Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Saransh And Roohi Sneak Into Pihu’s Car

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Kanchan notices Preesha doing household chores and asks her to not do it at least in Delhi and enjoy the city first. She takes her out to have chat. Preesha messages Pihu. Play director likes Pihu and Vidyut’s performance and says they willdo the remaining rehearsals tomorrow. Pihu ignores Vidyut while he tries to talk to her and leaves seeing Preesha’s message. Saransh and Roohi hide in her car’s dickie. Kanchan takes Preesha to the chat stall. Preesha says Pihu will also reach here in some time and orders a spicy chat.

Vanshika stops her car there to have chat with Rudra. Rudra recalls the moments spent with Preesha at the chat corner. Teri Galiyaan.. song plays in the background. Vanskhika says she is feeling hungry and insists him to have chat wit him. He agrees and asks her to order a sweet chat and not spicy. Vanshika orders and returns to the car. Chat vendor replaces Preesha’s chat with Rudra. Preesha says its a sweet chat and says how the person who is having her chat must be feeling after having spicy chat. Rudra gets angry having a spicy chat and gets out of car to scold the vendor. Kanchan goes to replace Preesha’s chat and notice him. Vendor apologizes them and replaces their chat.

Pihu reaches there. Rudra thinks why he bumps on this family often. Saransh with Roohi gets out of Pihu’s car dickie and gets happy seeing Preesha’s car. They both get into the dickie thinking they can find out Preesha’s house location and even meet her. They both then get afraid seeing Vanshika in the opposite car. Vanshika asks them what are they doing in that car’s dickie. They signal her not to inform Rudra. She thinks how can she hide it from Rudra, but then thinks she needs to know what the kids are up to. Rudra gets back into his car and tells Vanshika that she was right that his chat was replaced with someone’s chat. Vanshika prays god to forgive her for not informing Rudra about Roohi and Saransh and drives car away. Roohi tells Saransh that Vanshika is her friend and will not tell Rudra as she helped her many times before.

Pihu asks Kanchan what was Rudra doing here. Kanchan explains that his chat got mixed up with their chat. Pihu asks why he bumps on them often. Kanchan asks her not to take Rudra’s name as Preesha will panic hearing his name. Preesha walks to them and asks what are they talking about. Pihu says about chat. They leave. Saransh gets out of car’s dickie leaving Roohi in dickie to search for Preesha. Pihu informs Kanchan about her role as Juliet in a play and Vidyut as Romeo. Preesha says she will visit Vidyut’s house if he troubles Pihu again. Pihu thanks god that Preesha doesn’t know that Vidyut is Rudra’s brother and says she knows to handle Vidyut now. Once they leave, Saransh enters house via window and finds no one there.

Vanshika drops Rudra home and asks Sharda about Saransh and Roohi. Sharda says they are at school practicing for interstate competition. Vanshika thinks they both were in car’s dickie. Vidyut and Raj return and inform that Roohi and Saransh didn’t attend school as there was a bomb threat at school. Rudra asks what does he mean. Vidyut says Saransh got principal’s call about the threat. Rudra calls principal who says there was no bomb threat and school worked normally today. Rudra informs family that Saransh lied to them and asks Vidyut to tell him the whole story in detail. Vidyat explains him about the morning incident in detail. He scolds Raj for supporting kids. Rudra says they both lied to even Raj and he should find out the reason behind. Vidyut informs about his play with Pihu. Rudra says he bumped on Pihu at the chat corner. Vanshika realizes that the kids went in Pihu’s car dickie. Rudra gets worried for them.

Precap: Saransh pleads Preesha to help him as his sister fell unconscious. Preesha accompanies him and finds Roohi unconscious in car’s dickie. Vanshika informs Rudra about children’s location. Saransh confronts Armaan for separating their parents often. Armaan says he will drop them to their parents and head towards car when Rudra reaches there.