Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan Manipulates Saransh And Roohi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Armaan lies to Saransh and Roohi that doctors told that Preesha cannot bear any more mental or physical trauma and hence Preesha forgot her past and doesn’t want to remember it. He says he as Preesha’s friend couldn’t see her in pain and took care of her. He thinks he has to lie or else they will inform Rudra about it. Saransh says now they will take Preesha home and take care of her. Armaan says they can’t do that or else Preesha will die. Saransh warns him not to say that or else it wouldn’t be good for him. Armaan says Preesha gets a panic attack if she sees Rudra’s photo or hears his voice. Kids refuse to believe him. He says he will demonstrate them, but they shouldn’t blame him if something happens to Preesha.

Rudra heads towards Armaan’s house and gets angry on Vanshika for hiding about children’s plan and asks her to pray for children’s safety or else he will not spare her. Vanshika prays god not to punish children for her mistake. Armaan takes Saransh and Roohi to Preesha. Preesha asks if they spoke to their mamma. Roohi says mamma is in front of her. Armaan says they mean the spoke to their mamma via video call. Preesha asks kids why they are crying. Armaan plays Rudra’s one-time wonder song Tu Mile Jahan. Preesha gets a panic attack recalling Rudra’s torture in the background. Armaan stops song and tells kids that Preesha gets an attack hearing Rudra’s voice, what will happen if she sees Rudra.

Pihu walks in and asks what happened to SIL. Armaan says she got an attack when he by mistake played Rudra’s song on FM and goes to get medicine. Roohi calms down Preesha holding her face and saying I love you mamma. Armaan returns and thinks he cannot let the kids connected to Preesha and feeds medicine spoked water to Preesha. Roohi asks Preesha if she is fine. Roohi say she is and says she should have taken care of Roohi instead, says Roohi’s mamma is lucky to have a daughter like her. Roohi asks her to return home as she and Saransh miss her a lot. Preesha asks why is she saying so. Armaan says looks like Roohi is missing her mamma and takes kids away asking Preesha to rest.

Armaan frightens Roohi for repeatedly calling Preesha as mamma and says they saw how Preesha panicked hearing Rudra’s song. He warns her not to inform Rudra about Preesha even by mistake or else Preesha will die. He takes them towards car when Rudra reaches there and hugs his children. Preesha finds Roohi’s bracelet and thinks of returning it to her. Rudra scolds children. Vanshika says she will never listen to the kids again. Digvijay notices Preesha and asks where is she going. Preesha says to return Roohi’s bracelet. Digvijay asks her to rest and sends Pihu to return Roohi’s bracelet. He thinks Preesha shouldn’t know about her children.

Rudra insists Saransh and Roohi to tell him why they came here hiding in Pihu’s car dickie. Armaan fears that his game will end if kids inform Rudra about Preesha. Saransh says they were going to his friend’s house and hid in a dickie as Rudra ordered driver not to let them out without his permission. Pihu returns Roohi’s bracelet and returns their school bags. Rudra tells Vanshika that he is sure kids are lying and hiding something from him, he will find it out for sure. Kids leave with Rudra and Vanshika. Pihu asks what was Rudra doing here and why was he calling Saransh and Roohi as his children. Armaan lies that kids are Rudra’s elder brother’s children and he is their caretaker who is very strict on the kids and hence they lied to him, Rudra tortured Preesha earlier and now kids. He says he is worried for Preesha now and asks her to speak to Preesha and convince her to shift back to Mumbai with him. She agrees.

After returning home, Saransh tells Roohi that they will not inform about Preesha to Rudra as he is responsible for Preesha’s condition. Roohi says papa and mamma love each other immensely and even if they fight, they reunite always. She says only papa can get mamma well, so she will inform papa about mamma. Saransh gives his promise and says he will die if she informs Rudra about mamma. Rudra enters and asks what is he forcing Roohi to hide.

Precap: Saransh tells Rudra that he cannot force him as he is not his real father. Preesha feels connected to Roohi and prays at the temple.
Rudra reaches same temple and prays god to return Preesha to him. He notices Preesha.