Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu accepts Mahima’s offer

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Akshu to know Abhi, entire life is there to know each other, you have to solve the knots to make the relation stronger, no one else can do anything for you. Manish, Suwarna and Kairav look on. Manish says mum gave the right advice. Suwarna says it should be Akshu’s decision. Kairav asks can’t we give an opinion. Manish asks him not to force his opinion on her. Abhi hears Rohan talking to Akshu. He gets angry. He asks Rohan to mute it. Rohan mutes it. Abhi scolds Rohan. He says I will not leave him, meet me outside, see what I do. Akshu says why does he look so scared. Rohan cries. Abhi asks why are you crying, she is my wife, she doesn’t talk to me, you are talking to her, tell me what happened. Rohan gives the phone to Abhi. He says I get troubled because of you two, you guys talk and then send my phone. Akshu says that boy was asking for me, so Rohan called me. Abhi says I didn’t know. She says you should find out before reacting, what you see is not always the truth. Abhi says I don’t understand what’s the truth. Rohan comes and asks for his phone, it has his duty reminders. Abhi gives his phone. He goes.

Harsh asks what. Mahima asks what’s so shocking, the boy responded to Akshu’s singing, Mr Bijoria got impressed, he said he wants to open a music dept. Anand says I don’t agree. She says we can’t upset them, we have no power to oppose them, we can just control the damage, I have thought of it. She sees Abhi and smiles. Akshu makes the kachoris. Suwarna comes. Akshu asks her to just do this work. She goes to give juice to Dadi. Mahima comes home. They see Mahima. Abhi checks the boy. He talks to the boy about Akshu. The boy jokes. He asks why do you fight, if you fight, then why don’t you patch up. Abhi says its not happening. The boy asks him to go to Akshu and say Ilu Ilu. Abhi says I wish it was so simple. Boy says its not so tough like maths problem. Abhi asks him to rest. He recalls everything. Akshu thinks did Abhi send Mahima. Mahima asks her to sit. She says we are from one family so I will talk directly. Kairav says sure, it will be better. Mahima says we are starting the music therapy dept again in the Birla hospital, join us, I got the first offer to you, lets forget things and move on, you are also Birla, if you and Abhi spend time in the hospital, then your differences will subside. Akshu says no, I can’t accept your offer, I m already working somewhere. Mahima says you are comparing the charitable hospital with Birla hospital, leave that job. Akshu says no, patient is a patient, be it any hospital, I have learnt professionalism from you, I m a Birla. Mahima says I m leaving this file here, think well, hospital and family need you, you have to fill this need, you decide what you want to do. She leaves.

Kairav says Akshu you did right to not take the offer, they came when they need her. Manish says you don’t derive a wrong meaning of everyone. Kairav says she is selfish. Akhilesh says its not selfishness to save one’s business. Suwarna says maybe Abhi has sent her. Kairav says no, his ego is really big, someone told them that their hospital is getting defamed. Akshu recalls Dadi’s words. Abhi sees the music dept banner. He recalls Harsh’s words. He runs to see. He slips. Akshu holds his hand. Jaaniye….plays…. They both lose balance and fall down. They have an eyelock. Abhi holds her hand and takes her. He removes the music dept board. He goes to Anand and Mahima. He asks did you offer a job to Akshu in the Birla hospital, why. Anand asks don’t you know it. Mahima says I think you like to always question us. Abhi argues. He says I remember how you insulted my Akshu’s intentions, talent and capabilities, Harsh thinks she is a worthless singer, its happening because of Mr. Bijoria, what did he threaten you that you called Akshu. Mahima says you are crossing the line now, Akshu is also a Birla, she can contribute to the hospital, we are her elders, we can suggest her for the good, what’s the problem. Abhi says its not fair to use her, its selfishness. Anand says it happens, we fired two junior doctors last year and called them back when we opened new wings, same with Akshu. Abhi asks how did you convince Akshu. Akshu says Mahima came to me and I accepted the offer.

Mr. Bijoria invites Abhi and Akshu in the party. He gives them the passes. Abhi and Akshu think to ask each other if they want to go to the party or not.