The Rise Of A Lover- Episode 3- Tragedy Strikes

Hello everyone! This is episode 3 of my FF The Rise Of A Lover. My main exams are over so I may be able to post more often. Still have two more exams left so wish me luck!
RECAP: Anuj is shocked by the present that he receives from his parents and especially shocked at the gift from Samir. Anuj decides to go out as a treat to divert their attention

Anuj- So where does everyone want to go

Mukku- Ice-cream!

Armaan- Haan mujhe bhi ice-cream chahiye

Samir- And me!

GK- Mujhe bhi

Anuj- OK its final. We wil get ice-cream

Ice cream stand

Anuj- Bhai hume 6 ice creams chahiye

Ice cream man- Theke bhaisab

They eat their ice cream and talk about their memories with Anuj

Armaan- I still remember the first time you came home…


Armaan- Beta aaj se yeh tumhaara ghar hai

Young Anuj- Wow kitna bhara ghar.

Armaan- This is your room

They walk into a room with blue walls and toys all around and a race car bed

Young Anuj- Wow race car bed!

Anjali- Do you like it

Young Anuj- I love it thank you Mama thank you Papa

Armaan & Anjali- You’re welcome Beta

They hug

~~~Flashback ends~~~

Everyone but Anuj start laughing


Samir(Laughing)- Tum race car bed pasand hai. I will order you a race car bed right now consider it a birthday gift.

Anuj- Chup tum kuch bhi bolta

Samir- I also have a story!


Sunshine College

Samir- Dehko I see Anu

Anuj- Kahan?

Samir- Tricked you chalo lets go to class

In class

Teacher- Aaj hum Shakespeare ke parenge. First pyaar kya hai?

Anuj(whispers)- Anupama

Teacher- Anuj tume kya kahan

Anuj- Kuch nahi

Teacher- Tum bolo pyaar kya hai

Anuj- I don’t know sorry teacher

Anu- Mujhe pata hai

Teacher- Haan bolo pyaar kya hai

Anu- Pyaar dosti hai agar woh meri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti, to main usse kabhi pyar kar hi nahi sakta

Anuj(whispers)- I want to be your best friend

Bell rings

Samir- Now you need to be Anu’s best friend

Anuj- Hey sirf i can call her Anu

Samir(laughs)- Ok sorry yaar

~~~Flashback ends~~~

Armaan- Kya! Tum us ladkhi Anu se pyaar karta hoon

Anuj- Samir! Why did you tell them. You promised you wouldn’t

Anjali- Yeh aachi baat hai

Anuj- Sachi

GK- Haan tum sach mein baara ho gaya

Samir- Its getting late aur Mummy mujhe daateng. Bye everyone enjoy the talk. Bye Bachi

Mukku- Bhai use keh do na!

Anuj- Arre Samir. Anyways I have an idea

GK- Tum race car bed chahiye

Anuj- Nahi lets have a real car race

Anjali- Mujhe nahi lagta ki aaise good idea hai

Armaan- Its ok we will still drive safely. Mukku chalo

Anuj and GK enter their car and Armaan, Anjali and Mukku enter theirs.

Anuj- 3…2…1

They start to race. Due to Anuj’s speed he could no longer see his parents’ car

Anuj- I think we won

GK- Haan i’m sure we did

Anuj tries to call Armaan. Instead he receives a shocking phone call

PRECAP: Anuj and GK run to the city hospital. They are met by Samir. The doctor has some news for Anuj.