Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev and Krisha plan to find the culprit

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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Krisha is scared and looks around for Dev. Dev arrives home and asks Krisha what happens? Vamika screams for help. All family members come to her room. Vamika says someone has put acid on the bed and it’s burning. Jaya says Vamika must be behind this. Rati says she was with me so she didn’t do this. Dev says then who it might be? Jaya says there might be evil powers in the house. Dev says I don’t believe on those. He starts looking around for evidence. Jaya recalls how Vamika had shown Raghav’s video to her and they both planted proof against Krisha. Jaya thinks the blame will go on Krisha now. Dev finds the sacred there near the bed. Jaya says I gave this to Krisha. Vamika asks what was Krisha doing in my room? Krisha says I found some blood marks and came to check here, someone attacked me also. Vamika says then why didn’t you scream for help. Krisha says I came here but I didn’t do this. She thinks I have to prove myself again in front of Dev? Krisha says I came here but I didn’t burn her bed. Dev says enough, you don’t need to explain anything. I know someone is trying to frame you, if you said you didn’t do it then you didn’t. He takes Krisha from there.

Kach shouts at Minakshi for letting Dev open his safe. Minakshi says you are from a royal family but you act like a robber. You are useless as you couldn’t even protect your son. She leaves. Kach says this is happening because of Krisha.

Krisha tells Dev you proved today that you trust me without any proof. Dev says I am with you. I know someone is trying to frame you but I will find out who the culprit is.

Ugra slaps Raghav and says how did that acid bottle reach Vamika’s room? Raghav says I don’t know. Rati comes there and says Dev has called everyone.

All family members come to the lounge. Dev says I have found out who brought that acid bottle into the house so that person should present himself before I catch him. Raghav looks on. Suddenly Krisha feels someone choking and dragging her. Dev tries to save her but Krisha is being dragged away and locked in the room. Dev and others rush there to find Krisha unconscious. Minakshi says how did this happen? Naina says that the ghost must have attacked her. Krisha wakes up. Jaya asks what happened? Krisha says I felt like someone was choking me and I couldn’t control my body. She asks Dev to stay away from her as some evil power is possessing her. Dev says I should have listened to Jaya Maa and not opened this room.

Kach tells Minakshi that Dev took away everything from me so it’s good that this is happening with Krisha. Minakshi says you are so greedy.

Radhav asks Ugra who was behind Krisha’s attack? I didn’t do anything. Ugra says Jaya was right, there are evil powers in the house so we need to be careful.

Dev and Krisha come to their room and laugh. Dev says your acting was so nice, everyone now thinks there are evil powers in the house. We have to start part 2 of our plan.

Dev comes to the family and says Krisha is sleeping. Jaya says I will shift you stuff in the old room. Dev says no. Vamika says what if the evil powers attack us again? Ugra says we need to close that room today only. Dev says I am not going to leave that room. Jaya says even after what happened today? Dev says I agree that there are evil powers in the house but Krisha and I are at fault for opening that room so I have decided that we will stay in that room so that evil powers won’t attack anyone else. We will stay locked in that room as it was our mistake.

The episode ends.