Rajni looked the photo album and she saw the pic of hers with her husband Krish. She recalled their moment of Navratri when they played with sticks

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Krish : Rajni I love to play with you more .

Rajni : Krish don’t forget that now you are a dad also .

Krish : Awww I know that .

Krish came at the kitchen when Rajni was preparing food.

Rajni : What’s this ?

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Krish : Rajni , I came to tell you …


Rajni : Maaji, bula rahi hein. Mujhe jaana hein. Baby ko sula deejiyega

Krish : Me!!

Rajni : I have lot of work. Aaj aap free ho naa , Take care off our baby

Krish ; Yes my dearest Home minister .

Krish started caring the baby.Baby was crying continuously

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Krish started singing a lullaby for the baby, soon baby stopped crying. Krish made baby to lie down at the craddle. Meanwhile Rajni arrives there and smiles

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Rajni : Maanna padega patidev !! Aap acche se khayal rakhe re hein bacche kaa

Krish : Are you giving compliment or just teasing me ?

Rajni : Well both

Krish : Rajni , I have bought something for you

He gifts her a box which was filled with lot of bangles

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Rajni : These much bangles !! What will I do with them ?

Krish : Wear each of them and wake me up at morning by shaking these bangles near my ears. These bangle sounds are Love Alarms for me .

Rajni : You are incredible, Krish. Bangles ko Love Alarm bana diya ?

Krish : I can make each moment as lovely when you are with me

Rajni : Is it ?

Krish held her close towards his chest

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Krish : You know what I really love

Rajni : Krish , you tells this every day .

Krish : Yeah, but who knows if I didn’t get an opportunity to tell you this again ?

Rajni : What does that mean ?

Krish : Nothing, Honey. Let’s sleep well

He lifted her in his arms.

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Rajni ; I am so lucky to have you in my life , Krish . You are really a  very nice person.

Krish : Rajni promise me that you will always smile , you will never cry.

Rajni : I will always smile when you are with me Krish. It’s my promise. I will never cry.

Rajni get back from her memories. A tear drop from her eyes fell on the album.

Rajni wiped her tears.

Rajni : I am sorry Krish. I will never cry before you .

Karan : Mom!!

Rajni quickly closed the album

Rajni : Haan beta

Karan : Mom today is parent’s meeting. You forgot it ?

Rajni : No beta . I am coming . Let’s go

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Rajni meets Karan’s class teacher

Class teacher : I must say Rajni ji your son is good in studies. He scored 90% in the mid term exams. But what surprising me is he never smiles. I mean if we gives  a compliment he never responds it by saying a Thank you. And I think apart from studies nothing is in his mind. It’s good that children are good at studies. But they should be lively also. Studies alone don’t makes a person’s growth in mental ways. May be you are alone taking care off everything and …..

Rajni : You don’t need to be hesitant to tell anything Mam. I can understand . I can’t bear the loss of my husband Krish. If he was with me then things would have been better.

Class teacher : What is troubling this little kid is hard to understand .

Meanwhile an attendor comes and he was tensed.

Attendor : Mam , woh Karan

Rajni : What happened to Karan ?

Attendor : He was drowned inside the pool. But luckily he got saved by Shlok Sir.

Rajni : What ?

All rushed at the  garden area . Rajni saw Karan . She hugged him and her eyes went teary.

Rajni : Beta tum theek ho naa ? Why you went near this pool ?

Shlok : He is fine. What surprised me is he doesn’t knows swimming. He intentionally went inside this pool and even after drowning also he didn’t screamed for help. I was walking through this area and suddenly my eyes find him. Aap!!

Rajni : I am his mother, Rajni.

Shlok : I am Shlok, I teaches Mathematics to the U.P. section in this school.

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Rajni : Sir thank you for saving my son.

Shlok : Please take care off him well.

Rajni nodded her head.

Next day at the school 

It was sports day in the school. There was no classes for students. Shlok find Karan sitting at the bench eating a chocolate

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Shlok : Will you give me one chocolate beta ?

Karan : Why should I give you ?These are given by my Mom. Aap apne Mom se poochiye

Shlok smiled


Shlok : Beta , why you are not coming at the ground ?

Karan : I am not participating in any item, why should I ?

Shlok : Fine !! Beta yesterday I saved you . You have to tell me why you went inside that pool ?

Karan : I went there to meet my Dad. But you stopped me .

Shlok : What ?

AN : This is actually an adaptation of an old Malayalam movie “Pani theeratha Veedu ” which featured Prem Nazeer and Nandita Bose as leads [Ashlok] with Prakash [Krish] . This is my and my mom’s favourite movie too. I have put some sort of changes to that one here according to characters.. I dedicate this to Jasmine Rahul who wished to read Ashlok story from me.