Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev takes a big decision for Krisha

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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Krisha tells Dev that she heard voices from the room. Jaya says Raghav wouldn’t pull any antic again, I think Krisha has been affected by Ugra’s medicines. She should visit a doctor.

Dev and Krisha talk to a doctor. The doctor has taken a bribe from Jaya and tells Krisha that her medicines were strong and it’s mentally affecting her, she is hallucinating things. The flashback shows how Jaya told the doctor to say this lie to Dev and Krisha. The doctor prescribes some medicines to Krisha.

Dev and Krisha come out of the hospital. Some kids beg for money but Krisha says we will give you a treat. Dev smiles at her.

Jaya comes to Vamika and slaps her for trying to use magic against Krisha. Vamika says don’t tell me what I can or can’t do. Jaya says I told you that Krisha shouldn’t hear those voices again so why did you play a trick on her? Krisha shouldn’t hear those voices again. Vamika says I promise it won’t happen again. Jaya says I rule in this house so just do as I say. She leaves from there.

Dev and Krisha bring the begger kids to the house. Krisha says I will arrange food for you all. Krisha comes there and tells the kids that they have to study. The kids say we don’t have money. Dev calls his school and get the kids admitted there. Krisha says now you all have to study. Jaya comes there and asks who are those kids? Kach says this Krisha is bringing street kids in the house now. Jaya says that’s a good thing. Krisha tells Dev that we are lucky to have amenities so we should help these kids. She tells the kids to study hard and tells them if they need anything.

Dev sits with the party owner and says I am sorry for making you wait. The party owner says I have worked hard with your hard for this party but we don’t have funds anymore so we might have to close the party work. Jaya says that’s bad, Dev’s father has always helped them. Dev recalls Krisha’s words and tells the owner my father worked with you, you always followed his footsteps, and we will continue working for the people. The owner says we don’t have funds. Dev says when will we use this palace’s wealth if we can’t help the people? I am deciding today that I will sell all the wealth of our family and give it as a charity to the party. This wealth was for people and will be used for them. All are shocked to hear that. The party owner leaves. Jaya smirks and thinks Dev’s father’s dream will fulfill my dream now.

Kach shouts at Dev how could you give our wealth as a charity to these people? Ugra says this is royal money so you can’t take a decision alone. Dev says I am doing a charity but Kach tried to steal it many times. He tells everyone that nobody owns this wealth, people have made us royals so we will use this wealth for them. Raghav says what about our future? Dev says you are not in jail so be thankful for that. We are all educated so we can work hard. I have decided already and I won’t change it. Jaya tells Dev I am standing with you but if your family is pressurizing you then you should keep some wealth for yourself. Dev says all this wealth is for my people so I won’t keep anything, he leaves. Jaya thinks Dev is doing what I wanted. Once Dev signs those papers then I will own this party and Dev will be useless.

The episode ends.