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Rajni was finding herself tough when Shlok hugged her emotionally. His tears were felling at her back neck and she was able to feel the pain. Slowly she too hugged him and closed her eyes. Meanwhile Sumitra and Karan arrives there sees this.

Karan ; Mom!!

Ashlok get back to their senses. Both of them released each other.

Shlok : I am really sorry .

Rajni : It’s okay.

Karan : Mom!!!

Rajni quickly went near Karan . Her eyes were down only as if she doesn’t wants to look Shlok’s face. Shlok felt mch embarrased after that moment.

Sumitra : Shlok beta

Shlok : I am sorry, trust me I didn’t hugged her intentionally Aunty. Whatever happened was ….I…

Sumitra : I can understand because I am not just her mother in law , I am her mother too. Even I was thinking when this moment will happen in Rajni’s life ?

Rajni : Maaji!!!!

Sumitra : Let me speak Rajni !! Something is in between you two which connects you together. Please try to see it.

Rajni : I don’t want to see anything. Karan chal beta.

Karan : But Mom I haven’t played yet with Sir. We will go later.

Rajni : Don’t you understand ? It’s enough for everything. There is no need of playing anymore.You have to finish your home work too.

Karan : I have already completed home work .

Rajni : And what about revising chapter ? Exams are arriving naa ?

Karan :But it’s on next month naa ?

Rajni : So you won’t study ? You will remain as a play boy only!! Won’t you ?

Karan : Mom !!!

Shlok : Stop bursting anger on your son , Rajni. I accept I have made you uncomfortable now . But please don’t scold Karan . It will hurt him.

Rajni’s eyes went teary.

Sumitra : Rajni!!

Rajni : Why you started calling me with my name ? I should never forget that I am your bahu, not beti.

Rajni ran away from there in tears.

Karan : Mom!!

Sumitra : Rajni!!

Rajni went to home and weeped before Krish’s wall pic

Rajni : Why you alone went to God’s paradise leaving me like these , Krish ? I never expected that the hands which hugged my one and only Krish are capable of hugging another man too!! I hate myself for doing this , I will burn my hands .

Rajni extended her palm towards the diya to burn, but suddenly some one held her hand from behind. It was none other than Akshara.

Rajni : Akshara !!

Akshara : Bhabhi please don’t hurt yourself by doing it.

Rajni : Leave me , Akshara . I have done a big mistake today .

Akshara : There was nothing wrong in that hug.

Rajni : Akshara !! How you came to know it ?

Akshara : Maa already told everything to me . Bhabhi the pain which you suffered is because of me only. To prove how much pure is a brother to his sister he sacrificed his own life and I can never forgive myself for doing that . But I really want to rectify my mistake . Vikram!!

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Vikram came forward with the baby

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Akshara called baby : Krish beta !! Soon the baby smiled.

Rajni was surprised.

Akshara : Krish bhai hasn’t went anywhere. His soul has came to another form and it’s my baby . I believe like that, bhabhi.

Rajni lifted the baby and kissed on baby’s forehead with teary eyes .

Vikram : We didn’t find any better name for the baby. Actually official naming ceremony hasn’t happened yet. But we already decided to name the baby as Krish only. Akshara has changed a lot , Bhabhi. She was feeling guity to face you , Aunty and Karan again. But after welcoming our first baby when we both decided to give name for baby as Krish I felt that we should visit home again. We are really sorry for all the bad happenings in your life. But I heard that now a days Karan became again the playful , active boy and even you too started smiling whole heartedly. Then why bhabhi you are blaming yourself ?

Akshara : Haan bhabhi !! That moment was not a mistake, it was a genuine feeling of heart. If Shlok Sir can share his pain with you and you can also share your pain with him then why don’t you both try to share everything with each other ?

Rajni bend at her own knees before the wall pic. She looked Krish’s face again. Meanwhile some one touched her shoulder from back. She turned back and find that it was Karan only.

Karan : If you feel sad then I will never play again with Shlok Sir. Please don’t cry Mom. Dad always said us to smile naa and it happened when the Magician Shlok Sir came to our life. Now magic is not with us and if you will cry then I will also cry.

Karan started weeping in tears .Rajni was unable to see little Karan’s tears. She hugged him tighly and patted his back.

Rajni : I am sorry beta. I thought about myself only.

Ved ; Bhabhi !! I don’t know whether I can call you at this word, but seeing you and bhaiya together my heart unknowingly felt I got my Priya bhabhi again. I know I have no rights to had any sort of dream like that . But please meet Shlok bhaiya. Bhaiya is unable to come inside after that moment. He feels so embarassed to face you. So he is standing near the gate .

Rajni : What ?

Sumitra : Rajni !!Beti he hurt Karan by saying that he can’t do any magic. He is going to resign the job in school because he feels that if he sees Karan again it will remind him the happenings which occured today. Our Karan has started to live his childhood to the fulliest just now . I beg you please don’t break it . I can’t see my grandson as shattered soul. Already I lost my son , I can’t bear any pain any more.

Rajni : Maaji!!

Rajni held her hand.

Rajni : Please don’t say like these. Maaji!!

Sumitra : Don’t call me Maaji, you are so rude towards your son . Can’t you see his tears ? And what you wants to convey Krish by burning your hand ? Krish will never accept those sort of dangerous deed, because you was his love. His soul will become happy only if his love should accept some one and move on. At least for Karan please accept Shlok. Please beti .

Rajni sat near Karan .

Rajni : Do you like Shlok Sir ?

Karan : I love him just like my dad. He is so cheerful like my dad.

Rajni : Will you be happy if you, dadi , Ved bhaiya , Kajal bhabhi , Mom and Shlok Sir living in one house ?

Karan : It will not happen naa Mom. Because you don’t like magic of Shlok Sir.

Rajni : And If I say I like that magic then will you bring Shlok Sir here ?

Karan gets excited .

Karan : Hurray, Mom maan gayi, Mom maan gayi. Shlok Sir!!

Karan rushed near the gate and hugged him.

Shlok : Karan !!

Karan : Mom wants to see you, Please come in.

Shlok : But Karan

Karan : Mom said that she likes magic.

Shlok : What ?

Karan : Come with me Sir.

Karan held Shlok’s hand and walked infront of him. Shlok followed him and they both goes inside the house .

Shlok : Rajni , I am sorry again.

Rajni : It’s over and you don’t need to say sorry at all. My son feels that you are like his dad Krish who makes him cheerful , your brother his fiancee, Maaji , my sister in law and her husband , every one feels that we should be together. I want to know what you feel ?

Shlok : I feels like you are my Priya . Because whenever I share things with you , you will listen it and same way whenever you shared your things with me I feels something special which I was able to feel with my wife Priya only. I won’t lie Rajni that time when I was missing Priya badly you came and touched my palm and I felt like I got a shoulder to share all my feelings and I just hugged you without a second thought.

Rajni : Will you do it again , Shlok ?

Shlok : Rajni !!

Rajni : I just want to know because not just in pains but in happiness also will you hug me always ? Say truth.

Shlok : Yes, because you are  Aastha. That Aastha whose wordings bought hopes to me , whose words healed my pains in my lonliness, who made me to smile again.

Rajni : I want to implement Aastha’s happiness in reality, Shlok as per your suggestion. Not just for Karan and all family but for myself , my Krish’s soul I want to live my life in a new way and I need you Shlok. I really need you .

Shlok : I too need you Rajni . Not just as Aastha but as Rajni. I need you as my Priya again, I need Karan who is like my baby Rakshita only . I really need you , Rajni.

Rajni : For that you need to do magic again , Shlok. Don’t bring tears on my Karan’s eyes. I can’t see it .

Shlok : I will surely do it .

Shlok went near Karan. He wiped Karan’s tears,Karan wiped Shlok’s tears too.

Karan : Promise me that now you will never stop doing magic.

Shlok : I promise beta . I will always do magic. Now tell me, What magic you want to see beta ?

Karan : I want to see star , because dadi says my dad has became a star. Will you bring star for me ?

Shlok nodded his head.

Karan closed his eyes. Shlok took a colour paper quickly and made a star .

Shlok : Now you can open your eyes Karan

Karan opened his eyes and gets happier to see the star

Karan : Wow it’s so beautiful.

Sumitra : Beta if Shlok Sir will stay with us he will do lot of magic like these every day . But for that you have to do one thing . You have to call him..

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Shlok interrupted Sumitra.

Shlok : We shouldn’t tell him in that way to call me that particular word. Ten years Krish was his world. No one can take that space. I will wait for the right time when he will call me that word.

Karan shows star to Puppy too. Puppy and Karan became happy and they started enjoying with each other.

Meanwhile Rajni and Shlok looked each other.

Rajni : Unless my son calls you that word I won’t say anything to you. I hope you understand me.

Shlok : Yeah , I can. But I need a promise.

Rajni ; Sure

Shlok ; Please don’t hurt yourself and your son too. You both are my life. And please continue Aastha’s novel too . Because that’s the way I can feel that you are with me always.

Rajni : I promise you this , Shlok.

They both held each other’s hand happily and share an eyelock.

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Kajal ; Unless bhaiya and bhabhi became one we also won’t take our bonding to next level.

Ved : Yeah Kajal. We will wait for all good happenings.

Rajni : But why ?

Kajal : Happiness should not be enjoyed alone , it should be a celebration with family. Please don’t refuse us.

Ved : Yeah bhabhi.


It was the death anniversary of Krish. All kept flowers before Krish’s pic. Karan looked Ashlok who were standing together.

Karan : Shlok Sir !! Can I ask you something ?

Shlok : Yeah Karan.

Karan : Two years back when I was kid you promised me that you will never stop doing magic.

Shlok : I do remember it.

Karan : I want to make it real. I am not a kid anymore and I have grown up little a bit to understand things.

Shlok : Beta!!

Karan : What dadi said , I understand it’s meaning , it’s depth purely now. If you are with me always I will never miss my Dad. Because you are that Magician who bought me back to my life. What all things I missed you made me to understand it . I would love to call you as Dad .

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Rajni : What you said beta ?

Karan : Mom I can read your eyes because I am your son. I  have grown up enough and it’s high time you both should spend time with each other . I really needs Dad and better than this magician who can be at that place, Mom ? You smiled again because of him , God has gifted him to us, Mom. I would love to call you both together Mom-Dad

Ashlok hugged Karan emotionally .

Shlok : Please say it again beta

Karan : Dad, I love you, Mom , I love you.

Ashlok : We love you too beta.

Sumitra smiled seeing the trio together smiled with teary eyes. After a week with Ashlok marriage, Kajal and Ved also got married.

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As Kajal said the moment was celebration for every one. Little Krish and Karan played and danced together. Akshara was guilt free seeing her bhabhi entering a new phase of life . Sumitra also felt happy to see the wedding of her duaghter. At the wedding night Ashlok sat together in bed.

Shlok : Are you happy now , Aastha ?

Rajni : Why you called me at that name now , Shlok ?

Shlok : Because I likes to call you in that way whenever you smiles . If you don’t like it then I will call you as Rajni only.

Rajni : I just love when you calls me Aastha. You don’t need to change it .

Shlok : You didn’t tell me , I am asking you because we never opened our feelings properly and got married now.

Rajni : But our hearts coneveyed everything even if we didn’t say those magical words. When memories comes to us we should learn to survive rather than staying as shattered. My next novel’s  quote is that one only .

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Shlok : I really want to hear it from you , Rajni.

Rajni : I love you just like the way I loved Krish.

Shlok : And I love you too just like the way I loved Priya.

Rajni ; What we liked each other is we never pretended anything. No one can take their places, but we both are bounded to love again.

Shlok : True Rajni, I will always stand with you at your sorrows and at your happiness

Rajni : Me too, Shlok.

Shlok kissed her forehead

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When the lights went off at the sky two stars were shining more beautiful. Karan watched them from his window and waved his hand.

Karan : I bought them together, Dad and Priya Aunty. I am very happy now.