Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarohi’s medical negligence

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Akshu asking about the ring. Abhi says outside OT. She says you had no surgery today. He says I went to OT to monitor someone, its our hospital, things won’t get misplaced. He thinks to go and see. She says if you are thinking, how will I react if you don’t get the ring, then its right, I will not leave you. He says your things and you won’t get away from me, okay. Aarohi says Abhi has scolded me a lot, I will become number one and show him now, I will beat your records. The boy Vihaan gets unwell. Nurse worries and goes to tell Abhi. Abhi says I will go now, thanks. He goes. Ward boy comes to give Abhi’s ring. Akshu asks did you get this outside the OT room. Ward boy says no, in the MRI room, he might have removed this before the test. She says why didn’t Abhi tell me about his MRI. Abhi asks did my reports come. Rohan says not yet. Nurse comes and tells about Vihaan. Abhi says I just checked him. Suwarna says you are worried for Aarohi. Kairav says yes, how shall I say it. She asks him to say. He says Aarohi is not over Abhi, she compares every guy with Abhi, Aarohi gives me a reason to confirm this thought, her habit of competition scares me, it will be her loss. Abhi checks Vihaan. The couple gets angry on Abhi and ask what happened to the boy. Aarohi looks on and thinks I have given the wrong injection. He cries.

The man says I will call the police, I don’t want this doctor to treat my son. Aarohi worries and runs away. She collides with Akshu. Akshu drops the ring. She picks it and says what happened, we would have got hurt, are you okay. Aarohi goes. Akshu hears the nurses talking about the patient. Suwarna talks about the guy. Kairav recalls Aarohi’s words. She says we found that guy, don’t you want Aarohi to get married. He says I want her to marry by her wish, not to compete with Akshu and Abhi. Suwarna says I will talk to her, she is busy in her promotion. They say we want both of them to stay happy. Akshu sees the couple scolding Abhi. Abhi says I m really sorry, we will find out who made the mistake, please let me treat the boy. The man says don’t dare to touch him, I will call another doctor. Abhi says we have no time. Rohan says let Abhi treat him. The man threatens of police. Abhi says I will handover the case when the other doctor comes. A man records the video and argues. Anand and Neil come. Anand defends Abhi. Neil asks everyone to go, just patient’s parents can stay back. The people argue. Nurse asks Akshu not to go there. Akshu calls the security and asks for some guards to control the situation. Abhi says don’t leave me, fine, let me go and treat him, trust me, I won’t let anything happen to your son. Akshu signs Abhi. She says Abhi can’t do wrong, especially with a kid, who did this. Neil asks Akshu to go. Akshu says I can stand here for Abhi. He says these people can do anything in anger, please go, its for safety. Aarohi cries. Abhi says Vihaan’s injection was due, who gave the injection. Nurse says sister Meena. Abhi says call her. Aarohi sees Meena going. Abhi asks Rohan to start the OT. Aarohi says you won’t tell anyone that I gave the injection to Vihaan. Meena asks why, you gave it. Aarohi says its your mistake. Meena says its your mistake. Aarohi says you had a responsibility to tell me about his drug allergy. Meena says it was written in the file, you were busy on the phone. Aarohi scolds her. She says if my name comes, then your job won’t get saved, just keep your mouth shut. She goes to drink some water. She sees Akshu there. Abhi operates Vihaan.

Akshu asks are you responsible for that boy’s condition. Aarohi asks her to listen. Abhi injects the boy. Akshu says I didn’t expect this from you. Aarohi says listen to me once. Akshu says I won’t get convinced, its about someone’s life. Aarohi says mistakes happen by people. Akshu says we are not kids, this is serious, you were asking the nurse to lie. Aarohi says don’t do this. Akshu says I m going to tell everyone. Aarohi says my career will be ruined. Akshu says its not imp than someone’s life. Abhi sees the flat lines on the ecg machine and cries. Akshu says Abhi is serious about his work, he values people’s lives, he feels blessed, he is a sincere doctor, he is falsely accused, you are still silent, how can you be so selfish. Aarohi says its self defence, they will take strict action on me, Abhi is the hospital owner, nothing will happen to him, you are my sister, think of me once. She cries. Abhi tries to revive the boy. Aarohi says I m sure that Abhi will save that boy’s life, my life will be ruined, my career and hardwork of many years will be ruined. Akshu says leave my hand, I don’t want to listen. Aarohi says you can’t do this. Akshu scolds her. Aarohi begs Akshu. She says I m not careless, I didn’t do this intentionally, don’t punish me. Akshu says it’s a crime to hide a crime, when its about someone’s life, you had to save yourself and your career, not that boy. Aarohi says no, I was scared, I thought they will kill me, I didn’t do this intentionally, I swear, such mistake won’t happen again, I was planning a party with my friends and missed about the boy’s allergy, please save me.

Abhi says sister Meena can tell us the truth. Akshu brings Aarohi and says Aarohi gave the wrong injection to the boy.