The Rise Of A Lover- Episode 2- Anuj’s Shocking Gift

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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for keeping up with my episodes. The story is going to start off slow but its worth the wait as I have many twists to come in mind. Sorry if i’m not posting often, I’m currently doing my exams but will get back to writing as soon as possible!
RECAP: Young Anuj hopes for a family. Two loving people walk in and tell Anuj he is a part of their family. Anuj walks in to his family saying happy birthday.
GK runs to the kitchen to get the cake. The Kapadia’s and Samir start to sing happy birthday. Anuj blows out his candles

Anuj- Mama what was the need to do all of this. I’m not a baby anymore

Mama- Mere aakhon main tum abhi bhi mere chotee bache ho

Armaan- Enough of these emotional talks. Let’s cut some cake.

Anuj cuts the cake. Everyone claps

Samir- Chalo lets open presents

Mukku- Bhai open mine first

Anuj- Theke Bachi

He opens the present.

Anuj- Wow landscape painting! Tum bahut talented hain Bachi

Anuj hugs Mukku

Samir- Aw what a cute and loving relationship

Mukku- Bhai!

Anuj- Tum use kyon rula rahe ho yaar. Voh Mama se shikyat karega

Armaan- Stop your nok-jok and open mine and your Mama’s present

Anuj opens the letter

Armaan- Beta welcome to the real world

Anuj – Yeh nahin ho sakta

Armaan- Kyu nahin ho sakta

Anuj- I’m not ready to be the malik of the Kapadia Empire

Anjali- I believe in you beta. I’m sure you are more mature than your father and will be able to give the business a big name.

GK gives Anuj a cheque of 1 lahk

GK- I know it might not be much but I’m sure it will help you start up the business

Anuj- What are you saying its more than enough thank you Kaka

Samir hands Anuj his card

Anuj- Why does it have a heart on it

Samir- Open it and see

Anuj opens the card and sees a photo collage of his lover, which states “A loves A”. Anuj slams the card shut

Anjali- What happened Beta? Aisa kyon lagta hai ki aapne bhoot dehka hai. What is written in the card let me see

Armaan- Samir Beta what did you write in the card that made him so shocked

Anuj- Its nothing.

Anuj thinks of an idea to divert their attention

Anuj- I have an idea!

Mukku- Bolo

Anuj- Let’s go out for a car ride

Anjali- Kya?!

Armaan- Beta are you sure you’ve never wanted to go out on your birthday before

Anuj- Haan Papa i’m sure. It will be my birthday treat

PRECAP: Anuj and family go out and have some ice cream. Samir leaves to go home. Anuj suggests the family have a car race. Armaan, Anjali and Mukku’s car slips on a frozen puddle and gets into a car crash. Anuj recieves a tragic phone call.

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