Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Krisha is about to find Dev’s father

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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 7th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Vamika and Jaya come to the basement of the house where Devraj’s father is locked. Vamika says we wanted Krisha to leave that room because Krisha could hear his screams from there. Jaya says we had to make her believe she is hearing ghosts. Jaya says Maharaj tried to run away from me before so I had to lock him in the house so nobody would find him. She feeds him food and says Devraj is like you. He has decided to give away his wealth to a charity, which will work for me. I will make you meet your son soon. That will be your first and last meeting with him.

Dev asks Krisha if she felt bad that he didn’t discuss it with her before taking a decision? Krisha says when you think about others then I feel proud, I don’t care if you have this wealth or not. I just need you. Suddenly someone attacks Dev and he dies.. it all turns out to be Krisha’s dream. She wakes up and rushes to Dev. She says I saw a bad dream. Dev says I am fine. He says you have a fever, I will call a doctor. Krisha says just stay with me.

Jaya tells Vamika that once Dev signs these papers then we will have all this wealth and power. Nobody would be able to stop me. I used to wait when I would take my revenge on this family but today I will fulfill it. I will make Dev meet his father but it will be his last day too. Vamika says we should add Krisha’s name to the hitlist, I want to kill her. Jaya says you are my daughter so do what you want.

Scene 2
Dev tells Krisha that I feel like my father would be proud of me today. Krisha says I am sure. Dev gives her medicine and says I have to go and sign the papers for the charity. Krisha says I am just worried so can you sign it tomorrow? Jaya comes there and says let’s go. Dev says can I sign it tomorrow? Jaya asks why? Dev says Krisha feels today is not a good day. Jaya says Dev is going to do a good thing and you are stopping him? She tells Dev that I can send the lawyers back but what would I tell them that Krisha is not feeling good about today? Dev says I should do it today only. Krisha gives the lord’s idol to Dev and asks him to take care. Jaya takes Dev to his father’s photo and says he would be proud to see him like this. Dev says I wish he would be here with me. Jaya thinks I will make you meet him today only but you both will die.

Maharaj is locked in the basement and tries to run away but he is tied with ropes. He bangs his head on the wall for someone to hear him. Otherside Krisha goes to the washroom in her room and hears the banging. She is scared and says I must be imagining all this. She sees things rattling in the washroom and says it’s not my imagination. There is something going on for real.

The lawyer meets Dev. The show the papers to Dev and says all of you wealth will go to the party for charity. Dev is about to sign the papers. Kach asks him to at least read the papers. Dev says Jaya has read them already and I trust her. Jaya says you should read them once. Dev looks at the papers. Jaya thinks I just hope he signs the papers soon.

Krisha is searching around in her room and finds a window at the back. She keeps hearing banging noises and jumps from the window. She finds a door leading to the basement. She opens it and is about to find Maharaj there.

The episode ends.