Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Krisha feels spooky things happening in the house

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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Dev tells Krisha that there is some power behind all this. Krisha says don’t worry, I don’t there is anything like a ghost but I will find out who is behind all this, you should go to the office. Dev says I don’t want to leave you alone. Krisha says don’t worry about me, I will handle myself. Dev says call me if you need anything, he leaves from there. Krisha hears someone crying for help in her room. Krisha searches on the internet about ghosts and gets scared. She says I can’t call Dev otherwise he will leave his meetings. Dev calls her and says I have done one meeting, everything alright? Krisha says yes, everything is okay here. Dev asks her to take care and says I want to eat something sweet. Krisha says what kind? Dev says come and I will tell you. Krisha says you come to me. Dev says okay and ends the call. Krisha hears crying for help again. She comes out of the room and looks around. She finds a servant watching a video and says voices were coming from here.

Naina comes rushing to everyone in the lounge and shows red color on her face. She says there was red color running in the tap. Ugra says this is all happening because of Krisha. Krisha says we will find who is behind all this, she asks Jaya to check CCTV footage. Jaya says okay. Krisha leaves. Jaya tells Vamika that I have removed all CCTVs in this house and nobody can question me.

Krisha comes to her room and prays to God to keep everyone protected in the house. Dev comes there and hugs her. Krisha cries in his arms. Dev asks what happened? Krisha says weird things are happening in the house, Dev asks her to not worry, I am with you. Krisha hugs him tightly.

Scene 2
Krisha is sleeping in the bed when she feels someone choking her. She wakes up with fear and realizes it was her dream.

In the morning, Krisha wakes up and finds Dev bringing breakfast for her. He says I am trying to act like a normal husband. She goes to the washroom and finds blood in the mirror. She calls Dev there and they find a scary message written in the mirror. Krisha tells Dev that we did a mistake by opening this room. Dev says I will find out who is behind all this.

Dev talks to the family and asks who is behind scaring Krisha? Who came to our room last night and wrote on the mirror? The staff says we didn’t enter the house last night. Dev says then who is trying to scare Krisha? Ugra says stop with Krisha’s chant. Naina says you are being blinded by your wife. Dev says I know what this family can do, you people have been trying to hurt me but I was silent, not anymore. He tells the family you all have done wrong with Krisha and I have forgiven you before but not anymore, I won’t let you scare her. Jaya says this is real blood, who would do that? Raghav says look at my hands, there is no blood on it. Dev says I will search all the rooms to find proof. Kach says I won’t let you do that. Dev says nobody can stop me and I will start with Vamika. He leaves. Jaya tells Krisha that Dev is doing all this because you opened that room. Dev starts searching Vamika’s room. Vamika whispers to Jaya that there are our photos in the cupboard.

The episode ends.