Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Saaransh and Roohi Spy on Pihu

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Arman offers spiked water to Preesha and asks her not to forget taking her medicine. She thanks him. He leaves the room. She feels restless, thinks she felt peace when she had a tea at a roadside stall that day, and decides to visit the stall again. Rudra drinks alcohol recalling the quality moments spent with Preesha. He misses her and feels she is around him, thinks where should he find her. He calls private investigator/PI and finds his number still switched off. He thinks he should go out to the tea stall for the peace of mind.

Rudra visits the roadside tea stal. Stall owner interacts with him and offers him tea. Main Jahan Rahoon.. song plays in the background. Preesha visits the stall next and sits on the bench beside him. Stall owner offers them nankhatai/biscuits. They both put their hands in the bottle at once and feel each other’s presence. Rudra thinks he touched Preesha and turns, but doesn’t find anyone. He notices Armaan calling Preesha’s name, runs to him, and holding his collar asks where is Preesha. Armaan says he saw Preesha sitting behind him. Rudra asks stall owner if he saw a lady behind him. Owner says a lady was sitting behind him since long. Armaan maybe or many not be he saw Preesha and he himself is searching for her since long

Rudra warns him to stop playing games with him and says whenever he learns that he is behind Preesha’s going missing, he will not spare him. Armaan thinks he will not let Rudra find out Preesha. He recalls finding Preesha not having spiked water and getting tensed thinking she will get back her memory. He with Digvijay searches for Preesha via mobile tracker and reaches the tea stall. Digvijay gets shocked seeing Preesha and Rudra sitting very close to each other and takes Preesha from there. She asks reason. He gives a weird reason and takes her back. Armaan thinks he purposefully took Preesha’s name to divert Rudra’s attention.

Saransh and Roohi deflate their car tyre purposefully and request Vidyut to drop them to school. Vidyut says he will drop them only for today and takes them along. Saransh acts as getting a call that the school is canceled today due to the bomb threat in their school. Vidyut says he will inform Rudra about it. Saransh stops him and says Rudra will be tensed unnecessarily. Roohi insists Digvijay to show them his college. Digvijay says its a college and not bird sanctuary. Roohi acts as feeling disheartened and crying. Raj agrees to take them on a college tour. Vidyut asks them to be with Raj and never come near him.

After reaching college, Vidyut leaves for auditorium for drama practice. Saransh and Roohi ask Raj to attend his classes while they go on his college sightseeing. Raj agrees and leaves asking them to call him if they need anything. They both peep into the auditorium to meet Pihu. Pihu with Vidyut practices her play and delivers her dialogues. Vidyut acts lost in her eyes and flirts with her while she gets angry. They think of meeting Pihu to find out about Preesha.

Precap: Rudra and Preesha have chat at a chat stall separately in their cars. Later, Rudra learns from Vidyut about Saransh and Roohi missing school due to bomb threat at school. Roohi acts as unconscious and Saransh seeks Preesha’s help to shave Roohi. Roohi wakes up Roohi and asks if she is fine. Roohi calls her mamma.