Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu wins the audition round

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Akshu rehearsing. Abhi comes and smiles. He says how can’t anyone love you, Akshu. He goes to her and says good girl, work hard to fulfil my dreams. She says okay good boy, I love you Abhi. Jaaniye…plays… He says I love you too, Akshu, you didn’t sleep all night, you are thinking how do I know, I will get unwell if you stay awake. He asks her not to worry. He goes. She says my practice is over, now its time for Tapasya, to find a doctor for you. Abhi goes and calls someone to give Akshu’s name.

Akshu says where did Abhi call me, does Dr. Shashi do physiotherapy here. She opens the door and sees the audition going on. Abhi comes and says best of luck for your audition, you refused me, but you can’t refuse now, come. Akshu sees the family members present. He says we have to do a lot for dreams, go now and fulfil our dreams, I promise I will take care of myself. Akshu is called on the stage. Akshu goes on the stage. Parth asks Shefali to enjoy music for some time. She says I m not a music lover, I m not free, why did you feel bad now. He says nothing. Manjiri says Akshu and Abhi think of each other first and respect each other, this is marriage to treat as equals and think of each other’s happiness. Parth and Shefali hear her. Abhi signs Akshu not to feel scared, he is with her. Akshu nods. She gets a call and thinks is it Dr. Khera’s call. The man asks her to keep the phone aside. She says so sorry, and answers. She keeps the phone aside. Everyone claps for her.

Akshu plays music and sings Do Lafzon ki…. Abhi and everyone smile. Abhi imagines Akshu and his romantic dance sequence on Main agar kahoon…. They sacrifice their best things for each other, and hug emotionally. The dream ends. Everyone claps for Akshu. Abhi and Kairav say you sang really well, you will win. Aarohi gets a call. She goes out to talk. She talks aloud and makes the other contestants hear. She says Akshara got a backdoor entry, she is famous, she is Birla family bahu, she will win, they have much money, they can buy anything, such competitions aren’t genuine. Abhi says you sang so well, thanks for listening to me, I thought you will hit your guitar on me. She says I thought so. She gets a message. He says I was jealous, you received a call, I thought who is the imp person for whom you kept my dreams on call, whose call were you waiting for. She is called for the results. The lady announces Akshu as the winner of the round. The contestants argue and say Akshu won by cheat. Akshu and Abhi worry.

Abhi says I request you to stop this nonsense, my wife has won this audition by her talent. Aarohi smiles. Abhi asks them to stay away. The man pushes Abhi’s hand. Abhi gets hurt. The man jokes on him. Akshu scolds him. She asks them to go and ask the judges.

Aarohi says I have achieved something, Abhi’s hand and ego got hurt, and Akshu’s heart is hurt, wow. Anand and Mahima see the news of the drama at the audition event. The family comes home and hears the bad news about Abhi and Akshu. Mahima asks what’s all this, Abhi. Akshu says he didn’t do anything wrong. Mahima asks was it necessary to fight. Abhi says it was necessary to stand for my wife’s pride, I couldn’t do that, Akshu won and it got spoiled because of me. Akshu says don’t say this. Abhi goes. She thinks sorry, I couldn’t find Dr. Khera, but I will find him. Anand asks her to take care of Abhi, he has to come to the hospital tomorrow. Akshu goes. Its morning, Abhi and Akshu come to the hospital. Abhi says I don’t like the theories. Akshu says I thought it will be helpful. Abhi says okay, I will try. She smiles and thinks he tries to stay strong, but some people can’t even see this. Rohan says good to see you, how are you. Abhi says I m great now seeing your smile. Rohan says I missed you a lot, its no fun to work without you. Abhi thanks him. Akshu says Abhi will be back in action soon. Abhi goes for the class. The students see his video and laugh on him. Akshu and Harsh look on. The man says I think Abhi is losing his mind, he is coming to teach us, his mental health is compromised. Abhi hears all of this.

Abhi and Akshu romance. Kesariya….plays… Akshu says Dr. Kunal Khera comes to the Dargah on this day. She rushes. She lies to Aarohi and leaves. Aarohi follows her.