Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi goes for a MRI test

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Abhi recalling Manjiri and crying. Akshu looks on. Manjiri comes to him. She hugs him and cries. he says I have seen you tolerating since childhood, you never told anything to him. He consoles her. Akshu cries seeing them cry, and leaves. Akshu says they are really worried, I have to balance them and others also, it won’t be easy. Akshu sings the aarti. Manjiri cries and sings along. Abhi looks on and comes to join. Manish and Akhilesh tell Aarohi about the guy, he is a surgeon in London. Aarohi says I don’t want to marry. Akhilesh says meet him once. Dadi asks them to see some alliance that’s close to them. Aarohi says I don’t want to go anywhere. Vansh says I saw his profile, he is just like Abhimanyu. Aarohi checks the profile and says impressive. She recalls Abhi’s words. She says fine, I will meet him, why are you surprised. They all smile and agree. She thinks I want someone better than Abhi.

Abhi says I m sorry, I know some of you are upset that I asked Harsh to leave and he left, hence fair, I didn’t say wrong, my mum gave her entire life to this house, she doesn’t need to go. Neil says you are right, she won’t go anywhere. Anand says Harsh is your dad, he is already punished, he lost his chair and got divorced also, its not right that he left the house, he is my brother, he is my responsibility, divorce doesn’t happen in blood relations. Akshu asks Manjiri to sit, its her responsibility from now on. Abhi smiles and serves the food to Manjiri. Anand says we have to clear our image soon, we have many surgeries lined up. Abhi says plan my surgeries also in a few days, till then I will handle OPD. Akshu says you want to go to your first love soon. Anand asks Mahima and Abhi to check the files. He says we are retaining the interns and giving them permanent jobs. Abhi says it will be right if you have selected. Anand says Aarohi is intelligent and hardworking, I think she deserves it. Abhi says yes, I m not refusing, she deserves it. He feels pain in his hand. He thinks Akshu will worry if I tell her. Akshu asks can I give this news to Aarohi. Anand says sure. Abhi messages Rohan… book a MRI for me, no need to tell anyone.

Aarohi comes running to everyone. They bless her and ask the reason for her happiness. She says I got a promotion. They all congratulate her. Aarohi says I have become a permanent doctor in Birla hospital, Akshu called me and said we will celebrate. She cries. Kairav says we are proud of you. He hugs her. Vansh asks her to celebrate, she is the first surgeon of their family. They all dance. Aarohi says personal and professional, I will become better than you two, Abhi and Akshu.

Abhi goes for the MRI. Rohan asks did anything happen to your hand. Akshu looks for Abhi. She says he is workaholic, also Aarohi is the same, she has no time for me. Abhi says I have slight pain. Rohan says I told you, we can’t ignore the pain, its okay, its not late, hands are imp for a surgeon, like a voice is imp for a singer and legs for an athlete. Akshu asks for Abhi. The ward boy says he went towards the MRI room. Abhi says it won’t be serious. Rohan says we will see, remove your watch and rings, I will just come. Abhi recalls the fire incident. Akshu asks Rohan is Abhi inside. Rohan says yes, he is busy in consultation. She asks him to give medicines to Abhi. He thinks sorry, Sir asked me not to say anything to anyone. Abhi enters the MRI room.

Aarohi says I have worked hard for this position, its not easy. The guy asks why didn’t I get this position. Aarohi says I don’t know, competition is tough when I m around, wow, my friend has put a story, how sweet. Nurse gives her Vihaan’s file and asks her to give the injection. Aarohi drops the file. She checks it and asks the medicine. Nurse asks this one? Confirm it with Abhi once. Aarohi says come with me. She goes to the boy and injects him. Akshu comes to wish her. Aarohi says I got my due. Akshu asks how will we celebrate, Abhi praised you. Aarohi asks really. Akshu says he always praises when its genuine, will you join me for lunch. Aarohi says no, I have work. Akshu goes. Aarohi says I m the best, I deserve it, I want them to give me promotion letter soon. The boy is seen feeling uneasy. Abhi recalls Rohan’s words. Akshu comes to Abhi. He checks his phone. She asks where are your rings. He gets the rings from his pocket and wears it. She asks where is your engagement ring. He recalls forgetting it in the MRI room. He thinks it fell down in a hurry.

The boy’s parents scold Abhi and ask how can you be so careless. Aarohi thinks I have given the wrong injection. Akshu says the boy’s life fell in danger because of you.