Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Roohi Upset With Preesha’s Ignorance

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Pihu walks on a street lost in her mobile when a thief tries to snatch her bag. She resists. He tries to strangulate her. Vidyut reaches there and rescues her from the thief. He helps her pick her bag and asks if she is fine. She nods yes and coughs. He offers her water and asks her to take care of herself as its Delhi and not her hometown. She nods okay. He offers her lift till her house. She says he is trying to help her to hide his mistake and refuses his help. He drives away saying she can do whatever she wants to.

Sharda takes Roohi to Copola Hotel’s icecream parlor. Rudra with Vanshika spies on them. Vanshika asks why are they here. He informs that he is spying on Roohi as she and Saransh had visited Copola hotel yesterday and he wants to know what is up to. Roohi eagerly waits for Preesha and notices her passing by with Pihu. She tells Sharda that she is going to washroom and leaves behind Preesha. Rudra notices that and asks Sharda where did Roohi go. Sharda says she wanted to go to washroom and sks him to go and check. Rudra follows Roohi and notices her going out of hotel. Fans throng him for a selfie.

Preesha wlaks towards a parking lot when she gets Arman’s call and informs him that she is going for shopping with Pihu. Roohi calls her mamma from behind. Tere Laad Ki Mai Chodhungi Na Tera Haath.. song plays in the background. Preesha turns and notices a girl extending her hands towards her. Pihu alerts her and says they are getting late. Preesha leaves in her car. Roohi stands heartbroken and thinks why didn’t mamma acted as not knowing her at all.

Rudraksh is shocked to notice Armaan in the hotel and thinks when did he return to Delhi, he went missing after Preesha went missing, if he is behind Preesha’s disappearance. He follows Armaan and notices him getting a staff room. Hotel staff stops him, but he threatens staff and enters the room to find no one there. He walks out when Sharda asks about Roohi. They both rush out searching for Roohi. Armaan hides and thanks god that he saw Rudra following him and escaped on time. Rudra notcies Roohi in parking lot and asks what is she doing here. Roohi asks what is he doing here. He says he had a meeting. Roohi says she saw her friend and her parents, so she came here. Rudra says she should have informed Sharda or Vanshika instead of going out alone. Roohi apologizes.

Rudra returns to hotel reception and asks receptionist about Armaan’s room number. Receptionist hesitates at first, but then checks register and informs that there is no guest staying here named Armaan Thakur. Rudra thinks Armaan must be staying in some other hotel and leaves after getting Sharda’s call. Armaan thinks it’s not easy to find him and recalls noticing Rudra following him and hiding and bribing receptionist to lie that he is not staying here. He thinks he should leave Delhi with Preesha before Rudra starts his investigation.

Rudra returns home and instructs Roohi that she and Saransh will not go anywhere without informing him. Vanshika informs him that he needs to attend Oberoi’s party. He refuses and asks her to cancel today’s meetings. She says she can’t, but says its her boss’ order. Sharda asks Vanshika not to feel bad about Rudra’s behavior as she knows how he is nowadays. Vanshika says she didn’t and leaves. Sharda thinks Rudra is not fine without Preesha and thinks where is Preesha now.

Precap: Preesha informs Pihu that she felt connected to that girl. Roohi describes Saransh how Preesha ignored her. Rudra’s private investigator informs him that Armaan is staying in Copola Hotel and there is one way to reach him. Rudra attends party wearing a mask.