The land of Zombies TwiRaj Vijay Hina TS Part 2

The land of Zombies Part 2

Hina stepped out of the house.Suddenly somebody pulled her away.

She screamed:Yuvi bhaiyya!


Yuvraj was shocked.He ran out of the house.He was shocked to see a zombie there.He was really scared.

The zombie jumped upon Yuvraj.Yuvraj punched him and the Zombie fell down.

But he got up again and he pulled Yuvraj again.He tried to bite him.Yuvraj pushed him and hit him with a wood piece seen over there.The zombie fell unconscious.Thus yuvraj escaped and ran to the police station.He walked towards Vijay.

Yuvraj:Vijay,Hina got kidnapped.I doubt whether the kidnapper is a zombie.

Vijay was shocked:What?Zombie?No…My Hina!

Vijay was shattered.

Yuvraj:We have to find her.

Vijay:But how can we trace Hina?

The senior officer came there.

He:Zombies are very dangerous.It’s harmful to the society itself.So we have the order to kill the zombies on the spot itself.

Vijay-Yuvraj nodded.

Suddenly another police cop who was sitting in front of the laptop started shivering and turned into a zombie.

He jumped upon another police cop and bit him.He also turned into a zombie.All were shocked.Before he could attack someone,the senior officer shot both of them.They both fell down dead.Yuvraj and Vijay became emotional.

Senior officer:They were our colleagues.So I am also sad that I had to kill them with my own hands.But we police cops should not be affected by emotions.Life is more important.

Suddenly they noticed Twinkle standing there and watching them fearfully.


Twinkle:What are you all doing?Zombies are patients,not criminals.They need treatment,not a brutal death.A doctor like me cannot support it.

Senior officer:We understand your point.But as police officers we are helpless.We have the order to kill the dangerous zombies.

Twinkle became dull.

Twinkle:Yuvi,I want to tell you an important matter.I want to speak to you confidentially.That’s why I came here.

Yuvraj was confused.

They both went out.

Twinkle:I know that you are worried about Hina.

Yuvraj was stunned.

Yuvraj:How did you know it?

Twinkle:Because Hina is kept captive in my house.She has been kidnapped by my brother Veer.

Yuvraj was shocked:What?

Twinkle:Yes.He did so to take revenge on you as you arrested Veer for his drug dealings.

Yuvraj gritted his teeth in anger:I won’t leave Veer.I want my Hina back.

Twinkle:Let us go to my house together.


Yuvraj informed this to Vijay.Vijay and other police constables too accompanied them to Twinkle’s house.They released Hina by unlocking the door.Hina cried and hugged both Yuvraj and Vijay.

Yuvraj:Hina…are you fine?

Vijay asked Hina who was crying:That beast did not harm you.Right?

Hina:No.But I got scared.He kidnapped me and locked me in the room.

Vijay:Where is Veer?I will not leave him.

Yuvraj:I will kill him.

Suddenly they heard some sounds from the compound and looked there.

There they saw zombies trying to attack Veer.

Twinkle cried:Veer!

Hina got scared and screamed tearfully.

Vijay:Hina…relax.Don’t get scared.

Yuvraj took the gun from Vijay and shot all the zombies.Veer was relieved.

Vijay:Why did you kill them now?You should have let them kill Veer as he kidnapped our Hina.

Yuvraj:If we give a brutal death to Veer,what’s the difference between him and us?We are humans, not inhumane like Veer to trouble innocent people to take revenge.

Twinkle and Veer looked at Yuvraj emotionally.

Veer:Sorry!I have realized my mistake.I deserve punishment.

He showed his hands to them:Arrest me.

Yuvraj and Twinkle looked at him with disbelief.

Vijay slapped him.

Yuvraj:I am not punching you only because you already got enough from those zombies.

Veer was silent.

Yuvraj and Vijay handcuffed him and took him with them to the police station.



Yuvraj went to meet Twinkle at the hospital.She was surprised:Yuvraj!

Yuvraj:Yesterday I could not thank you.I came here to thank you.Even though Veer is your brother instead of hiding his crime,you helped me to save my sister from him.

Twinkle:Yuvi,you forgot that we are friends.Why are you thanking your friend?

Yuvraj was silent.

Twinkle:We had become close friends.Then what happened suddenly that you kept a distance from me?

Yuvraj remembered Kunj.

Yuvraj thought:How can I tell you that it’s hard for me to see you only as friend?It’s difficult for me to behave as if nothing happened when I see you with Kunj.

Yuvraj:It’s just that I am busy.So….

Twinkle:It’s ok.I understand.But your answer is not convincing.

Yuvraj was not able to face her.

In the next room the senior doctor was examining a patient.He was shocked to see a bite mark in his body.The doctor realized that he has been bitten by a Zombie.Before he could respond,the patient turned into a Zombie and bit the doctor.The doctor turned into a Zombie and bit the nurse.The nurse’s skin started changing. 


She also turned into a scary Zombie.

The nurse entered Twinkle’s cabin.Seeing her scary look Twinkle and Yuvraj got shocked.The nurse tried to attack Twinkle.Suddenly Yuvraj shot her.The doctor who is a Zombie too entered the room.

Twinkle was shocked.

Twinkle:Doctor!You too?

Before the doctor could go near Twinkle,Yuvraj shot him too.

Twinkle started crying.

Twinkle:The doctor and the nurse were my close friends.But they…

Yuvraj:I can understand your emotions.But you have to accept the reality Twinkle.

Twinkle wept:I know.But…

Yuvraj:You are not safe here.You come to my house now.

Twinkle:But Yuvi…

Yuvraj:Did you forget that I am still your friend?

Twinkle nodded:No.


Yuvraj:Then why this hesitation?

Twinkle:I am not hesitant. I am just surprised that you invited me home.

He smiled.



They both went home,Hina was surprised.

Yuvraj told everything to Hina.

Hina:Good that you brought her here bhaiyya.And Dr.Twinkle..thanks for protecting me from your brother.

Twinkle smiled.


The sat trio for dinner.

Hina:These days we have lots of tensions.Why don’t we plan a small trip to get a relief from these tensions?

Twinkle smiled.

Yuvraj:Ok.As you wish.

Yuvraj,Twinkle,Vijay and Hina went out.

Shockingly on the way they were blocked by zombies.

Vijay and Yuvraj fought with them and shot them.Yivraj’s forehead was slightly injured.But suddenly one Zombie bit Hina shocking Yuvraj,Vijay and Twinkle.Yuvraj shot that Zombie.Hina was in tears.Yuvraj and Vijay’s eyes got filled up with tears.

Hina:Now I will become a Zombie.I will be killed soon by both of you.Right Yuvi bhaiyya and Vijay?

Yuvraj and Vijay shed tears.

Yuvraj:No,I can never kill my sister.

Vijay said emotionlly:I can never kill my love.

Hina looked at them tearfully.Twinkle became upset.Her eyes became wet unknowingly.

Twinkle:Hina should be taken to the hospital immediately for testing.

Yuvraj and Vijay nodded.

They took Hina to a hospital.She had her blood test.

The doctor came with the result.

Twinkle:What is the result Doctor?

Doctor:She is infected with the virus.

They became upset.

Hina shed tears.

Hina:Before I turn into a dangerous Zombie,kill me.

Yuvraj and Vijay burst into tears.

Hina grabbed Twinkle’s hand and took her to another room.

Hina:Dr.Twinkle,before I die,I want to tell you about my last wish.After I leave this world,my Yuvi bhaiyya should not be alone.Only you can give me a company.Because Yuvi bhaiyya loves you.

Twinkle was shocked.