Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudrakash Plans to Spy On Armaan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Pihu informs Preesha about a thief trying to snatch her bag and Vidyut saving her on time. Preesha gets concerned and asks if she is fine. Pihu says she is fine, luckily Vidyut saved her, she felt as if he was trying to impress her, but she told him that she hasn’t forgiven him yet. Preesha says Pihu will not go to college alone. Pihu asks her to chill as its a small incident and reminds that they are going for a shopping. Preesha says they will discuss about it. Pihu says okay SIL, love you SIL. Preesha says she felt someone used to say her same.

Roohi returns home sady and informs Saransh that she saw mamma. Saransh happily hugs her and asks where did she see mamma. Roohi says outside the hotel. Preesha informs Pihu that she saw a girl outside the hotel and felt she is related to her. Roohi cries telling Saransh that mamma was right in front of her and even looked at her, but acted as if she doesn’t know her. Preesha tells Pihu that she felt as if she knows the girl and she is part of her life and miss her unknowingly. She says the girl was looking at her, and she feels as if she saw her dear one after a long time. Pihu says that is because she is too good. Roohi says mamma didn’t hug her or even reacted, did mamma forgot her.

Saransh asks her to stop crying and says mamma must not have seen her between the crowd or else she would have identified her. He says they will go tomorrow to meet mamma. Roohi says papa ordered not to go out uninformed and instructed even driver not to take them out. She says even if they go there, receptionist will not let them meet mamma. He asks how will they meet mamma then. She recalls Preesha talking about attending a party at SR Purple Regency Hotel. They both plan to meet Preesha there.

Rudra scolds his private investigator for failing to locate Preesha. PI says he tried his best but couldn’t find her anywhere. Rudra asks what about hospital CCTV footage. PI says they didn’t find any clue in the footage. Rudra says they will now as he saw Armaan after a year and he is sure he is behind Preesha going missing. PI asks why does he think so. Rudra says because Armaan madly loves Preesha and had come back to Delhi lying that her has terminal illness and is dying, but today he saw him healthy. He asks PI to find ot Armaan’s details.

Armaan informs Digvijay about Rudra seeing him at the hotel and says they should return to Mumbai tomorrow and try to convince Preesha. Preesha returns home with Pihu and Kanchan and asks why he looks upset. He says this business is suffering in Mumbai and hence they need to return to Mumbai tomorrow after dropping Pihu to college. Preesha says she will not leave Pihu alone as she was attacked today.

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