Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra And Preesha Visit The Same Temple

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Saransh warns Roohi not to inform about Preesha at Armaan’s house to Rudra or else he will not talk to her. Rudra enters and asks what is he hiding and doesn’t want Roohi to reveal it to him. Saransh asks why should he as he is no one to him. Rudra says whether Saransh believes or not, he is Saransh’s father and says he knows Saransh went Pihu with some other reason. He asks Roohi to tell what they are hiding. Saransh gets tensed thinking Roohi will reveal truth, warns Rudra not to touch his sister and says maybe his father legally but not a biological father. He says the whole property is in his name and Rudra doesn’t have any right to question him and if he forces them, they will not stay with him like mamma.

Armaan offers medicine to Preesha. Preesha says she wants to go out. Armaan says she looks tired and should rest at home. She says she will have the medicine later. He leaves asking her to have it without fail. Roohi’s face flashes in Preesha’s eyes and she thinks why she is concerned for that girl. She decides to go out. Driver says Armaan ordered not to let her go out. She says she will go by walk then and leaves house.

Rudra misses Preesha recalling their quality moment together and goes on a long drive. He thinks he doesn’t now how to handle Saransh and needs Preesha back. Preesha notices a temple and walks in to find some peace. Rudra also stops his car seeing a temple and walks in thinking same. Preesha closes her eyes while praying and Roohi’s face flashes in front of her eyes. She thinks who is that girl who calmed her down when she got a panic attack. Rudra stands behind her and thinks if Preesha was here, everything would have been fine. He prrays god to send back Preesha to him. Armaan thinks if Preesha doesn’t have her medicine, her memory will be back. He walks t her room and doesn’t find her there. He finds unconsumed medicine there and questions driver if Preesha had come. Driver uniforms that Preesha went out alone by walk. Armaan thinks how to stop her from meeting Rudra and leaves in his car.

After prayers, Rudra and Preesha walk behind each other without noticing each other. They wear their footwear and are about to notice each other when someone asks to take out the wrongly parked car. Rudra gets into his car and drives it away. Armaan gets out of his hiding and recalls getting tensed noting Rudra and Preesha about to notice each other and throwing a stone on Rudra’s car to activate alarm sound and send Rudra from there. He walks to Preesha. Preesha gets angry on him for trying to control her life and says she is not his servant that h e controls her. He says let us go home. She says she will go back walking and reaches home. Armaan tries to calm her down. Preesha says she is not his puppet to obey his every order and walks to her room.

Pihu noticing them and asks Armaan if they both fought. Armaan says they fought and says Preesha went out without informing him and Rudra was about to see her, he managed bringing back Preesha with great difficulty. He blames Pihu that because of her adamancy, they had to stay in Delhi. He reminds her promise to convince Preesha to shift back to Mumbai. Pihu goes to talk to Preesha. At Rudra’s house, Roohi insists to watch Vidyut’s play rehearsal. Vidyut agrees after a bit of hesitation. Roohi thinks she is going to meet Pihu via whom she will meet Preesha again. Pihu walks to Preesha and tells her that whatever Armaan does is for her good and he just is protecting her from Rudra. She suggests her to return back to Mumbai as she is settled in Delhi now. Preesha agrees and says she will go after watching Pihu’s play. Armaan hearing their conversation feels happy that finally he is out of Rudra’s fear.

Precap: Roohi insists Rudra to wear his old dress to watch the drama. She then takes Preesha to meet her papa. Rudra stands stunned seeing Preesha.