Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi loses hopes

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Abhi saying I will not listen to you. Akshu says keep your attitude to yourself, try to understand, who said I m giving a sacrifice, I have changed my priority list, I have just kept the dreams active aside, we should focus on your health first, a surgeon’s hand is like Lord’s hand. He says a singer’s voice is Lord’s blessing. She says I promise I won’t compromise my practice, I will learn new singing styles, I will spend time for you, I will make kada for you and also keep warm water for my gargle, I promise. He hugs her. Jaaniye…plays…. She asks him to forget this.

Dadi says we will keep a grah shanti puja, so many things happened, Abhi got hurt, Aarohi’s alliance broke. Manish says Kairav and Vansh’s alliance talks are also not happening. Suwarna says we should ask Kairav to talk to Anisha. Kairav comes. She asks did you talk to Anisha. Manish says we are not trying to pressurize you, there is an age of marriage, you should get married. Kairav says I m not clear about Anisha and my relation. He goes. Akhilesh asks what’s this. Manish says he also looks confused.

Manjiri asks did you talk to the doctor, Abhi should get fine. Mahima says we understand, we are also parents. Anand says I found a doctor, his success rate is 100%, he is called Dr. Miracle, I read an article about him, he is very intelligent, Dr. Kunal Khera. Abhi says I also heard his name. Manjiri asks when can we meet him. Anand says I didn’t talk to him, because he isn’t performing surgeries. Abhi asks now or forever. Anand says I think forever. Abhi worries. Akshu asks can’t he take one case. Anand says there is no hope, maybe he has some personal reason. Mahima says we don’t know his reason. Akshu says sometimes, a little thing becomes a big reason, maybe Abhi’s treatment becomes a reason for his comeback. Anand says there should be big reason to change his decision. Akshu says we can’t leave hope, fix a meeting. Abhi says its okay, thanks. He goes. Anand says we will find some way. Mahima asks about the other doctor. Anand says lets hope we get a good news. Mahima says Abhi hurt himself while saving Akshu. Akshu asks Anand to find out when can they meet the doctor.

Abhi holds a smiley ball. Akshu comes. She asks him to catch a ball. She says I have a good news, Anand has called a known surgeon, he is going to come here, smile now. He asks when is he coming, next week, or tomorrow, today? She says today, by 9pm.

The doctor checks Abhi’s reports. Abhi says I will answer you something, it will be easy for me to understand if you can answer in percentage. Doctor says sure. Abhi asks how much is my nerve damage. Doctor says 70%. Everyone looks on. Abhi asks recovery chances. Doctor says frankly, 40%. Abhi holds the ball tightly. He says and… surgery risk? Doctor says according to reports, 90%. Everyone is shocked. Abhi asks what if it goes wrong, what are the chances that my hands will forever get… Doctor says 95% or more. Abhi tears the smiley ball and drops it. Manjiri and everyone cry. Abhi thanks the doctor and gets up.

Manjiri hugs him. He goes to his room. He tries to write. Kyu…plays…. Akshu comes and looks at him. He tears the paper and cries. Akshu leaves. She recalls everything. She joins the ball. She thinks I will find Dr. Kunal Khera, world gets short in front of big hope. Kairav recalls Manish and Suwarna’s words. He calls Anisha. He drops a message.

He says give me some clarity, you want to keep the relation or not, my family is worried, and even I m worried. He turns and sees Manish and Suwarna. Abhi and Akshu sleep. Akshu checks her phone. She searches for Dr. Kunal Khera. She thinks there is no information on net. She thinks how shall I find him, I won’t leave hope, I will find something tomorrow.

Akshu sees the audition happening. Abhi surprises her. Akshu sings and dances with Abhi. Akshu wins the round. The competitors say they have paid money and became the winner.