THE LOVE WORLD – Episode 10 (sudden proposal..)

hello friends.. here is the 10 th episode. Thanks for supporting this FF and kindly support in this episode too and in this episode kaira will don’t forget to share your views on it..😊.


It’s Sunday..kartik misses naira so much and suwarna notices him..

Suwarna:what’s wrong with you kartik? Why are you roaming as if you are thinking to invent something?


naira too misses kartik badly while akshara naitik and naksh notices her..

Naksh:oii..meri choti devil.. 😈 what’s wrong with you? Why are you biting your nails since morning?

Naira:papa..mumma..i miss a person very much..

Naksh:person? Is it Prerna your friend?

Naira:no bhai.. actually he is kartik. At first i misunderstood and fought with him but then i realised that he is not at the fault and he is the one who saved me from the we started to talk and spend sometime with each other nicely..and i feel nice with him.. that’s why iam missing him. means tell it directly that you love him..this feelings are called as love.

Everyone glares naksh..

Naitik:somedays son was asking about love tips and now he himself giving

Naira glares naksh..

Naira: what’s going on here?

Akshara and Naitik laughs and..

Akshara:naira beta..your brother loves Keerthi. That’s why he befriended her to make her fall in love..

Naira:bhaii.. what’s this? You always tell everything to me but you dint tell this matter to me..iam angry on you.

Naksh holds his ears..

Naksh:iam sorry naira.. actually you was busy in your college works so.. won’t spend 2 minutes time and tell me?

Naksh does sit ups making everyone laugh..

Naira:ok bhai..i forgave you but don’t do this funny drama..

Naksh stares naira..

Naksh: i did for you but you are telling it as funny?

Naira holds her ears..

Naira:sorry sorry.. don’t get angry.. let’s leave our anger and celebrate your love.

Naksh smiles and hugs her..

Naksh:we will not celebrate my love..we will celebrate our love.

Akshara and Naitik smiles at their nice bond..

Naira:our love?

Naksh:yes..i too missed Keerthi very much and when i realised that it’s my heart is calm. If you have feelings for a person then you will feel nice with them and will miss them when he is not around you.

Naira thinks..

Naira:i guess you are right.’ time up..come and have breakfast..lets discuss the matters later.

They all go..


Kartik:maa..i miss a girl so much. Whenever she is near me..iam getting breathless.

Anurag who comes that side overhears it and laughs..

Anurag: idiot..when you love a girl..then you feel like that only.

Suwarna smiles.. son is in love huh?

Kartik blushes while suwarna and Anurag teases him.. brother is blushing..who is that lucky girl?

Kartik:naira..the girl who i saved that day.

Anurag:wow..she is a nice girl. She is my student only..but that komolika always troubles her and finally we suspended her for one week..

Kartik gets sad suddenly..

Kartik:but If she doesn’t have feelings like me?

Suwarna: Love doesn’t happen have to wait patiently..if she is destined in your fate then she will fall in love soon.

Anurag in mind:i hope Prerna is in my fate..

Kartik:i hope naira is in my fate..

Both men’s thinks about their respective love and smiles and goes..


It’s evening time..the singhania’s prerpare to go out for outing to a nearby hill and they get ready and go outside to climb the van and they see Keerthi and Maya out..

Akshara:hey Keerthi beta..

Keerthi:hi the way she is my elder sister maya.

Maya:namaste aunty..


Naksh who comes there gets smitten seeing Keerthi..

Akshara:you both are so cute..Keerthi have became close to us as she visits us regularly and from now you too come to our house with her.

Maya:sorry aunty.. actually i go for a job..that’s why couldn’t meet you. Keerthi have told lot about naksh and your family but couldn’t find time to meet you all. And iam happy that i finally met.

Naksh comes there..

Naksh:hi Keerthi..

Keerthi:hi the way this is my sister maya.


Naksh:nice to meet you..

They both shake hands..

Akshara:why don’t you both join us for a short trip in hills?

Maya:it’s okay can we join in a family trip?

Naksh:hey.. what’s this guys? Neighbours are also like family only.. so common..

Naksh in mind:if Keerthi comes..then it will be more nice.

Akshara:yes..naksh is right. So please come with us..

Keerthi and Maya agrees and also maya get introduced with Karishma naman naira and Niel and they all go to a hill area and gets down the van..

Naira:woww..this place looks so nice…

Naksh:yes.. this place blossomed as Naksh singhania have arrived. It’s nice to see even these non living things giving respect to me..

The young generation stares at naksh..

Keerthi: isn’t it called self praising?

Naira: Keerthi di..he is fit only for self praising you know?

Maya Keerthi and naira giggles while naksh stares naira..

Nsksh:ohh wow..great joke miss naira. Shall i tell what you do? Then everyone has to put some tablets which will make them stop laughing.. can’t escape this time naira..till now you are separating mom and dad as you only sleep hugging mom from the day you born!! I really don’t know how your lucky kartik is going to tolerate you..

Maya and Keerthi laughs while naira chases naksh..

Naksh:oii.. please spare me.

Naira: not this time..

The Singhania couples smiles at their bond..

Karishma: i understood why our grandmother’s tell that joint family is always brings peace and happiness..

Akshara:right..we can be together and enjoy together and celebrate together..


Finally naksh and naira stops while Keerthi maya and Niel joins them..

Maya:you both are really great siblings..

Niel:maya first sight atself you told like this..when you stay in our home then how will you compliment them..indeed they will break the house into several pieces.

Everyone laughs..

Naira: fine..Keerthi and Maya di.. come lets take selfies..

Keerthi:yeah..we should never forget to fetch memories from any beautiful sites..

Naksh:ohh…hello..what about us?’s girl’s party now.


Naira and maya does hi fi while naksh and Niel frowns..

Niel:so.. you 3 joined together and left us 2 alone..


The girls giggles and they go and take selfies and enjoy.. they are irritating the innocent boys like us..

Naksh:true.. wait..we will call Arjun here so that we will also become 3 and then let’s irritate them..

Niel:wow..nice idea.

Naksh calls Arjun and invites him..


Anurag kartik and teni are going in a car..

Kartik: finally we came out of the house after getting 1000’s of permission..

Anurag:yes..they are not understanding that we also need some fun before we get married.

Kartik:yes..i heared that girls will make us as their puppets once they become as our we should enjoy nicely as bachelors now atself bhai..


Teni gets shocked and throws tissue papers at them..

Teni: guys think about girls like this only?

Kartik and Anurag stares each other..

Kartik forgot that teni is here..

Teni: scoundrels..see.. what I’ll do. I will surely tell this matter to my two bhabhi’s just a few minutes before your first night.. wait and watch. Then your both first night will be beautiful with Diwali party..

Anurag:huh? No..

Kartik:oi.. Teni..we just told funnily but don’t spoil our life na please..

Teni smiles naughtily..

Teni:I’ll accept your demand until you both fulfill my demand..

Anurag: anything as you wish teni. Your command is our please tell what do you want?

Teni:take me to the nearby heven hills as my friends told that it will be nice there and there is also icecream shops go there and buy and give me icecreams..

Kartik:ok..ok..we will take you there and buy icecreams..but don’t spoil our lives huh?

Teni giggles and..


Kartik and Anurag leaves a deep sigh and kartik drives the car towards the hill..


Arjun and Prerna reaches the hill suprising singhanias..

Akshara:hey..Arjun and Prerna..sorry children..we forgot you..

Arjun:no problem we are here na..

Naksh and Niel gets stunned seeing prerna..

Niel whispers: we are gone naksh. I thought Arjun will come alone but he brought Prerna’s not wrong to bring her here as she also have good equation with us but again we lack one member and we can’t irritate them.

Naksh:you are right..

Arjun comes and hugs naksh..

Arjun:hi brothers..

Niel:hi..and nice to meet you again Prerna.

Prerna:evena iam nice to meet you all ji.

Naksh:arrey.. don’t call us ji and all. You are friend’s sister and my sister’s friend which means you are like our sister just call us bhai that’s enough.

Prerna smiles..

Prerna:so nice of you bhai.

Arjun:where is naira?

They all point towards the girls where they are taking selfies while Arjun gets stunned seeing maya..


Naksh Niel and Prerna gets shocked..

Niel:do you know her?

Arjun:why won’t i know my girlfriend?

All the three gets stunned.. are in love?

Arjun:sorry Prerna..i dint tell and sorry brothers i couldn’t tell my love before as..

He tells how he pranked and how maya got angry and left after college and how they met again and became lovers and the three gets shocked.. did a foolish work by pranking but anyways iam happy for you. All the best..

Naksh hugs Arjun while Niel too hugs him..

Prerna:ok.. anyways i wont tell it to mom bhai unless you confess.

Arjun:yeah..i will confess myself.

Naksh:wow..such a supportive sister.

They all smile and Prerna goes to the girl’s gang..

Prerna:hi naira..

Naira gets suprised..


Prerna:why are you shocked? shouldn’t i join you?

Naira hugs Prerna..

Naira:it’s not like that..i just forgot so i got shocked seeing you suddenly.

Prerna: actually your bhai called and asked my bhai to i came along.

Naira:it’s good that you came. And see this is maya di.. keerthi’s sister. I guess you would have seen Keerthi di yesterday in my birthday party.

Prerna:yeah i saw..and nice to meet you maya bhabhi.

Maya Keerthi and naira gets stunned..

All the three:bhabhi?

Prerna Giggles and shows Arjun while maya gets shocked..

Prerna:Arjun is my elder shouldn’t i call you as bhabhi?

Keerthi gets confused..

Keerthi:wait..but Arjun loves saanjh right?

Prerna:what? Maya bhabhi dint tell you the matter yet? Actually Arjun bhai pranked for fun but maya bhabhi ran away without knowing the truth and now again they met in office and confessed their love.

Keerthi states maya..


Maya holds her ears..

Maya:iam really sorry Keerthi for not telling this matter but i really thought to inform you tomorrow. Iam sorry..

Keerthi smiles and hugs maya..

Keerthi:it’s okay di..iam happy that you got your love.

Naira:that means even i got bhabhi as i consider Arjun bhai as my

Naira hugs maya and..

Naira: congrats maya bhabhi..

Maya: arrey what’s this? Everyone are congratulating as if i won national award..iam just loving guys. Even when you fall i love then you will know how it feels..

Naira gets reminded of kartik and blushes while everyone notices her..

Keerthi: naira…why are you blushing suddenly?do you..

Maya: Keerthi..wait.. before sometime naksh was telling that how kartik is going to tolerate her right while kidding..that means it’s true.

Prerna:what? you love kartik?

Naira blushes hard and gets shy..

Naira:yes..i love Kartik. Please don’t tease me..iam really shy.

Prerna hugs naira..’s really a happy news. You have chosen the right partner..iam really feeling happy.

Maya:who is kartik? Even do you know him Prerna?

Prerna:yes bhabhi..he is our senior in the college.

Keerthi:ohh..that’s nice. Please introduce him to us soon naira..

Naira: Keerthi di..still i haven’t confessed as i realised morning only. I don’t know what he feels for me so iam little scared..

Maya: don’t worry..God will not make a person to fall in love if he is not destined in your fate. So he will surely fall in love with you and accept your love.


Naira:thanks for supporting me. Ok.. come lets enjoy.

The 3 boys comes there..

Arjun: hey girlss..what do you think yourself? You are not here to enjoy yourself ok?

Maya:oho..Arjun are you feeling jealous that we four are enjoying.

Arjun:ohh my dear maya..what type of lover are you? You couldn’t find the exact reason..

Maya:shut up okay?

Keerthi:jiju..then what’s it?

Arjun:dear sister in’s boys vs girls. I know you are four but surely we three will rock.

Naira: challenging huh? Lets see..and if we win you all should buy and give us icecreams.

Naksh: challenge accepted. And if we win then you all should obey us..

Keerthi:huh? Very useless challenge Naksh.

Naksh:it’s not useless will know it when you lose.

Keerthi:lets see naksh..

Maya:what are we going to play now?

Niel:Hide and seek..

Naira:hide and seek?

Niel:yes.. one team should hide anywhere and other team should find them. They will be out if we see atself.. we will hide.

Arjun:wow maya..daring challenge. Achaa..if i see you hiding in private place then we can also spend’s good idea only.

Everyone stares Arjun..

Arjun:woh..just for fun.. sorry sorry..

Naira:ok..lets start the game.

Niel:and one more thing..we will just count for 5 ministes and before that you all should hide. And if we couldn’t find before 30 minutes then we are out..understood?

Everyone nods and girls goes to hide separately while men’s starts counting..


Kartik Anurag and teni reaches the same spot where singhania’s and other friends are there and they see naitin akshara naman Karishma and the men’s counting..

Anurag:i guess some family came here for picnic..that’s why the boys are playing something and the ladies and men’s are resting there.

Teni:ok…common buy the icecream and give me..

Anurag goes and buys ice cream and gives it to teni and even he buys for himself and kartik..

Kartik:we will eat roaming here..


Kartik Anurag and teni walks to some place and suddenly they see naira and Prerna fighting..

Naira:hey..i only found this place first. So you go and hide somewhere..

Prerna: but i already decided this place when Niel bhai told that we are playing hide and seek..

Naira:this is not fair..

Prerna:even you are not fair..

Anurag kartik and teni laughs shocking naira and Prerna and they look at them..

Prerna:Anurag sir..


Kartik:If you guys fight like this then you both are going to get out sooner.. any one should give up if you want to win.

Prerna and naira chorously:ok..then I’ll give up.

Prerna and naira looks each other..

while Anurag and kartik gets suprised..

Anurag:waah!! What a friendship..

Teni:bhai..i will go to that temple and come.

Anurag:ok..but be safe.


Teni goes while Prerna and naira blinks blank without knowing what to do..

Kartik:i have an idea. Naira..shall i help you? I will make you hide in a private place.

Anurag and Prerna who knows about their feelings thinks..

Anurag in mind:this is a nice chance..kartik can propose his feelings.

Prerna in mind:it’s a great chance..naira may pour out her feelings.

Prerna:yes..naira you get help from your lo..i mean kartik. I willl hide here..


Kartik takes naira with him and they both walks together and suddenly naira sees a rat and gets scared and hugs kartik immediately and both of them who realised their feelings for each other feels nice and soothing..

But suddenly naira realises the timings and she moves away blushing and kartik smiles seeing her blush..

Kartik in mind:she is blushing..ohh myy.. i guess..she is also loving me. I will propose to you soon naira..

Naira in mind:i really feel nice in your arms..i love you kartik. I will propose to you soon.

Suddenly they hear naksh’s voice..

Naksh:my devil sister..where are you? Iam coming..

Naira gets shocked and she nudges kartik’s hands..

Naira:kartik.. please do brother is coming.

Kartik sees here and there and finds a a dressing shop and he takes her there..

Naira:how will i hide in the shop? Wont.. just act as a doll. See this doll is wearing a blazer..just remove it and wear above your dress as your wearing just jeans and top. So no one can find it..

Naira agrees and wears the blazer and kartik ties her hair and wears the wig above the head and he makes her stand as a doll.. one can identify you as a person. Even if i have seen you first time i wouldn’t have identified as you are more attractive than doll..

Naira blushes while kartik smiles and hearing naksh’s sound naira acts as doll without moving the body and eyes..

Naksh comes by and kartik acts as a customer by touching the dress..

Naksh: excuse me..mister.


Naksh:did you see any girl wearing a Jean with red shirt?

Kartik:no..i haven’t seen anyone like that.

Naksh:ohh..thank you so much.

Naksh goes while naira beats kartik..

Kartik:oii..what happened?

Naira:you could have just watched me right? Why did you touched me which was very difficult for me to control laughter as it was mimicking me..

Kartik:woh..sorry yaar..i acted as if iam seeing the dress awely to make him believe.


Kartik:and i want to ask you one thing..

Naira:yeah.. tell me..

Kartik:why are you blushing nowadays?

Naira gets shy and she looks his eyes while kartik too looks at her..

Kartik in mind:i hope she proposes me..

Naira:woh..woh..i..i love you..

Naira gets shy and runs away smiling while kartik gets suprised and smitten and holds his heart.. this dream or reality? She pinched my heart with the proposal..

Kartik finds naira missing and he runs and searches for her and finally he finds naira behind a tree blushing and he goes to her and stands close while naira bends down due to shyness.. look so cute while blushing. And why did you run away before i tell my answer?

Naira gets sad and looks him tensed..

Naira:sorry kartik for sudden proposal.. actually i..i have fallen for you but it’s okay even if you don’t love me. I will be your friend..

Kartik keeps his fingers on her lips and both of them meets with an eyelock..

Kartik:why are you telling as if i dont love you?

Naira gets suprised and looks him while kartik comes closer to her ears and..

Kartik:i love you naira..i love you more than anything in this world..

Naira gets more shy and she blushes very hard while kartik holds his heart..

Kartik:hayee…you look very beautiful while blushing. Please don’t kill me na..

Naira smiles shyly and turns away while kartik back hugs her and..

Kartik:why are you getting shy even now? Now iam your boyfriend don’t get shy orelse..

Naira immediately kisses kartik’s cheeks making him red like a tomato..

Naira:sometimes i can’t control my shyness but iam not shy always..haha..

Kartik kisses her cheeks immediately and laughs..

Kartik:and i have habit of returning the price..

Naira smiles and they enjoy their moment..


precap:- kartik Anurag and teni gets introduced. Naira reveals her love to everyone…