Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Roohi Plans To Bring Rudraksh And Preesha In Front Of Each Other

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Armaan enjoys a drink with Digvijay and tells him that he feels happy as Pihu convinced Preesha to shift back to Mumbai tomorrow after watching Pihu’s play. Digvijay says Rudra’ cousin Vidyut is also participating in the play and if Rudra notices Preesha there, it would be a disaster for Armaan. Armaan gets tensed hearing that. Next morning, Rudra gets angry seeing Preesha’s dresses out of cupboard. He notices Roohi and asks what is she doing. She says she took the dresses out and asks him to wear his old dress for the play. He says he changed his style. She says she is missing mamma and wants him to wear mamma’s favorite hoodie like she is wearing mamma’s favorite dress. He agrees and goes to change the dress. Roohi thinks she is taking him to meet mamma. Rudra comes out and asks how is he looking. She says pretty like her and says let us go, silently says to meet mamma. Rudra gets a call from Oberoi.

Roohi reaches play venue and waits for Rudra. Sharda informs her that Rudra god some important call and cannot watch the play. Digvijay watches them from behind and thinks Armaan stopped Rudra at the right time. He recalls Armaan taking Oberoi’s help to stop Rudra from watching the play. He thinks he should inform Rudra that his plan worked. Armaan waits for Digvijay’s call. Preesha asks why is he taking time. He says he is waiting for an important call. He gets Digvijay’s call who informs that his plan worked and Oberoi is keeping Rudra busy in a meeting. He tells Preesha that they can go now.

Teacher shows Pihu the dress she will wear for the play and how it will work. Vidyut walks to Pihu and says she is more beautiful than real Juliet. Pihu gets angry on him and warns him to practice play dialogues. Vidyut’s friend taunts him that he has fallen in Pihu’s love. Vidyut thinks he is acting as falling in Pihu’s love to take revenge from her. He reveals his plan to spoil Pihu’s dress and humiliate her during the play. In the auditorium, Roohi blocks a seat for Rudra. Sharda says Rudra will not come. Roohi says what if papa comes. Digvijay walks in with Kanchan and seeing Saransh and Roohi sits in the background thinking they shouldn’t see Preesha. Preesha walks in with Armaan and sits with them. Roohi and Saransh notice Preesha and get happy.

Play starts. Vidyut and Pihu enact as Romeo and Juliet while Raj sings Pal Ek Pal.. song plays in the background. Everyone claps after the first part of play ends. Roohi notices Preesha with Armaan walking out and lying to Sharda that she is going to washroom goes out and meets Preeesha. Preesha asks what is she doing here. Roohi says her chachu/uncle is acting in a play and asks if she can buy her popcorn. Preesha agrees. Armaan gets angry and this he needs to stop Roohi from meeting Preesha again and takes Preesha back to auditorium. Roohi thinks she needs to call Rudra here somehow, video calls him via Raj’s phone, and acting as ill requests him to come there and pick her up. Rudra leaves the meeting with Oberoi. Oberoi informs Armaan about it. Armaan walks out and learning Roohi’s plan abduts her from behind and locks her in a room thinking he will take Preesha out before Rudra reaches there.

Precap: Roohi knocks door and seeks help. Preesha gets her out. Roohi requests her to meet her papa and takes her to meet Rudra.