Vastu tips for a happy home: Identify and get rid of THESE negative energy sources from your home | Culture News

By Parduman Suri

Vastu tips for your house: Positivity is the key to happiness, and where do we find it? At our homes, a place where we rejuvenate and unwind. But, negative energies in many forms can affect your health, relationships, and income. It is important to become conscious and mindful of specific manifestations that signal the presence of bad energy in your dwelling. The big question is: How do you identify negative energies?

The answer is through Vastu Shastra. It is an Indian Vedic system that assures the physical, psychological, and spiritual order of the constructed environment. So, if you are a homeowner who wants to oust bad energy and invite positive energy into your home, here is a quick list of things you should get rid of.

Chipped mirrors

According to Vastu, dirty and broken mirrors can bring significant harm to your interpersonal relationships with other family members. Hence, it is essential to remove broken mirrors while also keeping the mirror clean. Hanging a convex mirror on the wall of the facade that is visible from the outside is another technique for expelling negative energy.

Dead animals

According to Vastu, anything unnatural should not be kept at home. Ivories, skins, shells, snails, horns, antlers, or taxidermized and embalmed species are examples of dead animal parts that are sure to bring bad luck into households.

Dead and spiky plants

It is usually believed that cacti and other thorny plants foster arguments and chaos in the home and harm romantic relationships. They are capable of causing financial difficulties. The living room, bedroom, or main entry of your home should not contain such plants. Dead flowers should not be stored indoors. These lifeless flowers and plants interrupt the energy flow in the surroundings and hurt the energy balance in the home.

Furthermore, some flowers, such as carnations, should never be kept inside the home. They are believed to bring bad fortune. You can, however, plant carnations in your garden.

Ceased clocks

Broken or ceased clocks should be repaired or removed from the home, according to Vastu. A stopped clock denotes lethargy and instability in life. This may restrict you from progressing in your relationships, business, or finances.

Defective crockery

Damaged, cracked or stained ceramics, tableware, glasses and other such items are often kept in storage and then neglected in houses. Keep in mind all of the culinary utensils you have are in excellent condition. If anything breaks by accident, it is best to get rid of it to avoid grief and negativity.

Clear bizarre artwork and antiques

Negative energies become more prominent if there is artwork depicting family rivalry or tragedy. Such paintings should be removed from the home immediately.

Tips to remove negativity


According to Indian tradition, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi prefers to stay in a house that is neat and clean. Living in a good environment also aids in avoiding diseases and depression.

Use sound

Wind chimes in the home keep negative energy at bay. The tinkling chimes help to disrupt the negative energy pattern and boost the flow of positive energy.

Burn sage or agarbattis

The fragrant smoke has long been a spiritual and meditation practice. This is one of the simplest methods available to remove negativity from a home. The energy level will be increased. Because of its ability to foster a serene atmosphere, Nag Champa is best used at home for meditation.

Use salt

Sea salt neutralises all the bad energy in your home, keep a dish of sea salt in every room. Besides, you can keep sea salt rocks in the corners.

Avoid clutter

Household goods and clothing in the home retain a lot of energy, impeding our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You may feel worn out and angry if there is clutter all around.

Use colours

Colours have always had a strong impact on the energy we experience at home. As per Vastu shastra, blue in the northwest, north, and northeast; orange in the southeast, red in the south, and yellow in the southwest are suitable hues.

Placing religious symbols

Displaying religious sculptures, paintings, and artefacts in your home helps ward off negativity. It is also advised to use prayers and chants to welcome positivity.

These energy-cleansing methods can appear difficult at times, however, you can master them with the assistance and guidance of a qualified Vastu consultant, to live a peaceful and content life.


(Disclaimer: Parduman Suri is an Astrology and Vastu consultant, who guides several actors, other film personalities and politicians. He is the recipient of many awards. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of Zee News)