamika goes to do something. The man asks them to open the safe. Jaya tells Dev that I don’t have receipts of all the jewelry as it was generational. The man says we will confiscate everything and you can file a case in court. The man takes all their jewelry. A man calls Vamika and says we have taken everything, we are bringing it to you. She ends the call and says we have all the wealth now. Jaya tells the family that we have lost all the wealth. Krisha calls the income tax department and asks about the raid but they we didn’t send anyone for the raid. Gaj says it means they fooled us and were fake? Jaya acts like stressed and goes from there. Krisha goes with her. Jaya says I should rest now. Krisha says you were behind all that? Jaya says yes, you can keep the keys but I have all the wealth now. Krisha says this wealth belongs here and will remain here. Jaya says the wealth is already gone and you can’t find it again.

The police arrive at the house and all family members give their statements. Krisha says I had kept an idol in the safe and there is a tracker in it so we can track the location. The inspector says we will find the culprits now. Jaya thinks Vamika will be caught now. Dev asks how did she think about a tracker? Krisha says I just wanted to be careful. Krisha says I will inform Jaya Maa. Jaya hears all that and goes to call Vamika but Krisha comes to her and shows her phone. Krisha says I know you would do something and had put a tracker there. Jaya says give me the phone. Krisha says I just want to fail your plan so I can’t give it to you. Jaya angrily leaves. Krisha says where did they take the jewelry? Vamika is not here so is Jaya trying to save her? What’s their connection.

Jaya says I have to save Vamika before she gets caught. Jaya leaves the house and meets Vamika. She tells her about the tracker. She asks her men to take the blame on themselves. They hear police coming there so Jaya and Vamika run away. The police arrest her men and take the wealth. Jaya tells Vamika that I won’t let Krisha win easily.

The police bring the jewelry back and tell Dev that you should thank Krisha. Jaya comes back home and says I went to pray. Krisha asks if they found the culprit? She asks the man who sent you here? The man says we needed money so we planned all this. The inspector takes the man away. Krisha asks Jaya to praise her. Jaya says you are so smart. Krisha says I promise to not let anyone harm this family. Dev says we have two smart women in the house now. He thanks Krisha.

The episode ends.