Ukraine can inflict major damage to Russian forces: President Volodymyr Zelensky | World News

Kyiv:  Ukraine’s military has the potential to make gains on the battlefield and inflict major losses on Russia, President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday after meeting senior commanders. Zelensky, speaking in a late-night video address, said the meeting had discussed the supply of modern weapons, adding the intensity of attacks on the Russians had to be stepped up.

“(We) agreed that our forces have the strong potential to advance on the battlefield and inflict significant new losses on the occupiers,” he said.

Kyiv hopes that Western weapons, especially longer-range missiles such as U.S. HIMARS which Ukraine has deployed in recent weeks, will allow it to launch a counterattack and recapture territory.

Russia’s military is likely to start an operational pause of some kind in the coming weeks, giving Kyiv a key opportunity to strike back, Britain’s spy chief said on Thursday.

Zelensky said three people had been killed when Russia shelled the eastern city of Kharkiv on Thursday.

“Every one of these Russian attacks is an argument for Ukraine to receive more HIMARS and other modern and effective weapons. Every one of these attacks only strengthens our desire to defeat the invaders and that will certainly happen.”