Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from July 17 to July 23 | Culture News

Clarity of mind and thinking is what you require this week. Communication with your partner will improve. Take some time to rejuvenate your love relationship, or your detached behaviour may upset the one you love. Change in job or workplace is possible. Use your intuition and creativity in business and work. Be flexible in work-related matters. There will be financial security, however, be cautious while investing. 

This week, you will wonder how to make things work better in your love life. You may have put a lot of time and effort into creating a stable and healthy relationship, but it may not seem enough for some reason. The progress may be slow, but it will be steady. You have to be patient. You will experience an unexpected change at work, but something that has been at play for a while. Be careful of your finances; loss of money is foreseen.

Your relationship matures and is moving in the right direction. The love comes more from a sense of responsibility rather than passion. For those looking for love, try to find it the old-fashioned way that is waiting for it to happen on its own. There will be some good news concerning finances, business, education, and property. There will be an opportunity, so seize it and start working on it.

You will be weighing the pros and cons of a career opportunity. You will need to create a balance in your work life to stay productive. Finances will be stable but keep a close watch on your income and expenditures. You may be excessively absorbed in your personal life that you completely forget about yourself. Think beyond your relationship, family, and responsibilities; make sure you take time out for yourself. Be open to receiving more regarding love, intimacy and affection.

A powerful connection is on its way or has recently appeared in your life. There is will be happiness and commitment in your relationship, and it’s time to create a positive change within existing relationships. Something about your work life will be draining, disappointing and exhausting. You may have invested your energy and hope into a project only to see it knocked over. There will be a sense of loss and unfulfillment that may bother you in relation to your work.

It’s time to create a strong structure and foundation that supports achieving your goals and dreams. Someone in the position of authority will be able to guide and mentor you. There is a need to organise your finances and balance the expenditures. You and your partner will be working towards the same goal. If you stay positive and steer clear of distractions, you should find success in love. Make your desires and intentions clear to your partner.

In matters of love, heartache or pain seems almost inevitable. Old wounds will resurface and will affect you in the present moment. Some will experience heartbreak or find out that their partner is not emotionally available. You will be focused on work and your career. Money will come slowly and steadily, and you will be making progress. Continue doing the good work because it is building towards greater success.

You will have a good time with your partner on your side. You will know how to enjoy what life has to offer. Maintain an optimistic attitude in relationships. Professionally, there will be new beginnings, job offers, or new possibilities. In other words, you will have what you desire. There is contentment, prosperity, windfall gains, new business opportunities, or newer avenues to make money quickly.

You might be bored by how your love life moves and unfolds. You might find yourself either bored in your current relationship or simply not open to changing the status quo. If you are single, your dating options might not be making you happy. At work, you will establish a strong position and showcase leadership qualities. Demonstrate the strength of character, determination and patience to resolve any difference with coworkers. Be careful while taking a loan or making an investment.

There is an end to a phase or a cycle in your career. It could mean reaching an end of a project and saying goodbye. You might be guided to walk away from a job or change your career path. All that you had worked hard for now culminates. Loss of money and financial setback is foreseen. In love, every day may seem like a struggle, but deep inside, you know you will not give up on the one you love. You may have gone through a lot in the past, but you are positive and hopeful that things will get better down the road.

Your heart will be full of love and hurting with emotions. You will be deeply in love and head over heels for someone. Your heart will be full of love. New love may enter your life, or an established relationship will grow and thrive. You are in luck with your work and career. Move forward and don’t get held back by distractions. The tough time is over; finances are moving upward, and job opportunities and recognition are coming your way.

There will be stability in love, relationships, and work. You will be content with the money flow and acknowledgement coming your way. Your position in your workplace will be secure. However, your work commitments may prioritise your personal and family life. If you are single, do not keep yourself from meeting someone new. Be willing to share, spend, and occasionally indulge. You may travel abroad/overseas in relation to your work or job. Those in business may consider expansion.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner  & Consultant)