Women’s thighs ‘responsible’ for ‘rising’ meat prices: Maulana’s statement stirs controversy | World News

A Maulana has courted controversy after he said that the women’s thighs are “responsible” for the rising meat prices in the country. Sadybakas Doolov, an award-winning Maulana from Kyrgyzstan, also called on elderly men to stop women from wearing skimpy outfits and to put an end to “this disgrace”.

“Do you know when meat prices go up in your town? It goes up when women’s flesh cheapens. Woman’s meat becomes cheap when she bares skin, exposes her thighs like a thumb,” Doolov was quoted as saying by a media website. 

He reportedly made the remarks while addressing a congregation in the city of Bishkek, earlier this month.

‘Discriminating’ statement

Meanwhile, Doolov’s remarks have drawn sharp criticism with several people saying that it is ‘discrimination’ against women. Many people also called for a probe.

The state-backed Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan (DUMK), however, said that Doolov’s speech was “misunderstood”.