‘We provide scholarships to deserving NEET commandos along…’, says Dr Geetendra Singh | World News

In India, the right to education is a fundamental right. The right states that every Indian citizen between the age of 6 to 14 years should get free and compulsory education. It also ensures that every Indian citizen should get an education for up to 14 years without discrimination, but we all are very well aware of what the real world offers. The country’s literacy rate stands at 77%; the percentage in urban regions is 87.7%, whereas, in rural India, it is just 73.5%. The portion of rural India is knee-high though nearly 65.53% of the population of India resides in the rural regions. Numerous causes dwell behind the substantial gap between the urban and rural education system and the literacy rate.

Observing these issues, renowned doctor Geetendra Singh intended to be of any help to the impoverished section of society. Simultaneously, being from the health care sector, he wanted to bring a change and improve the condition of the industry in India. Amalgamating his dreams for a new India, he started coaching NEET aspirants with minimal charges. Soon he realised the need to shift it to the online platform for providing easy access to people. So, in 2017, he set up the online coaching institute ‘Biomentors’ to help students from all spheres of life. Till now, the platform has taught countless NEET aspirants with a record of 11,000+ selections in government medical colleges.

Dr. Geetendra Singh answers a few questions related to the evolution in the education sector and how Biomentors are contributing towards the same.

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