Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from July 3 to July 9 | Culture News

This is the week of introspection and going inwards. The relationship with family and partner will be calm but a little distant. Do not overthink & give space to each other. For singles, this is not a time to begin a new relationship. At work, you will establish a strong position and showcase leadership qualities. If you are considering starting a business, now is the time to take the lead. Don’t be impulsive with money and be cautious with spending & investments.

It is an indication that it’s time to transform your dreams into reality, manifest your goals, and realise your potential. Take your financial or career goals and ambitions forward, but at the same time, it will require hard work, dedication, and commitment to achieve your ultimate desire. Bring some warmth and compassion to your relationship for it to grow strong. Give space to your partner; everyone has the right to an opinion. Keep your emotions under control but be expressive and speak your mind.

You may become a victim of somebody’s fraud, betrayal or cheating. It’s possible that you do not see lies and corruption from people you trust. Think for yourself in the financial matter and use your information, connections and experience. It might be an emotionally vulnerable time in love, while everything might seem calm. There may be some confusion or slight disappointment. If you are curious to know how your potential partner feels about you, they may not be clear about how they feel towards you.

You can expect your relationship to touch a new level of trust and mutual respect. For singles, you may be guided toward a new partner, and you will know what you truly seek from your prospective partner. You can strike a fine balance between work and family life. You are ready to move forward in your career. Things will move fast around you, and there will be much positive action. There may be a job offer or an opportunity to start a new line of business. However, be grounded, realistic, and practical with money.

It is time to take your relationship to the next level. Work on strengthening your bond, take a break from the routine, & spend quality time with each other. For singles, a new romantic partnership is foreseen. At this time, if you start something new or begin a new venture with your partner, it will bring profits and material gains. You will witness the fruits of your hard work and efforts. There will be sufficient resources to spend on yourself.

You will be feeling happy and positive this week. It is an intellectually stimulating time in relationships. You will be drawn toward healthy discussions and conversations. Communication with your partner will improve at this point. If there is any problem in your relationship, handle it with clarity and honesty. At work, there will be new opportunities, promotions & recognition. You will receive good news related to money and finances.

In work or business, projects are getting accomplished, and change is anticipated. There could be a job offer, promotion, or a new role in the organisation. The work environment will be cordial, and there will be support from colleagues. For couples, it’s a great time to nurture their bond and intimacy. There will be love, optimism and energy in your relationship. If you are single, be open and ready to meet someone new. You will be confident, and people will be attracted to you.

You will feel a sense of balance & security in your relationship. For singles, a new partner may enter your life. For those in an established relationship, you may focus on practical matters and future planning. At work, there will be competition, but you must hold your position and not give up. People around you will have strong opinions and be busy defending their position rather than working as a team. Financially, you might be struggling to manage your expenses or get refunds.

You could receive favourable news about the job interview you may have given. Get going on the plan you’ve been thinking of but plan correctly. Be practical with money & expenses. Follow a mature, balanced, and level-headed approach in love and relationship. If you are in a relationship, it may take a positive turn, and if settling down is what you desire, things may start moving in that direction. 

Your efforts and hard work will pay off, and financial rewards like bonuses or promotions are possible. You will be able to overcome obstacles and accomplish a task. There will be support from those around you. You will have the resources to splurge occasionally and help others. Some investments are also indicated and will fetch good returns. Think beyond your relationship, family, and responsibilities; make sure you take time out for yourself to pursue a hobby and catch up with friends.

It is an exciting time for those in love. Couples will find themselves investing in their relationship. Singles will be excited about the idea of meeting new people. You could also meet someone who is fun-loving and adventurous, however, don’t expect commitment immediately. There will be good news about work, jobs or projects. It is an action-packed time at work. In business, you may consider expanding the existing line of business. Follow a measured approach towards finances.

At work, if it has been demanding & exhausting, use your energy wisely and plan meticulously to see you through. If you have a fear of rejection or worry that your idea may be stolen, put it aside. Surround yourself with those who love and support you. If you have worked hard, your efforts will pay. There may be some cash problems, so spend wisely and guard your money and valuables. Someone in the family may try to dominate & steer conversations and decisions. In love, do not fall for lust-over-love situations & short-term affairs.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner  & Consultant)