Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarohi has an evil motive

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Akshu saying thanks to Kanha ji for this trust, you will get fine soon. She cheers up Abhi. Abhi says I will make you a professional. She says no, I will faint if you say anything. He says I have to make this turn true. She says we have to do this. She makes a black beads string and ties it to his hand. Life is beautiful….plays… He asks her to go and give courage to Manjiri. She says Aarohi gets the credit for saving you, I will never forget her favor, you take rest, I will just come.

Neil comes to Aarohi and gives a cup of coffee. He says thanks for saving Abhi’s life. Akshu comes downstairs. Kairav asks how is Abhi. She says better. Harsh asks is he resting. She says he is going to sleep, he doesn’t have any pain. She goes to Aarohi and hugs. She says thanks, you have saved my life along with Abhi. Aarohi says its okay. Akshu says you have saved Abhi, thanks for understanding, it was about profession, this is about family. Aarohi says we are sisters, it’s a fact, this will never change, we have always fought, still we are together, life always brings us together. Akshu says definitely, we have a blood relation, we just want good for each other, you said I have no career, but it encouraged me to go for audition, I got motivation, I feel proud, when I become something, I will thank you. Kairav asks Dadi to see them. Akshu says I wish Abhi gets fine soon, then I will start my career again. Aarohi says you are with him, he will be fine, all the best. She gets Rudra’s call.
Akshu goes to Manjiri. Aarohi says so many degrees, awards and medals, so impressive, I will compete and surpass you, you will get many challenges, just not professionally but in personal life also, Akshu and Abhi ruined my career, I will bring many problems in your lives, I can do what I want. Akshu consoles Manjiri.

Manjiri asks how do you get this courage. Akshu says love, it becomes our weakness and sometimes our strength, you have to become Abhi and my strength. Manjiri nods. Aarohi says you banned my license for a year, you can’t live in peace, I will break your confidence, marriage, career and relations, breakup of Abhira will happen. Abhi comes downstairs. Parth asks why did you come downstairs. Manish asks Abhi to take rest. Akshu says he is okay, so he came downstairs, we don’t need to get scared if we have medicine and faith. Manjiri says yes, Abhi has earned many prayers, so he got saved from a big accident. Mahima asks Anand why didn’t he tell her. He says I was waiting for the right time. She asks seriously, this wasn’t any budget election. Abhi sees Harsh.

Anand says I had called Harsh for a talk, but I couldn’t talk due to this accident. Abhi says its okay, I have no problem if he meets the family. Harsh smiles. Abhi thanks Aarohi. Aarohi says welcome. She thinks all the best for what is going to happen now. Akshu makes coffee for Abhi. She asks him to trust himself. He lifts the coffee cup. His hand shakes. He drinks the coffee and smiles. Akshu asks him to feed her also. He keeps the cup and says coffee is hot, it may fall down. Ek pyaar ka nagma…plays… She says I won’t let it fall. He feeds her the coffee. Manjiri smiles seeing them.

Dadi says Guru ji will do the havan for Abhi and send the Raksha kawach. Akhilesh says I will talk to my surgeon friend in the UK. Manish says Akshu said right, medicine and faith can do wonders. Vansh says we all will support Akshu in faith, Anand will see the medicine. Kairav hugs Aarohi and says she is a good person, a good doctor, she saves lives, I don’t know who is that who gets angry. Vansh says its her twin sister who comes out of her to get fresh air. Kairav says we just want this Aarohi.

Its morning, Akshu wakes up. She sees Abhi moving his hand and exercising. She cries. He greets her as his courage. She greets him as her fate. She jokes and says I will make the girls away who think of getting close to you. He says you should have thought this before marrying me. She gets a call. She says Neil told me, seniors used to sit in your class for your sake, you were hot. He asks are you jealous. She says no, I m understanding. He says when any female patient comes, her heartbeat changes after coming to my cabin, get clothes for me, make me look so hot that everyone likes me, I will tell Rohan that my wife is so understanding that I will just check female patients, I will just do their surgeries. She turns and cries.

Aarohi says its good when you meet someone with whom your interests match. Akshu talks to some guy. She stumbles. Abhi and that guy hold her hand. Aarohi says thank God Shashi, you saved her, else she would have got much hurt.