THE LOVE WORLD – Episode 8 (Exposed..?)

hello is 8 th episode. Actually semester is going on so couldn’t upload for one week and sorry for delay..

Teni goes to her house and runs to Manish..


Manish suwarna Akhilesh surekha kartik Anurag and Shubham comes there hearing her scream..

Akhilesh: what happened teni? Why are you shouting as chachu like this?

Teni:i..i..i want to tell something to chachu..

Manish:relax..what’s it teni beta?

Teni tells everything whatever rocky told while Manish suwarna kartik and Shubham gets emotional and happy too..

Manish:su.. mea..means our..our daughter is alive..

Suwarna hugs Manish happily..

Suwarna: god..god have save..saved our daughter. chotu sister is alive..

Kartik gets emotional..

Kartik:i..i once upon prayed that i should get my sister back but i stopped my illusion thinking that we should not dream for impossible things..but god have heared my prayer.

Akhilesh:but don’t thank that she got saved as she was never in danger but kidnapped by Ashwin.

Suddenly everyone’s face changes into anger..

Manish:yes..he..he is such a fool to take away my daughter.

Teni:chachu.. who is mr.Ashwin and why did he kidnapped my sister?

Manish:it’s due to his revengeful mind.

Kartik Shubham Anurag and teni gets shocked..


Akhilesh:as you all were don’t what happened in the past. Mr.Ashwin is our maa’s younger brother.

Teni:dadi’s brother?

Manish:yes.. we were all living together happily. One day your dadji became unwell and decided to divide the property which made him lust over the property.. i found the reason of why people are changing bad when they grow up. This money captures every people’s heart and good people doesn’t bother about it but for some people it really changes into bad by greed..

Akshilesh:you are right Anurag. Ashwin started to blackmail that he won’t look after the business and parents if he doesn’t get 65% of dadaji’s

Manish:so dadaji got angry that his son is greedy and he chased him out of the house without giving any shares..

Akhilesh:we tried to calm dadaji that we are ready to give property to Ashwin but dadaji never agreed and later Ashwin became furious and planned to take revenge..

Kartik:ohh my godd..

Manish:so Ashwin tried to harm dadaji but we all saved him by pushing him out of the house. And Ashwin started to choke me in anger and so his three children tried to save me but due to his anger he pushed them and the three children fell into the well and two of them died…you all were small kids and those were also small so you are not able to remember it.

Teni Anurag kartik and Shubham gets shocked..

Teni:so.. Ashwin chachu has decided to take revenge through Manish chachu’s kids. And he kidnapped kartik’s sister successfully but now as she is fleed with his daughter..he is in search of her. That’s why he paid money to rocky to bring her back but unfortunately he is using his own mind for his own purpose..


Kartik gets reminded of his friends telling him that they will get kartik bad name and chase him out of college and naira guessing the reason..

“Kartik..they are doing it to fulfill some plan i think”

Kartik In mind:Ashwin chachu’s two kids died.. that means my idiot friends would have been bribed by Ashwin chachu to take revenge on me also..and naira’s guess is right. But now i should not inform family till we find about my sister..

Manish: if my daughter is in udaipur..then we should find her somehow. First we will go and hold Rocky’s caller to tell the truth.

Akshilesh:teni said na..he is so adamant.

Teni: don’t worry papa.. inspector handsome will somehow make him confess..

Everyone in union: inspector handsome?

Teni bites her tongue in embarassed and..

Teni:iam sorry woh..i just teased him like that when i was in lock up.

Everyone except Anurag gets shocked..

Surekha:locked up?

Anurag laughs and tells everything and they all laugh at teni..

Kartik:fine.. tomorrow evening we will go to police station and enquire with the inspector.

Everyone agrees and they disperse to their room..


The next day everyone goes to college respectively..

Prerna:hi naira..

Naira:hi..Prerna..have you completed the assignment?

Prerna:yeah.. with your help i’ve done it easily..

Naira: that’s great..

Suddenly Anurag enters and everyone gets up and..

Students:good morning sir..

Anurag:good morning.. please take your seat..

Everyone sits down..

Anurag:miss.naira…miss.prerna..please come here..

Prerna and naira goes to Anurag while komolika bites her teeth in anger..

Komolika in mind:why Anurag is always calling these bookworms? They are good for nothing except studying always..

Anurag:you both shall yourself call that culprit and expose them before class and HOD will come and suspend her.

Prerna: shall we..

Anurag:See we should show our courage to those idiots who behaves like a fool. Then only they will understand how to behave with you all..

Naira tells everything what komolika did and the whole class is shocked while komolika fears..

Komolika in mind:ohh..bullshit..i never knew that these girls have guts to speak with sir. Now iam gone..

HOD enters there and..

HOD:so are suspended for a week from college for doing such a cheap work.


Anurag:iam ashamed to call your name as my student komolika. You deserve to get better walk out of the class and the college now.

The students starts to gossip bad about komolika while komolika walks out with anger lusted seeing naira and Prerna..

Komolika in mind:you both have done wrong..i wont leave you both for making Anurag against me and for making me bad. I will show who komolika one dares to go against komolika but you both did. Now i will show who iam..

Komolika walks away angrily while the students apologises to naira for making fun and even Anurag and HOD appreciates them..

HOD:it’s good that you both approached Anurag sir.. whatever it is..tell the matter immediately to professors if you guys face any problems.


Then HOD goes while Prerna and naira settle down in ttheir places and later the break period arrives while Prerna lies on her bench by placing her head on the bench..

Naira:Prerna..come lets go to canteen.. go alone Today alone as iam having headache..

Naira:ok..take rest.

Naira goes towards the canteen while komolika who was standing in the canteen stares angrily at her and plans something to harm her and she goes towards naira who was walking casually dreaming something and she throws sand on her face and runs away while naira screams covering her face..


Kartik sees naira holding her face and he comes to her and jokes..

Kartik:to whom are you shying naira? Is it your boyfriend?

Naira slowly opens her hand and kartik gets shocked seeing her eyes filled with tears and also it is been reddish as sand has entered her eye..

Naira:it’’s paining kaartiikk..

Naira cries while kartik holds her and takes her to the bench nearby and he slowly wipes her eyes using his kerchief..

Kartik:how did it happen naira?

Naira:woh..that idiot komolika did this. It’s she who did that video too yesterday and again she..

Kartik gets angry..

Kartik:how dare she? Wait..I’ll go and complain to HOD..

Naira:no..she is already suspended as we complained to sir..

Kartik:she should be dismissed for it..

Naira:leave it..some fools are like that only what to do..

Kartik:ok..tell your eyes better now?

Naira makes a puppy face and..

Naira:no.. still it gives irritating sensation..

Kartik:then wait..I’ll cure it..

He holds her hands and comes closer to her and blows smoothly in naira’s eyes while naira feels nice and smiles looking into his eyes..

Kartik senses her cute eyes and he looks her mesmerized and both end up with romantic eyelock..

Suddenly the bird’s sound distracts them and they come of the eyelock..

Kartik in mind: what happened to me? Why can’t I control myself when i see her?kartik.. what happened to you suddenly? your eyes b.. better now?

Naira smiles..’s fine now. But iam not completely fine..

Kartik gets confused..

Kartik:what do you mean by that?

Naira: actually i need kachoris. The one and only closest friend in my life in hard times, in sad times, in happy times and even if iam unwell..

Kartik smiles and..

Kartik:wait..I’ll buy and give you.

Kartik brings kachoris for naira and naira was about to take kachoris but she sees her hand full of mud as komolika thrown mud on her and gets sad..

Naira:unlucky fate!! Kachoris is there before me but couldn’t take it..

Kartik laughs at her facial reaction and..

Kartik:ok.. don’t make that puppy face..i will feed you..

Naira gets suprised and agrees and kartik feeds her while naira admires him..

After sometime..

Naira:you too eat na..

Kartik makes a puppy face and..

Kartik: it’s your friend but it’s my enemy since childhood.

Naira laughs while kartik too laughs seeing her laughing..

Prerna gets up and..

Prerna in mind:naira.. haven’t came yet. Better i will go and accompany her as she will be eating alone.

Prerna walks out of the class and suddenly her leg gets twisted and she was about to fall but Anurag who was passing by holds her and they meet with an eyelock..

Anurag breaks the eyelock and..

Anurag:i guess you can win the slipping competition if someone found such competition..

Prerna:woh..woh leg sprain.. that’s why.

Anurag:what?sprain? Wait..

Anurag lifted her shocking Prerna..


Anurag:if you have sprain then you can’t wait I’ll cure you..

Anurag takes her to a staircase and make her sit and he holds her leg while both of them feels as if current is passing through the body.

Anurag in mind:what is happening with you Anurag? I holded many girl’s leg in sprain case but why do you feel special in her?just concentrate on your works..

He twists her leg and Prerna feels better..

Anurag:how is it now?’s fine now sir. Thank you so much..

Anurag:i just don’t thank me.

Prerna leaves while both of them feels something and stops..

Prerna in mind:why am i feeling strange near Anurag sir .d also feeling bad when i go from him?

Anurag in mind: what’s happening with me? Why do i feel strange whenever i hold her and why do i feel bad when she is going away?

Then they ignore their thoughts and goes..


Maya enters the office and suddenly Arjun blindfolds her..


Arjun:patience dear..there is a suprise for you..

Maya gets suprised..

Maya:suprise? What’s it?

Arjun:if i tell it then how will it be a be patience..

Arjun takes maya to his cabin and removes the cloth and maya gets suprised seeing saanjh with a guy..

Maya happily:saanjh?

Saanjh and Maya hugs happily..

Saanjh:iam happy to see you after 3 years..

Maya:even iam so happy..

Saanjh:how dare you leave me if you are angry on Arjun? If that idiot told will you leave me?

Maya:sorry yaar..i..i thought i can’t stop my feelings if i see you and Arjun as i believed Arjuna’s prank..

Saanjh smiles..

Saanjh: you know he is a great prankster..then why did you believe him immediately?

Arjun makes a face..

Maya:as it is based on life..i believed it. Iam sorry again..

Saanjh:no sorries..we are still 3 idiots who doesn’t say thanks or sorries..

Maya smiles and she looks at the guy and..

Maya:who is he?

Saanjh:he is my boyfriend Reyaansh..

Maya shakes hands with him..

Maya:nice to meet you..

Reyaansh:even iam nice to meet you. By the way..shall i join your three idiots gang?

Arjun:what’s this question? You are already became a part of our gang when you proposed now we are four idiots.

They all smile and hug together..


Keerthi bakes a cake and smiles..

Keerthi:i..i have tried my best. But i need a company to eat it..

Then suddenly she remembers naksh and smiles..

Keerthi in mind:when naksh is there..why to worry?

She takes the cake and goes to Singhania house and rings the bell while naksh opens the door in half sleep..

Naksh:arrey.. idiot Arjun.. don’t you know a visiting time? You always disturb me in afternoon sleep..(naksh yawns)

Keerthi laughs at him..

Keerthi:i..(laughs)..i guess..iam at wrong time. So sorry for disturbing you..i will come at evening.

Naksh gets shocked hearing her voice and opens his eyes brightly and gets embarassed..’’s you?i..i sorry..

Keerthi:arrey.. don’t feel embarrassed. Iam sorry for disturbing you in your sleep..

Naksh:leave it..what’s so special that you are holding a cake?

Keerthi: actually i baked thought of sharing with you all.

Akshara comes there and gets suprised seeing Keerthi..

Akshara:hey..come in beta. Hey duggu..your brain is always off.. can’t you talk getting her in?

Naksh holds his head..

Naksh:woh..iam sorry Keerthi. Get in na..

Keerthi gets in and she talk and enjoys with naksh and akshara and she also shares the cake with them.. it nice? I have baked it for first

Naksh:ohh godd..i really feel dizzy eating your cake.

Keerthi stares him while akshara pinches naksh..

Akshara:it’s so nice..what’s wrong with you?

Naksh:muma..i told that i feel dizzy as i have never ate such a wonderful cake..

Naksh makes a puppy face while akshara and Keerthi laugh and naksh admires her smile..

Keerthi gets up and..’s time up. So iam going..bye..

Akshara:why so soon beta?you can be here for sometime na?

Keerthi:no.. aunty.. actually my sister will come iam leaving. I will come on some other day for sure..

Akshara:bring your sister also one day..

Keerthi:sure aunty..

Keerthi was about to leave while naksh comes and stops her..


Naksh:you can’t go away without getting your payment..

Keerthi: Payment? For what?

Naksh:for cake..

Keerthi:hey..i gave as a friendship only..

Naksh:i know..i will also give the payment as friendship..

Naksh goes and brings some biscuit and gives it to Keerthi suprising her..

Keerthi: biscuits? is made by me in krishna. So it’s the payment for your wonderful cake..

Keerthi smiles..

Keerthi:thank you naksh..

Keerthi was about to leave but suddenly her leg slips and she was about to fall but naksh holds her and they meet with an eyelock and naksh looks her mesmerized..

Akshara smiles seeing naksh’s love and she clears her throat to make naksh realise the situation and they move immediately..

Keerthi:woh..sorry..leg slipped..

Naksh:no problem..

Keerthi goes while akshara holds his ears..

Akshara: You are still her friend not a try to control.


Akshara laughs and goes..


Next episode promo:- Will Anurag and Prerna realise their love? Surprise for naira. Kartik gets smitten seeing naira. Manish and Akhilesh enquires Rocky.