Shlok : Beta what are you saying ?

Meanwhile a car’s horn was heard.

Karan : My mom has arrived . I need to go.

Rajni comes down from car.

Karan : I was getting bored

Rajni : Beta I had some work. That’s why I came late.

Shlok : Mam, why you don’t allow him to enjoy the sports day ?

Rajni :Sir he doesn’t likes it. Infact he likes his study materials only.

Karan : Mom are you coming or not ?

Rajni : Yeah beta. Bye sir.

Shlok : Bye

Shlok felt strange.

After few days at Hindustan Times Office

Editor : This time we didn’t get the article from Aastha.

Rajni : Sir I will write soon .

Rajni goes to her seat and starts checking files.

“Excuse me.”

Rajni : Yes

Rajni was surprised to see Shlok.

Shlok : Mam you are working at this newspaper ?

Rajni : Yeah I am the proof reader here.

Shlok : Great. Actually I came here to give this

Shlok gives the photo of a girl.

Rajni : Who’s she ?

Shlok : She is my wife Nanditha. Tomorrow is her third death anniversary.

Rajni : I am sorry. Please keep it here. Photo will be on the orbituary column.

Meanwhile some one tells ; Aastha, editor sir is calling you.

Rajni : Yeah

Shlok : Aastha !! But aapka naam toh Rajni hey naa

Rajni smiles and gives him a news paper cutting.

Shlok : That means you are the one who writes novel at the sunday suppliment of this news paper . Aastha is your pen name .

Rajni : You are right Sir.

Shlok : Mam I never misses this novel. It’s so interesting.

Rajni ; I wish life also could be like that . But in reality it’s not much interesting.

They both look each other.

“Aastha ”

Rajni : Yeah I am coming.

Shlok : Okay Mam. Carry on with your work. Bye

Rajni : Bye

Next day Rajni looks the newspaper and finds the pic of Shlok’s wife. She looks at the pic of Krish too and feels sad.

Karan : I will be bored today as it’s sunday. There is no class.

Rajni : Beta can we go for an outing ?

Karan : Karenge kya hum Mom ? If dad was with us then it would have been better. But he ….

Rajni : Do you miss him ?

Karan : I will never cry as dad never likes crying. Why dad went inside water ? Why he became star at the sky ?

Karan was almost on the verge of tears . Rajni hugged him.

Rajni : Beta tum bahut samajhdhaar ho. Rona mat beta.

Karan : I will study very well. Because dad always wanted me to come class first. Mom aap chahe toh bahar jaayiye. I am going to study.

Rajni : Beta you have already revised your lessons, finished home work also. Beta you should keep yourself as relaxed also.

Karan : No mom. My priority is studies only. Now please don’t disturb me.

Karan goes to his room and starts studying. Rajni looks him