Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update

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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Krisha is going towards the basement where Mahraji is. Vamika is in the basement and tells Mahraji that you can keep banging your head on the wall oldie but no one will come to save you. It’s a big day for you as you will meet your son Devraj, I will go and bring food for you. Krisha enters there and asks if anyone is there. Vamika is shocked and says Krisha?

Dev signs the charity papers. Jaya tells him that we should go to the mandir and take God’s blessings. Dev nods and leaves with her.

Krisha opens the basement room and finds Mahraji tied there. She is shocked and asks who are you? She opens his ties.

The driver comes to Dev and says your driver is ill so I have replaced him for today. Jaya says we are getting late so let’s go. He starts leaving but says I think we should take Krisha also.

Krisha is helping Mahraji when Vamika comes there is about to attack her but he shouts so she runs away. Krisha gets scared and runs away too. Maharaji is free and runs from there too.

Dev and Jaya come to his room and look around for Krisha. Dev sees a window open and says what’s going on? Krisha runs and jumps from the window. Jaya is stunned. Maharaji is running and enters the room too. He is screaming and crying. He comes to the lounge. Kach shouts who are you? Maharaji looks at him and says Bhai Sahab? All the family members come there. Ugra says is my brother. Kach tells Dev that he is your father. All are shocked. Maharaji is in bad condition and says please don’t beat me, he is shivering and crawls to a corner. Dev is shocked and sits near him. Ugra cries and says my brother? Dev says baba? Maharaji cries and says don’t beat me. Dev says why would I? I am your son. I just want your blessings. Jaya looks on. Dev says I am your son Devraj. Maharaji smiles and says really? he faints suddenly. Dev says we have to call a doctor. Jaya thinks Krisha destroyed my plans.

The doctor checks Maharaji and tells Dev that he is very weak, he needs rest and love. He leaves from there. Dev sits with his father and recalls everything. Jaya thinks I will have to pretend now. Jaya says I can’t believe that he was in this palace for years and we never knew. She asks Krisha how did she reach him? Krisha says I was hearing voices and I entered the basement, I found him there. Dev tells Krisha I found my father because of you, thank you. He says my father was locked in a basement for years and I didn’t know, I am sorry for not being able to help him. Krisha says it’s not your fault, the person who locked him there is at fault. Dev breaks things in anger and says I won’t spare the person who did this with my father. I won’t forgive that person. Krisha says we will find the culprit and let them pay for it. She says we will give so much love to baba that he will forget the pain. Jaya leaves there.

Jaya is breaking things and tells Vamika that I was waiting for years to take my revenge. I wanted to kill that father and son in front of each other but I couldn’t because of that Krisha only. I tried so much for her to leave that room but she didn’t. We have to kill Krisha before anyone else. Vamika says what if Maharaji wakes up and tells the truth to Dev? Jaya says I have given him so many injections that he won’t be able to say anything. Vamika says if Dev finds out then he wouldn’t spare us. Jaya takes out her gun and says what if that oldie gets killed? Vamika looks on.

The episode ends.