Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu takes a stand for herself

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Kairav scolding Abhi. He says everyone scolds Akshu, what shall I tell others, you have always blamed her, look at me, not her. Akshu worries and tries to stop Kairav. Abhi says they aren’t fools, we can understand everything, see the result. Kairav holds his collar and asks him to talk to him. He says I don’t care, you didn’t keep her happy, she didn’t smile from her heart. Abhi asks him to leave him. Kairav says no, I want my answers, why is she worried, why is she crying. Akshu asks him to please leave him. Manish and everyone come, and stop Kairav. Manish asks what happened Abhi. Kairav says I don’t know, Akshu is upset and crying because of Abhi, but she doesn’t tell her the matter, she didn’t come to Maayka to me to meet us, she left her Sasural, she always gets blamed there. Abhi says enough. Akshu says you won’t say anything, you have no right and need to say in my matter, its about me, my husband and Sasural.

Abhi says I told you we shall tell them, you didn’t listen, isn’t the family hurt now. Kairav says I feel angry, he is again blaming Akshu. He asks Akshu to come with him. Abhi says fine, as you went before. Kairav asks Akshu to come. Manish calls out Kairav. Akshu says enough, don’t tell me what to do and don’t, I m not a kid, I will decide if I want to be here or not, Kairav has a right to take me, Abhi has a right to stop me, but I will decide, its my right on my life, stop taking decisions for me. She asks them to just ask her, if she needs their advice or not, don’t try to change her life by their decisions, please. She cries and goes out. Kairav and Abhi leave. She sees someone performing outside the hospital. The guy sings Heer to badi sad hai…

Manjiri asks what are you saying. Mahima says they both were fighting in the hospital, Kairav held Abhi’s collar. Harsh asks how dare he. Kairav gets angry on Abhi. Manish asks him to keep his manners. Suwarna says Abhi is good-hearted, don’t feel bad. Akhilesh says maybe they both are at fault. Harsh says they have no match, such marriages are a pain. Manjiri says this fight happened because of me. Suwarna says they both want Manjiri’s betterment.

Manish asks Kairav to think of Abhi, so much happened with him. Kairav says you always forgive him, so he doesn’t value Akshu. Akshu says its nothing like that. Harsh says Abhi has an opinion on parents’ life, but not his marriage, Akshu never treated my son well. Abhi comes and says so many misunderstandings together. Akshu and Abhi say its nothing like you are together. Abhi says you won’t understand my marriage when you couldn’t understand yours. Harsh looks at him. Akshu says we need time to settle, every husband and wife have issues. Abhi asks are you sorted to discuss my marriage, Akshu and I will handle it. Akshu says I know you care for me, its better that we solve it. Abhi says you all don’t need to interfere in my matter. Akshu and Abhi say we will handle it, as man and wife.

Manish says Akshu said they will sort it. Suwarna says we elders should talk once. She calls Birlas. Mahima answers and asks did anything happen between Abhi and Akshu. Suwarna says they said they will sort it. Mahima says they are adults, they will handle their relation, don’t worry. Kairav gets angry. Akhilesh says Dadi can hear this and get unwell. Dadi looks on worried. Akshu messages Abhi. He replies to her. They have a chat and argue.

Akshu’s phone battery goes off. She says Abhi will think I have switched off the phone. Abhi gets angry and messages her. Manjiri cries and makes the halwa. She says maybe Abhi won’t touch this, mums do a lot for the children’s happiness, I have become a reason for their sorrow. Neil says no, don’t blame yourself. She says they love each other, how shall I explain them to not spoil their relation.

Dadi says I know your smile is fake, you are worried, don’t worry, my BP will not get high, I have seen many ups and downs in life. Abhi is in the hospital. He collides with Aarohi and says sorry. She asks why, you got hurt, you aren’t fine, take care. She thinks one understands others’ pain when one gets hurt, you have hurt me a lot. She goes. Dadi asks Akshu to think well and decide for herself, no need to get separated or compromise on someone’s saying.

Mahima says we are starting the music therapy dept again, join us. Akshu says I will… Abhi runs to the music dept. He slips. Akshu holds his hand. They both fall down. Jaaniye…plays…